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“Art has always interested me. I’ve always wanted to be famous. I dreamed of great exhibitions and work as an artist.”

The Artistic Process of Iwona Sacharz

Iwona Sacharz is a Polish artist, born in Kielce in 1983. After completing her studies with a focus on ceramics at the State High School of Fine Arts, Jacek Malczewski in Częstochowa, she pursued further education at the Jan Długosz Academy. Here, she majored in Visual Communication and earned a diploma in photography.

Sacharz has been captivated by art since her early years, nurturing dreams of achieving fame through her creative endeavors. Her artistic journey has been marked by continuous development, and she has always harbored a deep-seated passion for painting. Despite her success, Sacharz remains modest about her accomplishments, acknowledging that there is always room for growth.

Sacharz’s artwork, held in private collections across the globe, primarily explores human emotions, fears, and internal conflicts. She masterfully employs expression, mystery, and darkness in her pieces, achieving a delicate balance that imbues her paintings with depth and character. Emotionally charged, her works often feature titles that encapsulate a specific feeling.

The artist’s signature style is characterized by the use of simple forms and colors, which lend a sense of coherence to her compositions. Sacharz presents the world of women through a feminine lens, utilizing a veiled and often subdued approach. Her portrayal of contemporary women combines magical elements with a straightforward style, resulting in captivating and thought-provoking works.

Iwona Sacharz: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Iwona Sacharz’s paintings reflect her dedication to the artistic process, with a focus on the exploration of the creative self through abstract forms. Sacharz employs acrylics as her medium of choice and enjoys working with various canvas sizes, although she does not exclusively specialize in large formats. Her preference for simple forms, flat color fields, and geometric shapes underscores the themes present in her recent works, which center on women and their emotions. The titles of these pieces often allude to specific feelings, serving as a mirror for Sacharz’s own experiences and life events. In addition to drawing from her personal journey, she takes inspiration from her observations of the world and the narratives that surround her. Eschewing realism and perspective, the artist concentrates on color, composition, and simplicity.

Raised in a rural setting, Sacharz was surrounded by nature, animals, and her four siblings. Her parents played an instrumental role in her education, nurturing her artistic inclinations from a young age. She attributes her innate spatial awareness and color sensibilities to her father’s influence. Although she initially did not perceive herself as particularly talented or exceptional, she opted to pursue her passion at an art school. This decision led her to a larger city, where she embarked on an independent journey of self-discovery. Despite her initial shyness and insecurities, Sacharz gradually gained the confidence to share her creative talents with the world. The artist believes that her personal and artistic development is an ongoing process, marked by continuous evolution and transformation.

The Creative Process of Iwona Sacharz

Iwona Sacharz’s creative process typically commences with the inception of an idea. Often, she envisions a particular shape or color combination that prompts her to visualize the entire artwork in her mind. Subsequently, Sacharz proceeds to sketch her concept, refining it into its final form. She then deliberates on the appropriate canvas size and color palette for the piece.

Sacharz’s artistic approach varies; at times, she rapidly executes a painting, as if it had been germinating within her for an extended period. Conversely, on other occasions, the artist may labor over a piece for a significant duration, making edits, refinements, and even starting anew. It is not uncommon for her to postpone work on a project. Despite meticulous planning, she may continue to refine the outcome by altering colors, shapes, and the overall composition. For Sacharz, the creative process holds greater significance than the completed artwork itself.

The artist finds the early morning hours most conducive to her work. She prefers to paint within the comfort of her own home, having established a suitable space that allows her to move unencumbered. Sacharz enjoys solitude while working, often accompanied by music playing in the background. Although she expresses a desire for a dedicated studio where she could further explore her creativity and interact with art enthusiasts and fellow artists, she remains appreciative of her current circumstances. In the face of spatial limitations, Sacharz maintains a positive attitude, focusing on the aspects of her creative environment that she values.

Iwona Sacharz: Finding Inspiration in Women’s Emotions

Among the numerous creations by Iwona Sacharz, the painting titled “Pressure” holds a special place in her artistic repertoire. This piece features a woman who exudes strength and determination, while simultaneously remaining acutely aware of the expectations placed upon her by others. The complexity of the emotion depicted in this painting is a testament to Sacharz’s skill and resonates with her personal experience, as she too grapples with similar pressures.

For emerging artists seeking guidance, Sacharz emphasizes the importance of prioritizing one’s passion and personal satisfaction over the pursuit of success. She believes that the joy and growth derived from the creative process should remain the primary focus for any artist.

Currently, Sacharz is in the midst of preparing for an upcoming exhibition, an endeavor which she hopes will further bolster her confidence and validate the significance of her artwork. She remains committed to exploring the subject of women in her paintings and is eager to expand her technique as she continues to create new pieces. The endless possibilities and potential for growth within her chosen subject matter and artistic style promise a bright future for this talented artist.

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