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“I deeply hate those who don’t question anything but express judgments and, as always happens, we hate what we are the most.”

The Multidimensional World of Guido Nosari De Danieli

Guido Nosari De Danieli is a multidimensional artist with a background deeply rooted in the north of Italy, specifically in Bergamo. The value of hard work is an integral part of his identity. His work is an extension of this philosophy as he commits a significant amount of time to research, creation, and execution, driven by a desire to overcome the sense of guilt that comes with not engaging in a vocation he loathes.

Guido he has been fortunate enough to participate in international artist residencies and has been recognized with several awards, including the installation at the Museum of Jewish Culture in Berlin, the ten-year prize of the Modena Photography Foundation, and a solo exhibition at the Shang Yuan Modern Art Museum in Beijing.

Beyond Guido Nosari’s professional pursuits, he finds solace in the tranquility of summer storms, and is envious of the creative output of his peers, while at the same time, self-aware of his own immaturity and struggle to direct his time. He is fiercely critical of those who espouse unquestioned ideals and judgments, as he believes that true understanding comes from questioning one’s own beliefs and biases. Ultimately, he believes that life is a journey of self-discovery and that the emptiness from which we come is the same emptiness to which we will return.

The Relationship Between Self and Other

In Guido Nosari’s artistic practice, he engages in the creation of three distinct forms of artwork. The first of which are minuscule oil paintings, in which he depicts human figures that are divorced from any narrative context. These figures may be sourced from a variety of sources, such as internet images, photographs of criminals, film stills, pornographic material, personal memories, and more. By presenting these figures in a small format, he aims to strip them of any sense of identity. Additionally, he creates large-scale canvases, in which he magnifies details of hanging and empty garments that he has photographed. Finally, he engages in the creation of oversized garments that he personally sews, which are often disproportionate and unwieldy in nature. Despite the diversity of these forms of artwork, they are united by Guido Nosari’s exploration of the relationship between the body of the self and the body of the other, and the various ways in which this relationship can be perceived as being either too distant or too intimate.

Inspiration is a ubiquitous phenomenon that can be found in an array of sources. Initially, Guido Nosari’s approach to finding inspiration was limited to intellectually stimulating and exclusive sources. However, he came to realize that such sources were inadequate in providing him with the breadth of creativity and freedom that he desired, as they only reflected a narrow aspect of his being.

The Evolution of Guido Nosari’s Artistic Style

Guido Nosari’s artistic style has undergone significant evolution throughout his career. Initially, he began as a traditional painter, creating works solely through the medium of paint. However, as his artistic vision expanded and evolved, he found himself drawn towards incorporating other mediums and techniques into his work. This ultimately led to a period of time during which he focused solely on textile art and sewing. Eventually, he reached a point where he was able to reconcile his passion for painting with his newfound interest in textile art, and now his work seamlessly incorporates elements of both mediums. This process of experimentation and exploration has been vital to his growth as an artist and continues to shape the evolution of his artistic style.

When reflecting upon his artistic journey, Guido Nosari holds a particular fondness for his most recent series of works. These pieces represent the apex of his creative endeavors, embodying the culmination of his experimentation, the refinement of his techniques, and the distillation of his artistic vision. Each stroke of the brush, every line etched, and every color blended, is a testament to Guido Nosari’s relentless pursuit of perfection. He is proud to have crafted something that is both visually striking and deeply meaningful, and it is with great satisfaction that he presents these works to the world.

Guido Nosari’s Vision for Using Art to Address Homelessness

Guido Nosari’s current aspiration is to embark on a project that would involve the conception and creation of a unique collection of clothes, specifically tailored to cater to the needs of those who are forced to endure the harsh conditions of homelessness during the winter months. These garments, designed to provide warmth and comfort, would be made available exclusively to individuals in this circumstance, and would not be accessible to those with the financial means to purchase them. The dissemination of these garments, in the form of artistic installations placed in key locations frequented by the homeless, would serve as a means to disrupt societal norms and challenge the status quo through the subversion of traditional notions of art and its function. He is driven to undertake this project not out of altruistic motives, but rather as an experiment in the potential of art to effect meaningful change.

Art holds a certain allure and intrinsic value that Guido Nosari finds himself unable to relinquish. Despite its potential negative effects on his demeanor and interactions, he finds himself unable to disengage from its pursuit.

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