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“Everyday life inspires me, things that make me laugh and wonder.”

A Multicultural Upbringing Shaping an Artistic Voice

Giselle Dekel, an artist hailing from Vienna, Austria, spent her formative years immersed in the cultural and artistic richness of Antwerp, Belgium. The cradle of her creativity was nurtured by this diverse upbringing, fusing elements from both cities to shape her unique artistic voice.

Her journey into the world of art began in earnest during her academic years. It was during this time that she delved into her studies, first absorbing the fundamental knowledge of arts during high school, before advancing her expertise with a focus on Textile Design during her tenure at college. Interestingly, this specific educational journey took place not in her country of residence, but in the historically significant cultural hub of Israel.

The foundation for Dekel’s artistic aptitude and creativity was laid at an impressively young age. With a mother who championed artistic appreciation, young Dekel found herself visiting museums and theaters, soaking in the artistry and craftsmanship around her. The sight of paint meeting canvas, the resonating sounds of theatrical performances, and the intricate stitches of textile design, all contributed to the multi-sensory artistic exposure that shaped her.

Her early initiation into the artistic world was also cemented through hands-on experience. Dekel’s mother enrolled her in her first arts and crafts class at the tender age of five. This decision marked a pivotal moment in Dekel’s journey, providing the initial spark that fueled her passion for the arts.

Throughout her life, Dekel always carried with her a profound sense of certainty about her path. This certainty, combined with her early immersion and continued education in the arts, paved the way for her creative pursuits. For Dekel, life and art are inseparable, and she remains devoted to this creative journey, constantly evolving and expanding her artistic repertoire.

Giselle Dekel: The Fusion of Traditional and Digital Techniques

Giselle Dekel began her journey into the world of art at an early age, finding herself drawn towards the confluence of traditional and digital techniques. The intertwining of mediums was the result of playful experimentation, which eventually led her to explore a distinctive style; a fascinating merger of watercolor and digital manipulation through Adobe Photoshop. This fusion of elements not only accentuated the nuanced layers in her work but also imbued it with a fresh dynamism that resonated deeply with Dekel, invigorating her artistic process.

The versatile artist is known to embrace a wide array of mediums, allowing her inherent curiosity to guide her in the creative journey. Her commitment to experimentation is not constrained by the familiar; instead, Dekel persistently seeks out novel materials to incorporate into her work, demonstrating a spirit of continuous innovation.

Dekel’s muse is found in the myriad facets of everyday life, wherein even the most mundane events are transformed into wellsprings of inspiration. Her artwork often captures moments that provoke laughter, inspire awe, or spark contemplation, resonating with the universal human experience. The pulse of life itself, with all its whimsy and wonder, breathes life into her illustrations.

An intriguing element of Dekel’s aesthetic sensibility is her affinity for stripes. This motif, while seemingly simple, weaves itself into her work in surprising and captivating ways. It’s this penchant for the unexpected that defines Giselle Dekel’s work, as she continually blurs the boundaries between the ordinary and the extraordinary in her artistic explorations.

Minimalistic Simplicity and the Artistic Playground

The artistic process embraced by Giselle Dekel is one that epitomizes a unique aesthetic ethos; her illustrations embody a restrained, minimalistic style. Her penchant for symmetry, subtly yet powerfully informs the compositional structure of her works, reaffirming the timeless wisdom that encapsulates the philosophy of ‘less is more’. Dekel’s art, firmly entrenched in the minimalist paradigm, entices her audience with its captivating simplicity, a refreshing contrast to the clamor of more elaborate styles.

When transitioning from illustration to painting, the metaphorical shackles of conventions are tossed aside, as Dekel revels in the boundless freedom of a realm where rules cease to exist. For her, the canvas transforms into a playground, a realm of infinite possibilities, wherein she freely explores and expresses her creative instincts. The vibrancy of her imagination, unbounded by prescribed norms, illuminates her paintings, offering her audience an intimate glimpse into her artistic playground.

The ambiance that cradles Dekel’s creativity is an ensemble of the ordinary yet essential: a clutter-free desk, an invitingly comfortable chair, and the subtle strains of music filling the air. This environment, seemingly mundane, fosters the perfect nurturing ground for her creative pursuits, acting as an ever-reliable springboard for her inspiration.

It is noteworthy that Dekel’s approach to her craft reflects a pace that isn’t defined by continuous effort but by a rhythm of working and resting. With the flurry of distractions that invariably punctuates her every five minutes, one might perceive a restless spirit at work. However, within this apparent chaos lies a method. Dekel frequently takes breaks, embodying the art of productive idling. Rather than enforcing the strenuous norm of constant work, she embraces her innate aversion to sedentariness, creating an intricate dance between concentration and relaxation. This rhythmic pattern not only fosters creativity but also adds a distinctive charm to the artist’s process, marking it as uniquely Giselle Dekel’s.

Giselle Dekel: Influences and Dreams, A Tapestry of Creative Pursuit

Giselle Dekel’s creative spark has been kindled and consistently fueled by a variety of influences. However, there is one luminary whose artistic prowess she continually reveres, invariably returning to – Egon Schiele. His unique aesthetic, along with the collective genius of The Vienna Secession, has proved to be a timeless font of inspiration for Dekel, influencing her body of work significantly. The bold lines, emotive distortions, and daring compositions of Schiele have had a profound impact on Dekel’s artistic voice, interweaving into the fabric of her creative expression.

Simultaneously, Dekel draws from the architectural and design wonders of two other iconic periods: Art Nouveau and Art Deco. These epochs, with their distinct styling and aesthetic vocabulary, continually serve as an inexhaustible reservoir of creative stimulus for Dekel. The fluid lines and organic motifs of Art Nouveau, juxtaposed with the symmetrical forms and lavish ornamentation of Art Deco, have become ingrained in Dekel’s artistic consciousness, subtly infusing her creations with echoes of these influential movements.

Looking toward the horizon, Dekel cherishes an aspiration to join hands with fellow artists in a grand creative collaboration. She envisions herself as part of an artistic synergy, where different creative voices coalesce to give birth to a shared masterpiece. This amalgamation of ideas and talent, in Dekel’s perspective, presents an exciting opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute in equal measures.

Moreover, Dekel dreams of seeing her paintings exhibited in galleries and spaces that celebrate art and its myriad forms, beyond the comforting confines of her mother’s living room. This aspiration is not just a testament to her ambitions but also a tribute to her profound belief in the power of art to transcend borders and touch lives. In summary, Giselle Dekel’s journey, fueled by inspiration and dreams, is a captivating narrative of artistic pursuit, constantly evolving, yet firmly rooted in her unique artistic ethos.

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