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“I try to integrate in my works a vision of the world that encompasses in itself science, logic, simplicity, music, mathematics, movement, dynamic space, curvature and spatio-temporal polydimensionality, the mystery, emotion and visual perceptibility.”

Milija Belic: A Multifaceted Visual Artist

Milija Belic is a multifaceted visual artist, who operates under the broad umbrella of a “plasticien” in the contemporary sense. Despite the technical and mechanical nature of this term, Milija’s work reflects a deep and holistic awareness of the creative process. His artistic repertoire encompasses various forms of expression, including painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, and art theory. Additionally, Milija has authored several books, including the notable “Apologie du rythme” (L’Harmattan, Paris, 2002).

Milija Belic endeavors to incorporate a diverse range of concepts into his artworks, including science, logic, simplicity, music, mathematics, movement, dynamic space, curvature, spatiotemporal polydimensionality, mystery, emotion, and visual perceptibility, all under the umbrella of abstract art.

The Catalyst of Orchestral Melodies

The genesis of artistic creation is believed to originate from within one’s innermost being, rendering external factors and circumstances relatively insignificant. However, Milija Belic, identified as “he,” concedes that the orchestral melodies that resonate throughout his workspace serve as an indispensable catalyst for his creative process.

At the beginning of Milija Belic’s inspiring process, there is always a visual plot that awakens his creative emotion. This visual intrigue, which transcends the layers of appearance, can come from either an external or internal source. It is a consequence of observation or the subconscious, of intuition which produces a sensation of astonishment and an aesthetic emotion, even if inspired by the most rudimentary geometric objects.

Milija Belic’s Transformation in Artistic Expression

Milija Belic underwent a transformation in his artistic expression over time, moving from figurative to abstract. He came to the understanding that the object and narration were not essential in conveying the metaphysical idea that had been haunting him. Instead, he found that figuration was more of a hindrance, ultimately superfluous, in his search for the essence of the creative act and a direct and heightened simplicity of expression.

In regards to the inquiry about his works or series of works, Milija Belic takes a moment to ponder a broader philosophical question. He reflects on the idea of whether it is possible to reach the absolute and shares his belief that as a creator, perfection or absolute truth in works is an elusive and ever-receding goal. According to Belic, the only possibility is to approach it, to get closer to it with each attempt. He expresses his pride in all of his works, not because they have achieved some absolute standard of excellence, but because they represent steps towards that ideal, no matter how distant it may be.

Art as Identity: Milija Belic’s Aspirations and Reflections

One of my aspirations revolves around the creation of an all-encompassing masterpiece that unites the various spiritual faculties of art, science, philosophy, and beyond.

Milija Belic believes that art is not just a hobby or interest, but rather a crucial aspect of his identity. He acknowledges the significant role that art has played in shaping his personal and professional growth. By engaging with the arts, Milija has learned to approach problems from new and unconventional angles, developing his critical thinking skills and enhancing his creativity.

In addition, art has provided Milija with a sense of purpose and fulfillment, enabling him to express himself in ways that words alone cannot. It has given him a platform to share his emotions and experiences with others, facilitating connections with like-minded individuals who share his passion.

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