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“Beyond the joy of painting, the whole beauty of abstract art for me is the fact that it is boundless. Each person, regardless of their culture or background, can see themselves in it and experience their own emotions.”

The Evolution of an Artistic Visionary

Pierre Bellemare embarked on his artistic journey with formal training in visual arts, subsequently acquiring a university degree in graphic design. His professional path led him first to an advertising agency and subsequently, for over two decades, he helmed his own graphic communication firm. Despite these ventures, Bellemare never wavered from his passion for painting, foreseeing it as his eventual primary pursuit. Over the years, he strategically scaled down his graphic design commitments, amplifying his dedication to the canvas and beginning to showcase his works in esteemed galleries. Ultimately, Bellemare’s transition to a full-time professional artist was realized.

Bellemare’s comprehensive background in visual arts and graphic design has equipped him with an expansive reservoir of artistic acumen. He possesses a profound mastery over color manipulation, an intuitive understanding of its resonance and impact, and a flair for rhythm and calligraphy.

Harmonizing Hues and Melodies: A Journey of Self-Discovery

In the early stages of Pierre Bellemare’s professional painting journey, his primary focus was on landscapes. These pieces garnered attention in galleries, propelling him toward a promising career in the arts. Nevertheless, he soon felt the confines of this genre stifling his authentic expression. Such introspection prompted a three-month intermission from his work.

During this reflective period, Bellemare deeply engaged with his intrinsic artistic nature, discovering an intimate bond between music and painting that began to manifest on his canvas. The vivacious interplay of rhythm, dynamism, and color gave birth to his inaugural abstract piece, an ode to sheer expressive delight. For Bellemare, hues hold a symphonic quality, harmoniously merging with melodies, allowing him to delve into the fusion of musicality and visual art.

His sojourns across Asia, India, and Europe further invigorated his palette, inspiring him to adopt luminous, intense, and exuberant colors. Bellemare’s oeuvre particularly resonates with aficionados who ardently embrace the vibrancy of color.

The Studio Rhythms: Inspirations and Influences Behind the Canvas

Within the tranquil confines of his studio, ensconced in nature, Pierre Bellemare discovers solace, shunning any external distractions. The perpetual strains of music form an integral part of his artistic odyssey, serving as a bridge to the symphonic elements evident in his masterpieces. During the act of painting, there are episodes of heightened immersion, where Bellemare might fixate on a particular musical piece, harnessing its energy to invigorate his work. Following these impassioned periods, he indulges in moments of deep reflection, critically appraising the evolution of his piece. For Bellemare, the hallmark of a triumphant abstract artwork lies in its ability to harmonize raw, fervent creation with meditative contemplation.

The tapestry of Bellemare’s inspirations is woven from the contributions of three illustrious artists. There’s Riopelle, the esteemed Quebec maestro; his spouse, Joan Mitchell, whose grandiose abstract and impressionistic pieces hold Bellemare in rapt fascination; and then there’s Franz Kline. The latter’s vigorous strokes, evocative of calligraphy, find echoes in Bellemare’s design pedigree, which boasts a rich history of engagement with calligraphy and typography. A significant portion of his oeuvre initiates with audacious, inky strokes, setting the tempo and architecture of the ensuing piece.

Throughout the expanse of his artistic sojourn, Bellemare has dabbled with a myriad of mediums and techniques, spanning oil, watercolor, airbrush, linoleum, and ventures into the three-dimensional realm with wood and plaster sculptures. Of these, acrylic stands out as his medium of choice. Its propensity to dry swiftly permits fluid gradients and stark juxtapositions. Furthermore, the innate viscosity of acrylic lends itself to captivating splatters and textures, at times posing challenges, but invariably augmenting the holistic equilibrium of the composition.

A Worldview on Canvas: Past, Present, and Anticipated Showcases

In each of Bellemare’s masterpieces, a rich tapestry of experiences is intricately woven, emerging fluidly during the artistic process. For example, “Holi” stands as a resplendent homage to the vivacious festival he encountered in India, while “Chatuchak” is a reflection of the vivid hues drawn from the taxis that grace the streets of Bangkok.

On the forthcoming horizon, Bellemare ardently awaits the 2024 exhibition, where 42 of his large-format works will be showcased at the esteemed Deji Art International Museum in Nanjing, China. Beyond solo pursuits, he remains fervently open to interdisciplinary collaborations, spanning the realms of fashion, music, and architecture.

To crystallize Pierre’s artistic ethos: “Beyond the sheer exhilaration of painting, the true allure of abstract art lies in its infinite boundaries. Every individual, irrespective of their cultural tapestry or heritage, can discern a reflection of themselves within it, navigating a journey of personal emotions.”

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