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“Through my life’s work, I aim to inspire others to see the beauty in what might seem permanent and immutable.”

A Stone’s Whisper into the Future

Sodong Choe‘s journey into the enigmatic world of sculpture began during his high school days at BoEun High School, located in the heart of Chung Buk Province, South Korea. It was within these formative years that Choe’s fascination with the arts took root, setting him on a path that would see him blend natural beauty with human craftsmanship in stone. This passion only deepened as he advanced his studies at Mok Won University, where he pursued both his undergraduate and master’s degrees. Here, Choe embarked on a profound exploration of the dichotomy between the natural and the artificial, a quest that culminated in his master’s thesis, “Research on natural beauty and artificial beauty of stone.” This exploration was not merely academic; it laid the foundational philosophies of Choe’s artistic direction, guiding him toward a future where his work would speak volumes about the intersection of humanity and the natural world.

The early recognition of Choe’s talent came with his significant achievement of winning the First Prize at the First OITA Asian Sculpture Open Competition in Japan in 1994. This accolade was more than a mere trophy; it was a gateway to the international art scene, instilling in him a newfound confidence and ambition. Following this, Choe’s career trajectory was marked by a series of prestigious awards, each serving as a testament to his evolving artistic prowess. From the Second Prize at the 5th China (HUI AN) Stone Carving Competition to the coveted First Prize at the 7th Tehran Annual International Sculpture Symposium, each award not only honored Choe’s skill but also paved the way for his global recognition, allowing him to share his philosophical inquiries and artistic achievements with a worldwide audience.

Carving Hope: “Permanency 2150”

In the midst of his illustrious career, Sodong Choe conceived “Permanency 2150,” a sculpture that stands as a testament to his reflection on humanity’s trajectory amidst the looming challenges of climate change and global conflict. This piece is emblematic of Choe’s optimism for the future, with its four pillars symbolizing an unbreakable cycle of hope, resilience, and the undying aspiration for progress. The incorporation of financial currency imagery into these pillars is particularly poignant, offering a multifaceted commentary on the evolution of finance and its role in human advancement. “Permanency 2150” is not just a sculpture; it is a dialogue between the artist and the viewer, inviting contemplation on the infinite potential that lies within the human spirit to overcome adversity and forge a path toward a brighter future.

The versatility of stone as a medium has allowed Choe to delve into themes of permanence and change, utilizing the material’s diverse forms and sizes to challenge and engage his audience. From marble to black and red granite, each choice of stone brings with it a unique texture and color, enabling Choe to convey deep, meaningful messages through his sculptures. This exploration of stone is not just about aesthetics; it’s about initiating a conversation on the essence of human experience — our hopes, dreams, and the relentless pursuit of progress. Through his work, Choe invites viewers to reflect on the beauty of our collective aspirations and the enduring nature of hope, even in the face of the ever-changing landscape of our world.

Sodong Choe: A Global Dialogue in Stone

The international symposiums and exhibitions that Sodong Choe has participated in have played a pivotal role in shaping both his career and artistic outlook. These platforms have not only allowed him to showcase his talent on a global stage but have also enriched his perspective through exposure to diverse cultures and artistic practices. Choe’s involvement in events ranging from the 2018 Seoul Plastic Art Exhibition to the 2022 Bienal Del Chaco in Argentina, where he was awarded the Second Prize, speaks volumes of his international acclaim. Furthermore, his invitation to the Asuka Public Production in Nara Prefecture, Japan, in 2024 underscores his standing as an artist whose work transcends cultural and geographical boundaries. These experiences have been invaluable, offering Choe unique insights into the global art community and further influencing his approach to sculpture. By engaging with artists and audiences worldwide, Choe has broadened his understanding of art as a universal language, capable of conveying profound messages across different societies and cultures.

Sodong Choe: Envisioning Humanity’s Symphony with Nature

At the heart of Sodong Choe’s artistic journey lies a deep-seated desire to inspire and provoke thought through his work. “Permanency 2150,” along with his other projects, embodies this ambition, serving as a conduit for conveying messages of hope and resilience. Choe’s artistry is not merely about creating aesthetically pleasing sculptures; it is about challenging viewers to see beyond the immediate, to ponder the permanence of our actions and the legacy we wish to leave behind. Through his sculptures, Choe aspires to encourage a dialogue on the symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature, urging us to envision a future where both can thrive in harmony. His ultimate goal is to foster a sense of optimism and possibility, encouraging individuals to recognize the beauty in endurance and the potential for positive change amidst adversity. Choe’s work is a reminder of the strength found in unity and the endless possibilities that arise when we confront challenges with hope and determination.

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