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“I was willing to risk giving up a promising career, high income, and societal status because I was certain that I wanted to pursue art above all else.”

From Ukraine to Lisbon: The Unfolding of Nia Kanevsky’s Artistic Identity

Nia Kanevsky‘s journey into the world of art is a tale of passion, resilience, and the courage to follow one’s heart against the odds. Born and raised in Ukraine, Kanevsky’s life has been a canvas of varied experiences, enriched by her time in Israel and Portugal, with Lisbon now serving as her base and muse. From a young age, Kanevsky was drawn to the world of art, a passion that was nurtured in solitude, away from the societal expectations that frowned upon a career in art as untenable and unrespectable. Despite these cultural pressures, her innate desire to create could not be stifled. Sketching and crafting from her imagination, she found solace and joy in the act of creation, an early indication of the path her life would eventually take.

The pivot from a legal career to the uncertain yet fulfilling world of art marks a defining moment in Kanevsky’s life. Completing law school and embarking on a career within the legal system, she found herself at a crossroads, caught between societal expectations and her true calling. The decision to leave behind a promising career, financial security, and societal status was not made lightly. However, Kanevsky’s unwavering belief in her artistic calling propelled her forward. This leap of faith, taken over 15 years ago, was not just a departure from her previous life but a step towards embracing her true identity as an artist. It is this relentless pursuit of artistic expression that continues to drive her, illuminating her path with every brushstroke.

Nia Kanevsky: The Evolution of an Artist

Nia Kanevsky’s artistic career began with humble yet ambitious projects, from murals and wall paintings to designing furniture, gradually expanding into the realms of interior design and architecture. Each step on this journey was a building block, laying the foundation for her development as an artist. Kanevsky’s foray into interior architecture provided an unexpected platform to showcase her painting skills, fulfilling client requests for artworks to complement her designs. This serendipitous melding of disciplines not only broadened her exposure but also affirmed her passion for painting as her primary mode of expression.

Kanevsky’s artistic evolution was marked by a constant exploration of styles, techniques, and themes, a testament to her belief in the importance of experimentation and growth. Her work, characterized by a deep engagement with the themes of aging, freedom, and authenticity, reflects a profound connection to the human experience. “The Journey of Aged,” a series of paintings inspired by the elderly individuals Kanevsky encountered in Lisbon, Tel-Aviv, and Paris, stands as a poignant exploration of life’s later stages, capturing the beauty and complexity of aging. Similarly, her admiration for the Bauhaus movement and modernism has led her to reinterpret these styles in her series of works, paying homage to the innovation and expressive freedom of these artistic periods. Through her art, Kanevsky not only bridges geographical divides but also connects with universal themes of human existence, inviting viewers into a world where every canvas tells a story.

A Glimpse into Kanevsky’s Creative Haven

For Nia Kanevsky, the essence of creativity is intrinsically linked to the presence of light. Her studio, a testament to this belief, is a sanctuary where sunlight plays a pivotal role, shaping the mood and inspiring the creation of art. Kanevsky describes herself as a “light addict,” a characteristic that profoundly influences her work environment. The all-white interior of her studio serves not just as a backdrop but as a canvas in itself, amplifying the natural light and creating a space that breathes creativity. This environment is meticulously organized yet flexible, filled with canvases, tables, and shelves that hold the tools of her trade. The mobility of these elements allows for constant reconfiguration, adapting the space to suit the thematic or emotional demands of each new project. Kanevsky’s studio is more than just a physical space; it is a reflection of her philosophy that art is not just about the act of creation but the environment in which it is created.

Handling distractions with the same creativity that she applies to her art, Kanevsky has developed strategies that allow her to maintain focus and productivity. Recognizing the importance of her workspace’s setup, she ensures that it is conducive to long periods of concentration and artistic flow. This dedication to crafting an ideal creative environment is a key factor in her ability to produce works that are not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful. Kanevsky’s approach to her art and workspace underscores the symbiotic relationship between artist and environment, where each element influences and enhances the other, resulting in a harmonious blend of creativity and inspiration.

Nia Kanevsky: Influences and Inspirations

The influences that shape Nia Kanevsky’s artistic vision are as diverse as her background. She draws inspiration from a range of artistic giants, including Le Corbusier, Edward Hopper, David Hockney, and Pablo Picasso. Each of these figures represents a different facet of the artistic spectrum, from architecture and modernism to expressive landscapes and pioneering cubism. Kanevsky’s admiration for Le Corbusier, in particular, underscores her deep connection to both art and architecture, highlighting the seamless integration of these disciplines in her work. She finds a special resonance in Le Corbusier’s masterpieces, where the interplay of color, line, form, and light eliminates the need for interpretation, allowing the viewer to experience the art in its purest form.

This eclectic mix of influences is evident in Kanevsky’s work, which transcends traditional boundaries to explore themes of aging, self-expression, and the essence of modern art. Her series “The Journey of Aged” and her reimaginings of Bauhaus and modernist styles are reflective of her ability to meld historical influences with contemporary themes. Moreover, Kanevsky’s openness to experimenting with various mediums—from large-format canvases to digital art—demonstrates her commitment to exploring new avenues of expression. This versatility not only enriches her artistic repertoire but also allows her to communicate more effectively with her audience, making her work accessible and relatable. Nia Kanevsky’s art is a dialogue between past and present, a fusion of influences that together forge a unique and compelling artistic voice.

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