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“I am unyielding in my authenticity, unchangeable in who I am as an artist.”

Uncompromising Authenticity: Robert Haworth’s Artistic Essence

Robert Haworth, known artistically as the Butterfly Man, is a passionate creator whose inspiration springs from the profound depths of his being. For Haworth, art is not a simple reflection of the external world, but rather an intricate manifestation of his emotions, thoughts, and most intimate sensations. Within him resides an intense confluence of emotions, a veritable inferno of energy that finds its ultimate expression in the forms and colors of his artwork.

Painting for Haworth serves as a crucial conduit to direct and channel this intense energy. As he engages in the act of creation, Haworth is transported to a sphere distinct from the mundane reality that envelops him. The paintbrush, in his grasp, transforms into an extension of his very being, establishing an inextricable bond between the artist and his tool. To wholly immerse himself in this process, Haworth necessitates an environment of serenity, free from distractions. Within this tranquil space, he finds his escape to an internal world brimming with vibrant hues and captivating narratives.

When he revisits his completed work on subsequent days, Haworth discovers the beauty he has actualized. This epiphany imbues him with a profound sense of satisfaction and joy, elevating his spirit to uncharted realms. Through his paintings, he breathes life into his limitless imagination, giving birth to diverse worlds and dimensions populated by eccentric characters. Haworth delves into complex concepts, permitting his extraordinary imagination to burgeon. This imaginative exploration culminates in a distinctive uniqueness that defines his artistic oeuvre.

Painting for Haworth is an avenue of authentic self-expression, unimpeded by societal boundaries. It affords him the liberty to devise daring pieces, unencumbered by the risk of inflicting harm. While some might perceive him as unconventional or even eccentric, failing to grasp his artistic vision, there are those who discern the singularity that sets him apart from their familiar experiences.

The Profound Link: Robert Haworth’s Artistic Journey

Robert Haworth is an artist defined by his uncompromising authenticity. Although some may find his artistic essence elusive, a spark of intrigue is invariably ignited in them. His ultimate goal is to earn recognition as a singularly gifted artist whose work leaves an indelible impression on those fortunate enough to encounter it.

Haworth welcomes all into his creative sanctuary, a place of safety and unbridled self-expression. Immersion in his art, he hopes, will serve to inspire individuals to embrace and celebrate their own unique identities.

Dedication to his craft has demanded countless years of laborious refinement. Yet, the realm of language often poses a greater challenge for him than the bristle of a paintbrush against canvas. However, by making a concerted effort to respond to your inquiries, he trusts your team’s editorial acumen will enhance his articulation and ensure the coherence of the content.

Haworth wishes to further acquaint you with his artistic odyssey. Now aged 48, the pursuit of art has been the wellspring of his joy throughout his existence. Even in his formative years, he was instinctively creative, fashioning myriad objects and sketches. At that tender age, he lacked full awareness of his own innate talent. However, a transformative encounter occurred 28 years ago, which served to reignite his artistic consciousness. A stranger, Romaine Robertson, gifted him a painting he had created at the tender age of ten. This pivotal moment served as a potent reminder of his inherent artistic gift and sparked a renewal of his passion for drawing and painting.

A Visionary Artist: Robert Haworth’s New Phase

The profound link between Robert Haworth’s artistic journey and the memory of his late mother adds a unique depth to his narrative. His mother, a gifted painter herself, served as an enduring source of inspiration for Haworth. Her untimely passing when Haworth was just ten years old initiated a challenging epoch in his life, yet it simultaneously marked the inception of his transformative journey. Ever since, Haworth has exhibited an unwavering commitment to his craft.

On occasion, he finds himself unexpectedly encountering his own masterpieces in local charity shops, a peculiar twist of fate that leads him to reacquire his own creations. Rather than viewing this as a misfortune, Haworth perceives it as a predetermined destiny, lending further intrigue to his narrative.

The indomitable drive to paint, for Haworth, is as potent as a magnetic force; any attempts to resist it only result in a disconcerting sense of dislocation. His motivation to create is fuelled not by transient external factors, but by a deeper, more complex amalgamation of emotions, feelings, and imagination—an eternal, burning furnace of creative energy.

The act of painting, for Haworth, opens a portal to an alternate reality, distinct from the mundanity of his everyday surroundings. In this self-created realm, he achieves a harmonious union with his paintbrush. The serene conditions—marked by silence and devoid of distractions—are instrumental in facilitating his journey into a limitless expanse of fascination, nested within his own mind and heart. The beauty manifested in his artworks brings him immense satisfaction, instilling in him a euphoric sense of accomplishment.

Haworth’s artistry empowers him to unleash the breadth and depth of his imagination, conjuring up varied worlds and dimensions peopled with extraordinary characters that spring to life on his canvas. Simultaneously delving into profound concepts and engaging in deep contemplation, Haworth exhibits a remarkably vivid imagination—a convergence that lends a unique character to his oeuvre.

Haworth firmly upholds the belief that his painting allows him to express his complete self, conjuring awe-inspiring artworks without causing harm or discomfort to anyone. While some may perceive his eccentricity as madness due to misunderstanding, others discern the distinct individual he truly is, acknowledging his uniqueness in an art world brimming with conformity.

Witness the Journey: Robert Haworth’s Gallery at the Solaris Centre

Robert Haworth, a visionary artist, has ventured into a new phase of his illustrious career by establishing the Solaris Centre. This innovative gallery exhibits an array of Haworth’s primarily figurative portrait pieces. The artist’s distinct style synthesises traditional, contemporary, and modern expressionistic influences, resulting in a powerful visual dialogue. Currently, Haworth calls Blackpool, England his home, yet his dynamic body of work resonates in museums spanning across 100 countries.

Accompanied by appearances on North West Tonight, BBC News, and a plethora of other media outlets, Haworth’s distinctive aesthetic has graced books, magazines, and newspapers worldwide. Esteemed galleries such as London’s Brick Lane Gallery and the Creative Times Bird Love God prominently display his pieces, thereby enhancing their artistic milieu.

The orchestration of Haworth’s exhibition at the Solaris Centre has proven to be an enormously rewarding undertaking. The artist’s sincere hope is that attendees will discover a profound appreciation for his unique vision and that his art will imbue them with an invigorated perspective. For those interested in delving deeper into the narratives of Haworth’s paintings and the artist’s insights, please visit www.artmuseumsinternational.com.

Embracing a future full of potential and the promise of significant accomplishments, Haworth extends an invitation to visitors to witness the journey with him at his gallery located in the Solaris Centre on News Promenade, Blackpool FY4 1RW. Haworth’s aspiration is not merely to be recognised as a distinguished and gifted artist, but to leave an indelible impact on those who engage with his work. He yearns to stir intense emotions and ignite dialogues that will resonate in the hearts and minds of viewers long after their initial encounter.

You’re invited to immerse yourself in Haworth’s world, his creative footprint visible across 100 nations, by visiting his website at www.iamthebutterflyman.com. You may also explore the universal realm of art museums through Art Museums International (AMI) at www.artmuseumsinternational.com.

The Solaris Centre eagerly awaits your presence from July 1st to August 6th, promising an unforgettable exploration of Robert Haworth’s artwork.

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