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“Complexity is inherent in the simplicity of basic physical relations. Slowing down our over-dynamic world with reduction. Movements are inherent in immobility. Those micro-dynamics that capture our subtle perception encourage us to stop and observe.”

A Journey From Artistic Inclination to Sculptural Mastery

István Parlag is a sculptor with an extensive career spanning many years. Born in Slovakia, he has called Hungary home for over two decades, earning citizenship in the latter country. Parlag’s artistic inclinations were evident from a young age, though it wasn’t until his late teens and early twenties that he truly recognized his passion for sculpture.

Parlag pursued his artistic education at the Vocational School of Arts in Nyíregyháza and later at the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts at the University of Pécs, where he completed his degree in 2011. Concurrently, Parlag honed his skills in the stone industry, garnering invaluable experience in sculptural construction, restoration, and stone design. This industry experience proved instrumental in shaping Parlag’s approach to sculpture, allowing him to evolve a precise and innovative style.

In the formative years of his career, Parlag was often consumed by the details and technical intricacies of his art. However, as his skills matured, he transitioned towards a more streamlined approach, focusing on the essence of his creations rather than their technical details. This evolution has allowed Parlag to distinguish himself in the world of sculpture and establish a unique, impactful artistic presence.

Istvàn Parlag: Transcending Boundaries With Bold Minimalism and Unique Visual Language

István Parlag’s oeuvre currently explores the notion of reduction, transforming intricate meanings into bold and minimalist three-dimensional “graphic logos.” His father’s influence looms large in his work, serving as a wellspring of inspiration. The elder Parlag imparted the values of courage and distinctiveness, urging his son to view the world through a singular lens rather than simply joining the ranks of the multitude. In time, István has refined his artistic voice, probing new vistas of thought and engaging with critical questions through his creative endeavors. These days, he finds himself invigorated, his intuitive sensibilities honed, and his visual responses have become seamless and instinctive.

In his artwork, Parlag delves into a myriad of themes, notably the representation of human connections in his unique visual language and the interplay between physical stability and the potential for dislocation – the latter being a source of tension or tranquility, contingent upon the context. Underpinning his reductionist approach is the principle of geometry, a design foundation that lends both finesse and starkness to his artistry. István characterizes this method as “intimate geometry,” as it necessitates a state of mental clarity and meditation, facilitating close observation and genuine acceptance.

Carving Dreams into Granite with Precision and Dedication

Istvàn Parlag primarily engages with granite, a formidable volcanic rock that demands the use of specialized diamond tools for its manipulation. When embarking on more extensive projects, Parlag often relies on water-based industrial machinery for processes such as cutting, sanding, and lifting. Additionally, collaboration with skilled assistants becomes imperative. Fortunately, his creative endeavors find a home in one of Hungary’s most expansive stone quarries, granting him direct access to the essential infrastructure.

Rather than confining himself to a singular artistic style, Parlag gleans inspiration from a myriad of sources, rooted firmly in constructivist principles. In order to sustain concentration during his artistic journey, he meticulously minimizes distractions, fostering a profound and intimate rapport with the material at hand. Such dedication ensures that Parlag’s attention remains undiluted, making the presence of others superfluous. His past in industrial occupations has endowed him with a particular proficiency in carving. This skill is paramount, especially given that his chosen themes often necessitate a level of precision that he masterfully reproduces in granite.

Istvàn Parlag: Envisioning Large-Scale Installations and Honoring Artistic Lineage

István Parlag currently finds himself engrossed in myriad artistic undertakings, leaving little room for exploration of alternative media. Nevertheless, he remains amenable to experimenting with diverse mediums and even integrating them in future endeavors. Parlag harbors an aspiration to exhibit his art on an expansive scale within either natural or modern architectural contexts, providing an immersive experience for enthusiasts who resonate with his passion. He anticipates that his work will serve as a catalyst, inspiring others to embrace life with a fearless and self-determined spirit.

For Parlag, smaller-scale pieces offer a practical and efficient approach to conceptualization, effectively acting as blueprints for prospective large-scale installations. Furthermore, these diminutive works hold considerable aesthetic appeal and versatility, seamlessly complementing contemporary interior design spaces.

Esteemed minimalist artists like Richard Serra, Bernar Venet, and Anish Kapoor hold particular significance for Parlag, their sincere yet impactful gestures resonating deeply with him. In recent times, he has been drawn to the enthralling creations of Jonathan Prince, Reinoud Oudshoorn, and Monika Sosnowska. Parlag also harbors an appreciation for op-art, and demonstrates an open-mindedness towards street art and typography. However, it is the early plans and paintings of his father, an artist who delved into op-art, that hold an unparalleled place in his heart. Witnessing his father’s creative process in his formative years played a pivotal role in Parlag’s decision to embark upon an artistic journey.

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