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“Painting must be alive without further verbal explanations.”

A Passion for Painting in Tranquil Settings

Lola Sandoval‘s passion for the art of painting has been a constant throughout her life, which she continues to pursue with great enthusiasm. Her origins can be traced back to the bustling metropolis of Barcelona, however, her personal inclinations have led her to seek solace in more rural settings. The concrete jungle of urban areas has never held much allure for Lola, as she finds them to be more detrimental than beneficial to her creative process. In search of a change, Lola relocated to a picturesque village situated along the Costa Brava during her formative years. More recently, Lola made the decision to transplant herself to the quaint mountain town of Etxauri, in the Navarra region, in pursuit of a lifestyle that prioritizes solitude, immersion in nature, and a sense of tranquility. It is uncertain to her at this point in time how these choices have affected her work, but Lola finds the serenity and simplicity of her surroundings to be essential in maintaining a harmonious balance in her life.

Lola Sandoval prefers to let her creations speak for themselves rather than providing verbal explanations. She believes that the interpretation and emotional response to art is highly personal and can vary greatly from individual to individual. In her practice, she primarily focuses on figurative portraiture, both of individuals and groups. Lola Sandoval finds the human face to be a particularly intriguing subject, as it allows her to explore and convey the inner thoughts and relationships of her subjects through the use of brushstrokes and color. When working on a painting with multiple figures, she sees it as a complex puzzle to be solved, each face contributing to the overall composition. Ultimately, Lola Sandoval believes that her art should be experienced and interpreted in a visceral and unmediated way, without the need for further verbal explanations.

Lola Sandoval’s Evolution as an Artist

Lola Sandoval finds inspiration in the nostalgia and authenticity of vintage photographs and portraiture. The aged aesthetic of these images often imbues them with a sense of individuality and character that is often lacking in contemporary photography, which can tend to be more homogenous and formulaic in terms of expression and smile.

Lola Sandoval has observed a distinct evolution in her artistic style as she progressed in her artistic journey. Initially, her work was characterized by a darker aesthetic, both in terms of tone and subject matter. However, as she delved deeper into her craft, she began to experiment with elements of nostalgia and timelessness by incorporating old family portraits into her pieces. This experimentation led her to explore the concept of transformation, manipulating the faces and bodies within these portraits to create a unique interpretation. In more recent years, Lola Sandoval has shifted towards a more vibrant and dynamic approach, incorporating a wider spectrum of colors and incorporating more intricate background elements. Despite these stylistic changes, the human form remains a constant source of inspiration for her, particularly in the context of old photographs and portraits.

Navarra’s Impact and Current Painting Endeavors

Lola Sandoval believes that her surroundings have played a significant role in shaping her artistic evolution. Her move to Navarra, in particular, has had a profound impact on her work, as the influences of her environment continue to shape and inspire her creative process. Overall, the evolution of her style has been a natural and organic process, shaped by both her own experimentation and the influences of the world around her.

It would be difficult for her to single out a specific series or individual piece as the one of which she is most proud. However, if pressed to make a selection, Lola Sandoval would have to say that her current painting endeavors hold a special place in her heart. She is currently engaged in a series in which she aims to breathe new life into vintage photographs through her own reinterpretations. She finds that working on multiple canvases simultaneously allows for a fluid and dynamic creative process, as she is able to alternate between pieces and allow each to rest and marinate in her mind before returning to it.

Lola Sandoval’s Ceaseless Pursuit of Creativity Through Painting

As an artist, Lola Sandoval’s ultimate aspiration is to immerse herself in a ceaseless pursuit of creativity through the medium of painting. Over the course of the past year, Sandoval has had the privilege of dedicating herself almost exclusively to this passion, thanks to the support of a collector and a few successful sales. While Sandoval is cognizant of the fact that earning a livelihood as an artist can be a challenging endeavor, given the limited number of individuals who truly appreciate and invest in the art form, she understands that this is simply a matter of personal preference. Nevertheless, Sandoval’s fervent desire is to continue honing her craft and bringing her current and future artistic visions to fruition through consistent and dedicated practice.

Art plays a significant role in enhancing various aspects of one’s life. In fact, one could argue that the absence of art would result in a fundamentally altered individual. The pursuit of artistic expression holds a certain allure, akin to an obsession.

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