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“My favorite medium though is airbrushed acrylic + hand-painted acrylic + colored pencils on paper.”

The Evolution of Johannes Wessmark Artistic Journey

Johannes Wessmark, a self-taught Swedish artist specializing in hyperrealism, was born in 1962. Before dedicating himself to the world of fine art, Wessmark honed his skills as an advertising illustrator for an extended period. This experience provided him with essential knowledge in various artistic techniques and disciplines.

His tenure as a 3D computer artist proved particularly beneficial, as it allowed him to develop a deep understanding of perspective, color theory, lighting, and material properties. These elements would later serve as the foundation of his hyperrealistic style.

Wessmark’s longstanding fascination with realistic painting led him to discover the photorealism genre, which resonated with his artistic inclinations. In the 1990s, he held his first exhibition, and the popularity and success of his artwork prompted him to devote even more time to his craft.

Ultimately, after years of working in the advertising industry, Wessmark made the decision to close his company and pursue his passion for painting on a full-time basis. His journey demonstrates the evolution of an artist, from a self-taught enthusiast to a successful, full-time professional in the realm of hyperrealism.

Johannes Wessmark Unique Approach to Hyperrealism

Johannes Wessmark primarily focuses on the artistic style of hyper-realism, having explored a diverse range of themes throughout his extensive career. Presently, the artist’s creative emphasis lies in figurative and landscape painting, which he masterfully renders with meticulous detail and precision.

With over 30 years of experience in the art world, Wessmark has experimented with numerous mediums to perfect his hyper-realistic technique. Among the various mediums suitable for hyper-realism, oil on canvas is a popular choice for many artists. However, Wessmark’s preferred method involves a unique combination of airbrushed acrylic, hand-painted acrylic, and colored pencils on paper.

This innovative blend of materials and tools allows the artist to achieve remarkable hyper-realistic paintings while overcoming the challenges associated with traditional mediums, such as drying time, the need for a steady hand on the canvas, and the texture of the canvas itself. Wessmark’s distinctive approach not only highlights his ingenuity but also contributes to the exceptional quality of his artwork.

Inspirations and Influences in Wessmark’s Art

From the beginning, the pioneering photo-realist artists exerted a significant influence on Johannes Wessmark’s creative journey. Today, the art world abounds with numerous talented individuals whom Wessmark admires and from whom he continually draws inspiration.

Nature, too, serves as a profound source of inspiration for the artist. The landscape surrounding Wessmark’s studio and residence, replete with open fields, forests, and lakes, offers an abundance of picturesque scenes. Equipped with a camera, Wessmark frequently ventures into these natural spaces, capturing stunning reference images that later inform his artwork.

Selecting a single piece of art that holds particular significance for Wessmark proves challenging. However, if pressed, he would likely choose “Wet Hair.” This exceptional work features his wife as the subject, an accomplished artist herself. The reference photograph was taken during an unforgettable vacation in Spain a few years prior, making the piece particularly poignant. When showcased on Reddit, “Wet Hair” garnered an impressive 61.3K likes, setting a personal record for Wessmark.

Furthermore, “Wet Hair” marked the beginning of his popular wet-hair series, which continues to captivate audiences. Presently, Wessmark is working on another piece within this series, intended for exhibition at one of the world’s leading hyper-realist galleries, Plus One Gallery in London. As such, “Wet Hair” not only holds a special place in Wessmark’s heart but has also played a pivotal role in advancing his artistic career.

Inside Wessmark’s Studio and Vision for the Future

Within Johannes Wessmark’s studio, an array of tools and equipment facilitate his creative process. His workspace boasts a computer for refining and printing reference photographs, a light table for sketching, and an airbrush for painting expansive or blurred areas. Additionally, the artist utilizes an adjustable-height easel, rolls of canvas and illustration paper, oil and acrylic paints, colored pencils, and a high-resolution camera for capturing work-in-progress images and photographing completed pieces.

The tranquil setting of Wessmark’s countryside studio provides an environment largely free from distractions. Even in the rare event of an interruption, the artist remains unperturbed, as the painting patiently awaits his return to continue the creative process.

Wessmark envisions an immersive dream exhibition, where visitors don wireless headsets upon entry. Within this darkened space, the focus rests solely on the illuminated paintings. As individuals approach each artwork, sensors trigger the playing of specially chosen music, tailored to complement the respective piece. As they move from one painting to the next, the music seamlessly transitions, creating a unique auditory experience for each artwork. The artist’s intention is for the exhibition to feature grandiose landscapes, accompanied by epic movie soundtracks, which resonate with the style and atmosphere of his paintings.

Wessmark warmly invites potential sponsors interested in supporting this innovative project to reach out and collaborate in bringing his dream exhibition to fruition.

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