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Unveiling the Dreamlike Realms

In the mid-1990s, Alexandra Duprez embarked on an artistic journey that would soon define her unique style, characterized by an intuitive approach to drawing and painting. Her art, deeply rooted in the influences of outsider art and folk art, presents a phantasmagorical universe where the boundaries of reality blur. Within this realm, Duprez crafts images that evoke a dream-like state, populated with unsettling creatures and entangled shapes, embodying a fascinating interplay between figuration and abstraction. This distinct style reflects not just her artistic vision but also a profound exploration of the human condition.

Central to Duprez’s work is the human body, portrayed not as a static entity but as a dynamic form undergoing perpetual transformation. Her figures, caught in a state of flux, oscillate between the animalistic and the botanical, embodying the essence of metamorphosis. This theme is vividly illustrated through her concept of “shreds of images,” where the artist layers and obscures, creating fragmented narratives that invite viewers to delve into a metaphorical forest sprung from the depths of her unconscious. These recurring motifs not only define Duprez’s artistic lexicon but also guide observers into the enigmatic corridors of her inner theater, challenging them to confront the unsettling beauty of her creative world.

Alexandra Duprez: A Journey from Quimper to the Global Stage

Born in Quimper in 1974, Alexandra Duprez has charted a path that has firmly established her as a significant figure in contemporary art. Residing and working in Douarnenez, her dedication to painting since 1995 has culminated in a body of work that resonates with audiences both in France and internationally. Her artistic evolution is marked by her representation in notable galleries across the globe, from COA gallery in Canada to Pulp gallery in the USA, showcasing her ability to transcend cultural and geographical boundaries with her art.

Duprez’s influence extends beyond the gallery walls. In 2015, she co-founded the Plein-Jour gallery in Douarnenez, demonstrating her commitment to fostering artistic communities. Her collaboration with publishing houses, including Esperluète and Chose Commune, highlights her versatility and willingness to explore various mediums. These endeavors, coupled with her active exhibition history, from her first major show at the Centre d’Art Passerelle in Brest to recent displays in Berlin, underline a career marked by continuous growth and widespread acclaim. Through her persistent exploration and distinctive voice, Alexandra Duprez not only captures the attention of the art world but also secures her place within the rich tapestry of contemporary artistry.

The Sanctuary of Creation

For Alexandra Duprez, the act of creation is an intimate affair, deeply intertwined with her daily life. The artist’s studio, a sacred space nestled within her home in Douarnenez, serves as the crucible where her imaginative visions take form. This choice of workspace is not merely a matter of convenience; it is a reflection of Duprez’s philosophy that life and art are inextricably linked. Her studio has evolved alongside her, from the confines of her childhood bedroom to various homes, adapting to her needs and circumstances. This personal environment, where domesticity meets creativity, allows Duprez to immerse herself in her work swiftly, blending the rhythms of daily life with the demands of artistic expression.

Duprez’s approach to her artistic practice is marked by a ritualistic quality that underscores her deep connection to her work. She does not rush into creation; instead, she engages in small, almost meditative activities that prepare her mind and spirit for the task ahead. Whether it’s tending to plants, organizing her space, or selecting the perfect podcast, these rituals are vital in shifting her focus from the mundane to the extraordinary. Once settled, Duprez embarks on her artistic journey, navigating the realms of her imagination to bring forth the hauntingly beautiful visions that define her oeuvre. This process, rooted in routine yet open to the whims of inspiration, highlights the artist’s commitment to nurturing her creative soul, ensuring that each piece is imbued with a sense of authenticity and depth.

Alexandra Duprez: Echoes of Inspirations and Influences

Alexandra Duprez’s artistic journey is rich with influences that shape her unique visual language. From her early self-portraits inspired by Frida Kahlo to her appreciation of a diverse array of musical talents like Aldous Harding and Nick Cave, Duprez’s work is a tapestry woven from various threads of inspiration. Her studio, a treasure trove of collected items, reflects her eclectic tastes and interests. Among these cherished possessions is a small metal bird, a symbol of her fascination with antique objects and perhaps an emblem of her spirit’s freedom and curiosity.

Despite not growing up in a home filled with art books, Duprez’s passion for art was ignited by a singular encounter with a book featuring Kahlo’s work. This experience, coupled with a transformative exchange during a school trip abroad, catalyzed her desire to pursue art. Her narrative underscores the notion that inspiration can stem from fleeting moments and serendipitous encounters. Even the legacy of her father’s artistic pursuits in Arno Stern’s studio, though not a dominant topic of conversation, subtly influenced her path. Duprez’s artistic evolution is a testament to the power of diverse influences converging to mold a unique creative voice, one that continues to evolve and resonate with a wide audience. Her journey reflects a deep engagement with the world around her, an openness to the myriad forms of beauty and expression that life offers, shaping her into the compelling artist she is today.

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