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Hans-Heinrich Dittrich is a German artist who was born in Cologne, lives and works in Hennef-Uckerath, but also maintains a studio in Bonn-Beuel.
The artist is a graduate psychologist and Gestalt psychotherapist. In this field he has worked intensively with psychoanalysis and is particularly fascinated by Carl Gustav Jung, his theory of archetypes and the concept of the “collective unconscious”.

In his art, Dittrich aims not only to create images, but to bring symbols to life that release an imaginary power. The artist sees himself as a traveler between the outer visible world and the inner hidden world. He tries to bring fragments of the hidden world of dreams, fears and longings from these journeys and drag them into the light of day.

Hans-Heinrich creates “tranceabstractart,” a term of art coined by the artist himself. He is currently working on three extensive cycles, “holy boxes”, “Ideenschatten” and “Trancebrain”. As with his earlier subjects, the artist seeks to stop the world for a moment, make a statement, and open a glimpse of the “other” world beyond our everyday imagination.

Among his works, “Ideenschatten” and “Trancebrain” are what he is most proud of. The cycle “ideen Schatten” is based on the philosophical idea that our existence in this world consists only in casting a fleeting shadow on the canvas of this world. Nevertheless, all our striving is aimed at obtaining a piece of eternity. The works are made exclusively with handmade paper. “Trancebrain” was created on the basis of neurophysiological and psychoanalytical findings. Consciously controlled and spontaneous unconscious processes in our brain give rise to images that can develop a life of their own. Long before the invention of psychoanalysis, methods were developed in Far Eastern meditation techniques to control these unconscious processes as well. This temporarily creates new connections between switching points (synapses) in the brain that allow images to emerge that we have never seen before.

Ultimately, Hans-Heinrich wants to be satisfied with his life, and if there is a chance that someone in his immediate surroundings or around the world sees some of his artwork with joy or is touched by a single painting, he is happy.

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