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“The progress in making art is to me the most important. Only when a painting resonates with the deepest self you may call it a good painting.”

Laurien Renckens: A Quest for Personal Fulfillment and Artistic Growth

Laurien Renckens, a distinguished 57-year-old Dutch artist, continually seeks to evolve and expand her artistic abilities. Prior to embarking on her artistic journey, Renckens worked as a speech therapist, but she found that this profession did not provide the deep sense of fulfillment she desired.

Renckens firmly believes that true progress in the realm of art can be achieved when a piece resonates profoundly with the artist’s innermost self. This conviction guides her creative process, resulting in the creation of exceptional paintings that convey her inner essence. Her artistic mission extends beyond her own personal development; she aspires to share her passion with viewers by providing them with an opportunity to experience the same profound connection she feels with her work.

The driving force behind Renckens’ artistic pursuits is the desire to continuously grow, refine, and explore new dimensions within her craft. By focusing on the intrinsic value of her paintings, she demonstrates an unwavering commitment to expressing her authentic self through her art. It is through this dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence that Renckens has built a lasting legacy in the art world, capturing the hearts and minds of both casual spectators and discerning connoisseurs alike.

A Shared Vision: The Transformative Power of Beauty in Renckens and Martin’s Art

Laurien Renckens is known for her vibrant and colorful creations. Her work, often described as minimalist or hard-edge, captivates the viewer with its striking simplicity and powerful imagery.

Renckens shares a profound appreciation for beauty with renowned artist Agnes Martin. Both artists believe in the transformative power of beautiful artwork, which they see as a much-needed counterbalance to the chaos and disorder that pervades the world.

In the words of Agnes Martin, “Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eye; it is in the mind.” This sentiment resonates deeply with Renckens, who regards art as a conduit for accessing the innate human awareness of perfection. By employing minimal elements in her compositions, she aims to draw the observer into the heart of the artwork, stimulating a sense of connection and an appreciation for the underlying essence of beauty.

Through her unique artistic approach, Laurien Renckens invites viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and reflection. By immersing oneself in her captivating creations, one can encounter the elusive, yet powerful, concept of beauty that lies within the human mind, ultimately fostering balance and harmony in one’s life.

The Evolution of Renckens’ Art: From Initial Spark to Gallery Showcase

Laurien Renckens embarks on her artistic journey by initially selecting a color or shape, which then leads her to explore the essential elements that the work demands. This process unfolds as a delicate interplay of addition and subtraction, examining the intricate ways in which colors and lines engage with one another. Throughout her artistic practice, Renckens boldly reclaims the concept of urgency, liberating it from its oppressive connotations and transforming it into a positive force, a driving motivation or intention. Her passionate response to the question, “What can I contribute?” is an unwavering commitment to the art of painting.

Renckens’ most recent works embody a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, reflecting her evolving artistic style. Currently showcased at Gallery Project 2.0 in The Hague, these pieces represent the pinnacle of her artistic achievements thus far, though she is already embarking on a new series. Over time, her work has evolved to incorporate a broader palette of vibrant colors and bold, defined lines. Renckens’ oeuvre now boasts a distinct hard-edge and minimalist aesthetic, which is further enhanced by her use of striking color combinations.

Kenya: A Source of Inspiration for Laurien Renckens’ Dream Project

Nestled within an industrial edifice adorned with a soaring wooden ceiling and bathed in abundant natural light, Laurien Renckens’ studio serves as the ideal sanctuary for her creative pursuits. Surrounded by her favored music and the comforting aroma of coffee, Renckens thrives in this stimulating environment, which fuels her artistic expression.

Drawing inspiration from her travels and the natural world, Renckens immerses herself in the diverse cultures and landscapes she encounters. A recent journey to Kenya proved particularly influential, as she returned home brimming with fresh ideas and a renewed sense of creativity. The vibrant colors and spirited demeanor of the Kenyan people left an indelible impression on the artist, inspiring her to embark on a new artistic endeavor.

Currently, Renckens is engrossed in her dream project, which remains shrouded in a veil of mystery as it is still a work in progress. While she remains tight-lipped about the specifics, it is evident that the Kenyan experience has played a significant role in shaping this ambitious undertaking. As Renckens continues to explore the myriad hues and attitudes that define Kenya, one can expect her forthcoming work to be infused with the spirit and essence of the captivating African nation.

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