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“I have always believed that ‘less is more’ and found this motto reinforced by my move to the US during the pandemic, which made obvious that only few things really matter in life.”

Serene Silence: A Significant Milestone in Simone Christen’s Artistic Journey

Simone Christen, a Swiss painter residing in rural New Jersey, USA, finds inspiration in the subtle beauty of everyday life. Her work aims to evoke an uplifting and healing ambiance, reflecting her profound connection with nature. This bond, fostered by a childhood spent in the great outdoors and innumerable walks with her canine companions, is evident in the artist’s subtle tones, organic shapes, harmonious colors, and affinity for natural materials.

Christen’s philosophy of “less is more” was reinforced during her relocation to the US amid the global pandemic, which underscored the importance of prioritizing what truly matters in life. Her artwork embodies abstract and minimalist principles, adhering to self-imposed restrictions on color palette, content, and materials in pursuit of the essential. Christen’s compositions often feature expansive color forms, exploring their relationships, interactions, and impact on the surrounding space. Alternatively, some of her paintings delve into the deceptive uniformity of patterns.

Primarily employing liquid media on paper and raw canvas, Christen strives to convey depth through transparencies, naturalness, and minimalism, with a touch of imperfection and enigma. Her art, originating from a deeply internal place of harmony and beauty, resonates with the hearts of viewers. Many admirers of her work describe the calming and soothing effects of her paintings.

Christen’s art seeks to offer a grounding experience, emanating a sense of tranquility, peace, and serenity. It serves as an invitation for the viewer to momentarily withdraw from the relentless pace of daily life, allowing space for reflection and resonance, while providing respite for both the eyes and the soul.

Simone Christen’s Creative Process

Numerous paintings hold a distinct position in Simone Christen’s artistic journey and her heart. Reflecting on her development, Christen identifies the two paintings titled ‘Serene Silence,’ created in the fall of 2021, as a significant milestone. During this period, she experimented with raw canvas, allowing the material’s original color and texture to remain visible, while limiting her palette to diluted black ink. The resulting simplicity and naturalness marked a new phase of reduction in her artistic approach. This affinity for raw surfaces has persisted, as Christen now predominantly paints on unprepared canvas or linen.

Creativity and art have been integral to Christen’s life, yet her journey to becoming a full-time artist has encountered several detours. As a child and teenager, she exhibited a fervent passion for art, even completing the initial phase of an art education. However, her path later diverged towards a degree in geography, followed by a career in digital cartography and graphics. Despite these professional commitments, Christen’s desire for more time and space to create never waned.

Approximately a decade ago, she refocused on her artistic aspirations, resuming her art education and taking the bold step of making painting her primary occupation. It was not until relocating to the United States in 2020, however, that Christen resolved to fully immerse herself in her artistic practice, embracing both its creative and business aspects.

Creating Art in a Tranquil Environment: Simone Christen’s Studio

Simone Christen derives inspiration from an array of sources, constantly remaining receptive to captivating color combinations, intriguing patterns, and subtle everyday beauty. Occasionally, it is an idea or emotion that Christen endeavors to visualize. The artist acquaints herself with colors and shapes through numerous sketches on paper, subsequently commencing the artwork in a rather intuitive manner. As the painting evolves, it takes on a life of its own, with Christen engaging in an ongoing dialogue to discern the subsequent steps it demands. Each intentional form contributes to a fresh imbalance, guiding the path forward.

Employing a layering technique with liquid media on paper or raw canvas, Christen must allow each layer to dry completely before proceeding. This necessity slows down the creative process, compelling her to exercise patience and engage in a delicate balance between detached observation and intuitive immersion.

While exchange and feedback are crucial, Christen acknowledges that delving into her inner world is essential for creating her art. To ensure that her inner voice remains unobstructed, she cultivates a tranquil atmosphere devoid of distractions, often accompanied by soft music playing in the background. A well-organized workspace is paramount, enabling her to avoid wasting time searching for materials or tools. Given her use of liquid colors and her preference for working with paintings flat on the floor, ample surface space takes precedence over large walls.

Currently, Christen’s studio is nestled amidst lush greenery, offering a view of meadows and forests. This serene environment facilitates her ability to distance herself from everyday tasks and immerse herself in a creative and focused mindset.

Insights from Simone Christen

Simone Christen advises emerging artists to embrace curiosity, exploration, and experimentation while exercising patience and enjoying every step of their artistic journey. Emphasizing that an artistic career resembles a marathon rather than a sprint, she encourages nurturing relationships with significant individuals and maintaining self-compassion.

Christen acknowledges the challenges artists face in developing a wide range of skills and cautions against obsessing over finding one’s unique style, as it will naturally emerge over time. She advocates for cultivating resilience and focusing on one’s personal aesthetics rather than seeking to please others.

Regarding her own artistic future, Christen confesses that she currently entertains numerous ideas, none of which have fully matured. In her personal development, she feels drawn to the third dimension, expressing interest in exploring creative expressions with clay or paper. Having worked with clay in her formative years, the artist is intrigued by the prospect of utilizing this versatile and ancient medium to convey her more recent minimalist approaches.

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