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“I found my world of color, shape, form, and inner freedom and joy of being.”

Unveiling the Artist’s Colorful Path

Tomáš Bittner, professionally recognized in the realm of art as Tom Bitt, was born on May 1, 1977, in the Czech Republic. His artistic education primarily focused on woodworking, a field he diligently explored for several years, experimenting with diverse materials like wood and ceramics.

In a significant shift in 2020, Bitt renounced his consumerist lifestyle, enticed by the evocative allure of colors. His newfound artistic approach allowed him to articulate emotions and perspectives often left unspoken or unacknowledged. The expression of these sentiments through his art not only provided him profound personal fulfillment but also served as a conduit to communicate his unique life perspective.

Bitt’s heightened sensitivity to his surroundings has always set him apart, instilling in him a deep perception of the world. This perception motivated a long-spanning search for a place of belonging, a journey that took him down difficult paths, including a battle with alcohol addiction. Yet, he remained steadfast in his faith that his destination was within reach.

Triumph came through therapeutic treatment for his addiction, a process that introduced him to an illuminating world of color, shape, and form. It was here, within the nurturing confines of this newfound realm, that Bitt discovered a sense of inner freedom and profound joy, elements that continue to enrich his being and permeate his artistic creations.

Tom Bitt: Mastering the Art of Layered Abstraction

Tom Bitt unearthed the enchanting realm of creation during his educational tenure at an industrial school. Throughout his personal and professional journey, he crossed paths with numerous luminaries of the artistic community. Yet, it took him a considerable period, spanning two decades, to find his niche, largely due to his unwavering tenacity and dogged determination. This pursuit was significantly shaped and inspired by the insights and influence of several extraordinary individuals he encountered along the way.

Bitt’s artistic oeuvre primarily encompasses abstract painting, a genre wherein he flourishes with his distinctive technique of layering and fusing disparate media. This unique approach, a captivating blend of oil, acrylic, alcohol ink, loose pigments, and phosphorus, reveals his innovative spirit and masterful craftsmanship.

His work revolves around the endless exploration of encapsulating feelings, thoughts, and perspectives on life. Bitt’s inspiration is derived from an introspective reservoir, reflecting on his personal experiences, accumulated knowledge, and notable occurrences in the contemporary world. This introspection feeds into his work, manifesting as vivid strokes on the canvas that stir emotions and provoke thought.

Pushing Boundaries with Diverse Mediums

Employing oil paints as his preferred medium, Tom Bitt leverages the freedom and flexibility they offer, thereby facilitating a profoundly creative process. This dynamic artist doesn’t confine himself to a single medium; instead, he incorporates a wide range of materials into his work. These include but are not limited to acrylic paints, alcohol ink, acetone-based sprays, and more recently, powder pigment and phosphor powder. When fused, these disparate media foster the formation of strikingly beautiful structures that boast a captivating depth of form.

Bitt infuses each piece with a distinctive energy, aiming to imbue his viewers with a sense of positivity and joy. The reception of his artwork has proven overwhelmingly positive, with numerous individuals resonating with the energy emanating from his pieces. For Bitt, this connection between his creative expression and its reception serves as a source of immense satisfaction and fulfillment. The joy he experiences when a viewer engages and aligns with his artistic intent is unparalleled, echoing the transformative power of his artistry.

Tom Bitt: The Transformative Power of Artistic Resilience

Bitt often finds himself immersed in melodious soundscapes while in the throes of creation, a practice he perceives as both a calming exercise and a form of meditative respite. This allows him to disconnect from quotidian concerns that universally plague the human mind, focusing instead on his art.

His current endeavor, already teeming with life and substance in the conception stage, seeks to encapsulate the entirety of human emotion and experience, specifically reflecting on an individual who has reached their personal nadir. This exploration lends itself to a unique receptiveness to others’ perspectives and an intensified introspection. Bitt’s vision will materialize on the stairwell of a towering edifice, forcing the observer to invest physical effort to attain the final destination.

This exertion creates a trifecta of connections between the observer and Bitt: mental, emotional, and physical. Consequently, each step taken mirrors the artist’s own journey, immersing the viewer in an intimate portrayal of Bitt’s life. The project thus stands as a testament to his personal narrative, embodying the transformative power of resilience and introspection in overcoming adversity.

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