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“I paint life, love, with brushes, knives, or the back of my hand, « feeding » the canvas or paper with acrylic, plaster, mortar, ink, coffee or woodstain, in fusion, superimposition, transparencies, flights, caresses and scratches too.”

A Self-Taught French Painter and Proud Member of the Taylor Foundation

Isabelle Mignot is a self-taught French painter who currently lives and works in Chantilly, located in close proximity to the cultural epicenter of Paris. She is a proud member of the esteemed Taylor Foundation, as well as several prominent artistic associations. Isabelle has had the privilege of showcasing her work in a variety of exhibitions, both domestically and internationally. Her paintings have been recognized with various prestigious awards and have found a place in the private collections of art enthusiasts across Europe, Asia, and the United States.

As someone hailing from the vicinity of Paris, Isabelle’s upbringing was steeped in an appreciation for literature, music, and visual arts. From a young age, she found herself drawn to the act of creating art, not just for the sake of it, but as a means of expressing her innermost thoughts and emotions. Being surrounded by a family that valued the arts greatly, Isabelle was fortunate enough to have access to a wealth of literature and art books which served as a source of inspiration and nourishment for her imagination.

The formative years of Isabelle Mignot were spent absorbing the works of renowned authors such as Zola and Dostoevsky, as well as the poetry of Baudelaire, Eluard and Aragon, all of whom left an indelible impression on her with their ability to delve into the complexities of the human soul and transport readers to different worlds through the use of words alone. She was also greatly influenced by the artworks of great Masters such as Joan Miro, Turner and Japanese art for their fluidity and finesse. These early experiences shaped her artistic style and approach, leading her to create abstract, symbolic and imaginative works characterized by an emphasis on light, elegance and freedom.

Nuances of Human Experience through Sentimental Abstraction

As an adult, Isabelle Mignot took the opportunity to further her understanding and appreciation of art by studying Art History at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris. Despite being sidetracked by the demands of professional life, she never lost her passion for painting and continued to create art throughout. It was only at the age of 40 that Isabelle decided to fully devote herself to her craft, creating abstract works that reflect her daily thoughts and emotions, much like a personal diary.

Isabelle Mignot creates works of sentimental abstraction that often incorporate figurative elements. Her artistic approach is characterized by the fusion of various styles and techniques, including geometric, expressionist, lyrical, and minimalist elements. Her paintings are a reflection of her personal philosophy and her approach to life, which is one of enthusiasm, contemplation, and introspection. Isabelle Mignot uses a wide range of materials and techniques, including acrylic, plaster, mortar, ink, coffee, and woodstain, to create her works and employs a variety of tools such as brushes, knives, and even the back of her hand. Her paintings are an expression of the fluidity of life, the ebb and flow of our emotions, and the beauty found in even the most ephemeral moments. The inspiration for her work comes from the human experience and the desires and feelings we all share as individuals. She is continually struck by the beauty and complexity of our shared humanity, from the quiet contemplation of a solitary moment to the frenetic energy of a bustling city. The nuances and subtleties of the human experience are endlessly fascinating to her, and she is inspired to explore and express them through her art.

The Inspiration and Evolution of Isabelle Mignot’s Artistic Style

The genesis of a particular series can be attributed to a variety of stimuli, ranging from powerful emotional triggers to subjects that hold personal significance for Isabelle Mignot. These stimuli may manifest in a variety of forms, such as musical harmonies that evoke a sense of surprise or the movement of bodies that convey a sense of effortless grace. The natural world, with its stunning beauty and hidden power, also serves as a source of inspiration for Isabelle. Additionally, certain ideas or subjects that hold a particular fascination for Isabelle, such as self-knowledge and the complexity of human nature, may also serve as catalysts for a series. Interestingly, even when a work is commissioned on a specific theme, Isabelle finds that the true subject of the series only becomes clear to her upon completion. The act of creating is a journey for Isabelle, one that begins with an inexplicable energy that must be released, and concludes with a sense of understanding and clarity.

The evolution of Isabelle’s artistic style is a reflection of her ever-evolving personality. At its core, Isabelle’s self-portrait would depict an individual who is inherently ambivalent, a harmonious juxtaposition of contrasting qualities such as impulsiveness and reflection, passion and delicacy, and enthusiasm and calm. These opposing forces are essential for Isabelle’s balance and are manifest in her work through the use of geometric, lyrical, and expressionist abstraction, as well as minimalism, all of which are used to capture movement, symbols, essential gestures, and serene atmospheres.

Isabelle Mignot’s Evolving Artistic Style and Inspiration

Isabelle Mignot’s paintings are also influenced by the passage of time and the changing seasons, as well as the colors and materials used in her work. The music that she listens to also plays a significant role in her creative process, serving as a muse that guides her initial choices and carries her through the painting process. In short, her artistic style is constantly evolving, shaped by her ever-changing emotions and desires.

Mignot takes great pride and satisfaction in every piece that she creates. Each work represents a unique aspect of her artistic vision and represents a significant investment of her time, energy and emotions. To single out any one piece as her favorite would be to deny the inherent value and significance of all of her works. All of her creations are a reflection of her artistic voice and she is proud of each and every one of them. She is honored to share them with the public, knowing that they represent the best of her artistic abilities.

Mignot’s ultimate goal is to create works that resonate deeply with viewers, evoking emotions and sparks personal connections. Her dream project would be one that has the power to elicit a profound emotional response in those who behold it, leaving an indelible impression on their hearts and minds. A project that allows her to create a bridge between her artistic vision and the human experience, providing a window into the soul of humanity, and inspiring a sense of connection and understanding. In short, her dream project would be one that has the power to move people, to bring them joy and to touch their hearts.

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