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“I firmly believe that creating art is not merely a choice; rather, it is an inherent aspect of one’s nature, a fundamental expression of being in this world.”

Navigating the Artistic Journey

Born in the serene landscapes of Finland and now residing in the vibrant ambiance of Panama, Heli Fouchard‘s life is as textured and layered as her art. Her academic pursuit in Art Photography at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki laid the foundational stones for what would become a profound journey into the realms of visual art. Fouchard’s transition from a marketing professional to an artist is not merely a career shift but a testament to her unwavering commitment to her true calling. Heli, driven by an inherent need to create, returned to her artistic pursuits, reinforcing her belief that art is not merely a choice but an innate compulsion, an essential expression of one’s existence in this world.

The artist’s transient lifestyle, marked by a continuous cycle of arrivals and departures, infuses her work with a unique perspective. This nomadic existence, coupled with her Finnish roots and current life in Panama, allows Fouchard to capture the ephemeral beauty found in the transitions of life, the in-between moments where one chapter ends and another begins. Through her lens and ink, she delicately explores the interplay between time and space, inviting viewers to ponder the unseen, the overlooked, and the transient. Her art becomes a bridge connecting the viewer to the subtle nuances of existence, urging a deeper contemplation of the world around us.

Heli Fouchard: The Art of Embracing Minimalism

Heli Fouchard describes her artistic style as minimalist, serene, and tranquil, a clear reflection of her inner world and her perception of the outer one. Her work revolves around the concept of time — specifically the intervals between moments, the intermediate spaces where life truly unfolds. Through her minimalist approach, Fouchard aims to strip away the superfluous, directing the viewer’s attention to the essence of time and the inherent beauty of the understated. Her art is not just a visual experience but an invitation to a meditative journey, encouraging a profound engagement with the fundamental elements of life.

Her workspace, a sanctuary of creativity, adapts to her mental and emotional rhythms. Whether enveloped in silence or immersed in background noise, Fouchard finds her artistic voice in varying ambiances, reflecting the adaptable and fluid nature of her creative process. This adaptability extends to her artistic influences as well, with figures like Louise Bourgeois, Agnes Martin, and Tomas Saraceno shaping her exploration of the human psyche, the allure of simplicity, and the multifaceted concept of space. These influences, combined with her own experiences and reflections, culminate in a body of work that is not just seen but felt, urging a deeper, more introspective interaction with art.

A Confluence of Inspirations

Fouchard’s artistic vision is profoundly influenced by a trinity of artistic luminaries, each contributing a distinct essence to her creative ethos. Louise Bourgeois’s deep dive into the intricacies of personal history and the human psyche has encouraged Fouchard to introspectively explore how her own experiences shape her perception of time. This introspection is seamlessly woven into her art, offering viewers a gateway into the artist’s soul and inviting them to reflect on their own journeys through time. Agnes Martin’s minimalist canvases, celebrating simplicity and tranquility, resonate with Fouchard’s aesthetic, reinforcing her belief in the power of minimalism to reveal the complexities of existence. Tomas Saraceno’s ethereal sculptures, which challenge conventional notions of space, inspire Fouchard to reconsider the physical and metaphorical spaces her art inhabits, further enriching her exploration of the intermediate zones that define our experience of time.

This eclectic blend of influences underpins Fouchard’s artistic narrative, enabling her to craft pieces that are not only visually compelling but also emotionally resonant. Her art becomes a dialogue with these influences, a conversation that continues to evolve as she navigates her journey. The impact of these artists is not just visible in her thematic choices but also in her approach to space, form, and the essence of time, creating a multifaceted tapestry that invites the viewer to engage, question, and contemplate.

Heli Fouchard: The Essence of Creative Spaces

For Fouchard, the physical space where she creates is as pivotal as the mental space she inhabits. Her home studio, a cradle of creativity, is where her minimalist visions come to life, fluctuating between silence and sound based on the day’s creative pulse. This flexibility in her work environment mirrors the adaptability required in her transient lifestyle, which often influences her artistic process. The constraints of moving across countries, the fluctuating availability of materials, and the challenge of maintaining a consistent creative practice amidst constant change have all honed her resourcefulness and resilience. Yet, these very challenges fuel her innovation, pushing her to explore beyond conventional boundaries and experiment with materials like rice paper, which captivates her with its delicate balance of fragility and strength.

Fouchard’s engagement with different mediums is not a mere artistic choice but a reflection of her philosophy that art is a living, breathing entity that evolves with the artist. Whether it’s the nuanced absorption of ink on rice paper or the interplay of light and shadow in her photography, each medium offers a new vocabulary for her to articulate her contemplations on time, space, and existence. Her art is thus a dynamic entity, constantly evolving, reflecting her personal growth and her responsive dialogue with her environment. Through this ongoing exploration, Fouchard not only pushes the boundaries of her creative expression but also invites her audience to step into a world where art is a living conversation, an ever-unfolding narrative that echoes the complexities and the simplicities of the human experience.

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