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“I love how art travels with us and, simultaneously, connects the world around.”

Raine Storey: A Journey of Artistic Evolution

Born in Canada, Raine Storey is an eminent oil painter who now calls London, England, her home. Her formative academic years were spent at Queen’s University in Canada, delving deeply into the disciplines of Visual Arts and Art History. The profound influence of old masters helped shape Storey’s nascent predilections towards realism. Nevertheless, 2017 proved to be a watershed year for her; relocating to London not only introduced the artist to a vibrant community of contemporary talents but also significantly expanded her artistic boundaries.

A nostalgic journey into Storey’s past reveals an innate attraction to the arts, an enthusiasm profoundly kindled by her Maternal Grandfather and Paternal Grandmother. Both being accomplished artists, their creations and artistic environments were a continual source of motivation for a young Raine. Vivid memories from her upbringing in a picturesque countryside town come to life, where her exceptional ability to capture realism in drawings led to numerous requests for gift artworks. These early accolades solidified her ambition to embrace art as a lifelong vocation.

From Realism to Rhythmic Chaos: Storey’s Artistic Alchemy

In its current state, Storey’s artwork exemplifies a harmonious blend of her foundational realism, often prominently displayed through figure studies, combined with unstructured, organic strokes. A recurring subject that captivates her is the intricate dance of our daily existence, aptly termed circadian discourse. This intrigue finds expression in her works, especially through the rich textures she creates using natural elements.

Describing her creative space as a sanctuary, Raine Storey’s methodology juxtaposes structure with spontaneity. Beginning her process with an orderly palette arrangement, she meticulously places paints in a gradient from the lightest to the darkest shades. Yet, as inspiration takes hold, the colors merge, reflecting the tumultuous interplay of her thoughts. Interestingly, this seeming disarray often results in a balanced artistic rendition. To anchor herself amidst this whirlwind, music becomes her trusted companion, either intensifying or tempering her emotive currents.

The Sentimental Brushstrokes: Dalí’s Influence on Storey

Raine Storey shares a deep connection with the iconic masterpiece “Three Young Surrealist Women Holding in Their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra” by Salvador Dalí.

This artwork carries immense sentimental weight for her, as it marked one of the last cherished moments spent with her Grandfather, her guiding star in the world of painting. Before his passing, he bequeathed to her a shirt adorned with a print of this evocative artwork. This already poignant memory gained another layer when Storey, while working in Montparnasse, Paris, chanced upon a Schiaparelli exhibition. Displaying the very same Dalí masterpiece on loan from the St. Petersburg museum, the event fortified the artwork’s prominence in her heart.

Raine Storey, the Evolution: From Sketches to Sculptures

In the initial stages of Raine Storey’s artistic odyssey, pencil illustrations were her chosen medium. However, her time at university shifted her trajectory towards painting, a canvas that she initially found challenging. So much so, the fledgling artworks from her first year faced the unfortunate fate of being discarded by her parents. But with perseverance, the artist refined her technique, harmonizing her imaginative vision with her hand’s renditions. Painting then remained her central medium for over a decade. In a recent artistic exploration, Storey delved into the world of sculpture. Remarkably, she found an instant kinship with this form.

Looking ahead, Storey’s aspirations are both grand and rooted in history. She envisages a pioneering project that melds art with urban legacy, collaborating with the city’s age-old construction sites, enshrining London’s illustrious past within its contemporary walls.

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