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“Our art is a mix of classical art and visual expressions that can be found in the streets, that’s the key to our style. We explore this fusion through various perspectives and media, including sculpture, textiles, and painting.”

Origins and Inspirations

The artistic journey of PichiAvo, a dynamic duo hailing from Valencia, Spain, is a fascinating blend of graffiti and classical art, marking their unique footprint in the world of contemporary art. Since their fateful meeting in 2007 amidst the vibrant graffiti scenes of Valencia, Pichi and Avo have embarked on a collaborative path that seamlessly melds their individual passions for fine arts, design, and street art. This fusion not only shapes their distinctive style but also serves as a foundation for their creative expressions.

Their early experiences with graffiti, combined with a profound appreciation for mythology, history, and culture, have significantly influenced their artistic language. PichiAvo’s childhoods were steeped in creativity, fostered by family environments and early exposure to the arts. This nurturing of artistic curiosity from a young age laid the groundwork for their future endeavors. Museums visits, street walks, and familial interactions instilled in them a deep-seated appreciation for the visual arts, which later blossomed into the rich tapestry of themes and styles evident in their work today.

PichiAvo: Evolution and Artistic Style

PichiAvo’s artistic style is a captivating dance between the classical and the contemporary, a blend that speaks volumes of their journey from street graffiti to studio artistry. Their work, characterized by an innovative fusion of classical art motifs with urban visual expressions, represents a dialogue between two seemingly disparate worlds. This unique style not only sets them apart in the art world but also symbolizes the harmonious coexistence of tradition and modernity.

The duo’s thematic explorations are diverse and deeply symbolic, often featuring mythological characters that carry layered meanings and narratives. For instance, their “Diaspasis” series delves into the complex issues surrounding archaeological artifacts, exemplified by the discussion on the restitution of pieces like the Parthenon Friezes. This theme resonates deeply with PichiAvo, highlighting their engagement with historical and cultural discourses through their art. Their ability to weave such profound themes into their work is a testament to their skill and intellectual depth, making each piece not just a visual spectacle but also a thought-provoking journey into history and mythology.

The Creative Process and Workspace Dynamics

The creative process of PichiAvo is as dynamic and fluid as their artistic output. Working both in their studio and on large outdoor murals, they require a space that is not just comfortable but also replete with all necessary materials. Their studio, buzzing with activity and creativity, is more than just a workplace; it’s a hub where ideas are born and nurtured. The duo’s approach to their art is systematic yet flexible, allowing them to adapt to various mediums and scales, from intimate canvases to grand, sprawling murals.

Collaboration is at the heart of PichiAvo’s work. Being a duo, they leverage the power of two minds, fostering a symbiotic relationship where each artist supports and complements the other. This partnership extends beyond their duo to include a team that assists in organizing and executing tasks. Distractions, rather than being a hindrance, are often a source of inspiration for them. In their view, creativity is spontaneous and can be sparked by the most unexpected moments. This openness to the serendipitous nature of artistic inspiration is a key aspect of their working ethos.

PichiAvo: Influences and Future Aspirations

The artistic influences on PichiAvo are as varied as they are profound. Their style is a testament to a rich tapestry of inspirations, ranging from classical masters like Velazquez, Caravaggio, and Sorolla to iconic graffiti writers such as Dondi, Crash, and Dare. This eclectic mix of influences not only informs their stylistic choices but also enriches the thematic depth of their work. Their extensive studies in fine arts and product design further contribute to the nuanced and multi-layered nature of their art.

Looking to the future, PichiAvo is brimming with ideas and aspirations. Art for them is an evolving journey, one that continually opens new avenues and possibilities. The year 2024 promises to be a milestone with the unveiling of their first outdoor permanent sculpture in a European capital. Their dreams extend beyond this, encompassing a range of projects from art installations to studio works and mural projects in unexplored territories. The duo’s constant quest for innovation and exploration keeps them at the forefront of the contemporary art scene, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of artistic expression.

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