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“My degree in architecture provided me with the tools to fully understand the interaction of light and space, which are now key concepts in my works.”

The Genesis of Matías De Falcis’ Artistic Quest

Matías De Falcis is a multidisciplinary artist and architect from Argentina, currently residing in the culturally rich city of Barcelona. From an early age, De Falcis found himself enticed by the rhythmic interplay of geometry and technology. This allure was meticulously refined through his rigorous academic endeavor in architecture, which endowed him with invaluable tools to delve into the aesthetic and functional orchestration of light and space – two fundamental elements that have come to define his artistic idiom. The quintessence of De Falcis’ oeuvre now lies in the delicate weaving of light and matter to elicit dynamic waves of movement, engaging the spectator in a corporeal dance of sensory revelation.

Embarking upon a path of artistic endeavor was a deliberate decision by De Falcis, kindled by a period of personal upheaval, compelling him to channel his contemplations through a creative conduit. His relocation to Barcelona and the serendipitous encounter with the revered Mexican artist Mareo Rodríguez were not merely strokes of fortuity, but rather pivotal linchpins in his artistic evolution. Collaborating with Rodríguez, De Falcis was enthralled by the latter’s philosophy of envisioning “light as ether,” a concept that engendered a profound metamorphosis in his artistic vistas, thus marking the inception of an exhilarating artistic sojourn.

In the heart of Barcelona, De Falcis became an active participant in numerous immersive art rendezvous, and his tutelage under multimedia artist Paola Olea significantly veered his artistic inclination towards generative art and audiovisual narrations. Olea’s profound explorations of “movement and form as conduits to channel peace and harmony” served as a seminal bridge, seamlessly connecting the conceptual tapestry underlying the works of De Falcis. Through these vibrant interactions and continuous explorations, Matías De Falcis continues to expand the horizons of his artistic expression, ushering audiences into a dialogic exploration of light, space, and the boundless contours of perception.

Bridging Reality Through Algorithmic Illumination

Within the artistic expressions of Matías De Falcis, there lies a deep exploration of the abstraction of movement facilitated by technological mediums. His creations eloquently foster a dialogue between human experiences and the algorithmic orchestration of light. Through this fluid choreography, De Falcis subtly blurs the divide between the digital and the physical, prompting audiences to interrogate the boundaries of reality within immersive environments.

Within the collaborative ambience of his co-working studio, designated areas for focused endeavor and interactive exchanges are indispensable. The studio, enveloped by a collection of advanced technological apparatus such as CNC machines, laser cutters, and generative art software, becomes a fertile ground for experimenting with the nuances of light. Adherence to a disciplined schedule enables De Falcis to stave off distractions, thereby ensuring a harmonious balance between work and leisure—crucial elements for the cultivation of the creative process. Through this balanced regimen, Matías De Falcis continues to contribute intriguing discourses to contemporary artistry, nudging the interplay between technology and human perception into novel vistas of exploration.

The Resonance of Influences in De Falcis’ Creative Voyage

In the continuous journey of artistic evolution, Matías De Falcis acknowledges the indelible influences of Mareo Rodríguez and Paola Olea. Furthermore, the profound mastery demonstrated by James Turrell, a maestro in orchestrating sensory journeys through the innovative use of light as a medium, has found deep resonance with De Falcis, refining his comprehension of the interplay between light and matter within his creative oeuvre.

A particularly noteworthy piece from his “Transmutation” series, titled “BlackBox,” exemplifies the fluid dynamics of energy encased within a cubic framework, rendering a perpetual flux even in its static form. This pivotal work facilitated a seamless incorporation of generative art visuals within the sculptural domain for De Falcis, thus heralding a novel conceptual spectrum in his artistic endeavors.

From Concept to Creation: The Evolving Artistry of De Falcis

Matías De Falcis’ fascination with light was kindled in his youth and matured substantially during his architectural studies, propelling him towards experimentation with light projections and maquettes. Through the fusion of light with matter, De Falcis unearthed a method to animate three-dimensional static forms, orchestrating a harmonious ballet between the ethereal and the tangible. While this technique has evolved into the cornerstone of his artistic expression, his foray into the field of generative art has unfolded new horizons teeming with potential for exploration.

At present, De Falcis is diligently engrossed in the conceptualization and creation of an immersive installation for the impending Islamic Arts Festival, scheduled for December 13 in Sharjah. This ambitious endeavor aspires to harmonize generative art audiovisuals with a light installation, concocting a celestial sensory spectacle that challenges conventional perceptions and evokes profound emotional responses. Through this project, Matías seeks not only to tantalize the senses but to traverse the boundaries of traditional artistic mediums, inviting audiences into a captivating interplay of light, sound, and visual narrative.

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