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“I am really drawn to the water. I found it to be a very challenging subject in the early days. I have since learnt to let go and allow my own connection to the subject direct my work.”

Artistic Inspiration from Nature

Sally West grew up on a sheep and wheat farm in Central NSW and developed a deep appreciation for the natural world, due to the vast landscapes and endless skies surrounding her. This appreciation greatly influenced her art, as she found solace in the environment and lost herself in the colors and textures of her creations during the solitary pursuit of painting.

At the age of 21, Sally had her debut as an artist and quickly discovered a kindred spirit in the art community. Finding a group of people who shared her passion and dedication to the craft was a revelation, and she knew she had found her tribe.

Sally’s preferred method of painting is plein air, as she finds endless inspiration and creative energy in nature. However, she also has a dedicated studio where she experiments with a diverse range of subjects and techniques, from still life to portraits, streetscapes to abstract expressionism.

Sally West’s Art as a Reflection of Life

Sally has found art to be a constant companion, providing her with solace and salvation during times of hardship and turmoil. Through her paintings, she is able to process her emotions and experiences, while also commemorating the triumphs and challenges of life. She is grateful every day for the gift of art and the opportunity to share her creations with the world.

Tranquil outdoor settings are Sally’s preferred working environment, but she is not deterred by harsh weather conditions and will even brave the rain if adequate shelter is available. For Sally, the world around us serves as an endless source of inspiration. From the rhythmic crashing of waves against the shore to the rolling hills and valleys of the countryside, she finds herself in constant awe of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Sally West’s Artistic Evolution: Embracing the Outdoors

Sally West is equally fascinated by the complex interplay between humans and the environment, in addition to her love for the natural world. In the early stages of her career as an artist, she primarily focused on creating artwork within the confines of indoor settings, originating from her own imagination. However, Sally experienced a significant shift in her artistic style when she began to venture outside. As she worked amidst natural surroundings, her fascination with creating works that responded to the environment grew steadily. She found herself captivated by the spontaneity that was inherent in working outdoors. The urgency of time became increasingly palpable, compelling her to work more rapidly and respond to her surroundings in an immediate and visceral manner. Sally also changed her technique by adopting a palette knife as her primary tool, allowing her to incorporate an abundance of paint and texture into her creations.

Fascination with Bodies of Water

Sally West has an inherent attraction to bodies of water, a subject matter that proved to be quite complex during her developmental years. As time has passed, Sally has honed her ability to let go of control and allow her personal affinity for this theme to lead her creative pursuits.

Looking towards the future, Sally is enthusiastic about the prospect of embarking on voyages to uncharted territories and exploring unfamiliar coastal regions and landscapes. The idea of discovering new bodies of water and experiencing their unique energies fills her with an intense sense of anticipation. Perhaps in these unexplored territories, Sally will discover new inspiration and deepen her understanding of the timeless appeal of water.

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