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“First of all, action is better than knowledge. Anyway, take your time to draw. Eventually you will develop your own style.”

Makoto’s Inspirations: Finding Solace in Nature and Picasso’s Work

Makoto (Instagram) was born in 1976 and currently resides in the culturally rich city of Osaka, Japan. From a young age, his fervor for drawing was undeniable, as he eagerly pursued his passion for artistic expression. Despite this innate drive to create, Makoto initially harbored dreams of becoming a musician during his formative years.

However, these aspirations were met with resistance from both his parents and educators, who believed that a more conventional career path would better suit him. Heeding their advice, Makoto relinquished his musical ambitions and instead embarked upon a more ordinary journey, entering the workforce as an office employee.

Nevertheless, throughout his adult life, Makoto continued to cultivate his love for art by visiting a multitude of museums across Japan. These institutions provided him with invaluable exposure to the masterpieces of renowned artists from around the globe, profoundly shaping his artistic sensibilities and personal style.

As he immersed himself in the diverse world of art, Makoto drew inspiration from the creative genius that surrounded him, ultimately molding his own unique artistic voice. This ongoing education and engagement with the global artistic community has solidified his place as a noteworthy figure in the contemporary art scene. Today, Makoto’s captivating work continues to evolve, reflecting both his deep-rooted passion for art and the myriad influences he has encountered throughout his extraordinary journey.

Breaking Traditional Techniques: Makoto’s Minimalistic Approach to Art

Having spent considerable time immersed in the natural world and journeying to various destinations, Makoto found himself profoundly inspired by the creative expressions of global artists. It was at the age of 40 that Makoto decided to revisit their passion for painting, which had been on hiatus. Among the numerous artists who left an indelible impact on Makoto, the inimitable Pablo Picasso stood out as a primary source of inspiration.

Drawing from the distinctive characteristics of Picasso’s work, Makoto developed a unique approach to cubist art, forging a style that is both innovative and evocative. Despite residing in the bustling metropolis of Osaka, Makoto remains committed to seeking solace and inspiration in the tranquility of nature. The artist makes a conscious effort to frequent natural settings, embarking on rejuvenating walks to maintain a clear state of mind and body.

This harmonious balance between urban life and the serenity of the natural world plays a crucial role in shaping Makoto’s artistic sensibilities. By integrating the influence of renowned artists, such as Picasso, with their own distinct flair, Makoto has successfully carved a niche in the realm of contemporary art. This blend of artistic inspiration and personal connection to nature ensures that Makoto’s work continues to captivate audiences and evoke a sense of wonder.

Makoto’s Innovative Style: A Unique Blend of Cubism and Personal Flair

Makoto diverges from traditional techniques by abstaining from underpainting when creating his masterpieces. Instead, he embarks on his creative journey by initially painting in an abstract manner. This approach allows him to connect with his emotions and delve into the visual landscape of his imagination.

In crafting his works, Makoto places significant emphasis on the elements of form, composition, and a minimalistic color palette. These aspects contribute to the overall aesthetic and impact of his art. When it comes to portraying an individual in his paintings, the artist refrains from adopting a purely realistic representation.

Drawing inspiration from the cubist movement, Makoto skillfully portrays his subjects from a multitude of perspectives. By incorporating this innovative style, he invites viewers to engage with his creations on a personal level, enabling them to interpret the work as they see fit. This interactive element of Makoto’s artistry adds a unique dimension to his pieces and distinguishes his work from that of his contemporaries.

Insights and Perspectives: Makoto’s Advice for Aspiring Artists

In the realm of artistic expression, the artist has some invaluable advice for novices and aspiring creators. First and foremost, he emphasizes the importance of prioritizing action over mere knowledge acquisition. Makoto believes that through consistent practice and dedication, artists will gradually develop their unique style and creative voice.

To further support the development of budding artists, Makoto expresses his desire to connect with a wider audience and share his experiences, insights, and perspectives. By leveraging social media and other digital platforms, he aims to foster understanding, empathy, and learning opportunities for those who follow his work and aspire to walk a similar path.

In addition to his passion for visual art, the versatile artist has a deep appreciation for music, spanning across various genres. With his diverse taste in auditory arts, Makoto envisions collaborating with musicians to create captivating album cover designs and NFT art. By merging the realms of visual and auditory expression, he aspires to push the boundaries of creativity and contribute to the dynamic world of art.

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