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“My path into art was a seamless transition, from a creatively inclined childhood to adulthood… I was fully prepared to make my unique contributions to the art world.”

The Genesis of Gerhard Petzl: From Chocolatier to Visionary Artist

In the fascinating journey of Gerhard Petzl, the transition from a seasoned Master Chocolatier and Pastry Chef to an adept artist is both seamless and intriguing. With over two decades spent honing his craft in eminent establishments worldwide, Petzl’s initial foray into the arts saw him specializing in sculpting sublime chocolate creations. From solid blocks of chocolate, he crafted exquisite showpieces and customized orders, each a testament to his proficiency. Remarkably, the first hundred artworks curated by him were, intriguingly, edible in nature.

Having tasted success in confectionery, Gerhard yearned for an immersion into deeper artistic waters. In pursuit of expanding his repertoire, he took a sabbatical from his culinary pursuits to delve into “Art & Design-section sculpting”. The artist attended Masterclasses, culminating in 2005 with a diploma that attested to his newfound skills. Subsequently, Petzl ventured into diverse mediums, creating sculptures in bronze, stone, wood, and mixed media. He further explored the nuances of digital art and Macro-photography through his “Mirrored world Editions”.

Innovating Artistry: Gerhard Petzl’s Confluence of Chocolate and Creation

Gerhard Petzl’s background as a Master Chocolatier became the cornerstone for his trailblazing work in the artistic sphere. The artist ingeniously established “chocolate crystals” as a distinctive art medium. This innovative technique found expression in an array of lifestyle products, furniture, and captivating gallery wall artworks, particularly evident in his celebrated “planet series”.

The decision to embrace his artistic identity was not marked by a singular epiphany for Petzl. Instead, post his art education, he realized his readiness to contribute uniquely to the world of art. His creations resonate with a style deeply anchored in science and nature. This spectrum spans from naturalistic macro-photography to abstract pieces. The artist draws inspiration from an eclectic mix, from bark textures and insect life to the rich tapestries of ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and Aztecs.

The Creative Oasis: Gerhard Petzl’s Sanctum of Inspiration

Within the confines of his workspace, Gerhard Petzl seeks either the tranquility of silence or the harmonious resonance of carefully selected music to immerse himself in the perfect “flow” of creativity. Distractions, while inevitable in any artist’s process, are deftly managed by Petzl. He navigates these interruptions by acknowledging their presence and swiftly redirecting his focus towards the meticulously planned tasks at hand, ensuring that deadlines are met with unwavering precision.

Though intent on carving a niche with his unique artistic style, Petzl reveres certain artists who have left an indelible mark on the tapestry of art. Picasso, esteemed for his boundless creativity, Tony Cragg, known for his abstract sculptures, and Erwin Wurm, celebrated for introducing humor into art, are figures he holds in high regard. Their works resonate with Petzl, aligning with his ambition to make art accessible to a wide audience.

Signature Creations and Future Aspirations: The Artistic Ambitions of Gerhard Petzl

One artwork that holds a special place in the heart of the artist is the Royal Feast Baroque table-project in Hong Kong. This monumental creation, assembled from a staggering 2,500 individual pieces within a mere week, stands as a testament to a pivotal moment in history. It symbolizes the period before Hong Kong’s reversion to Chinese territory, capturing an era of political transformation.

Petzl’s artistic journey, which commenced with the versatile medium of chocolate, has seen him traverse a plethora of materials including digital art, stone, metal, wood, and discarded objects. The artist harbors ambitious dreams, notably crafting a world-record-sized chocolate artwork and conceptualizing a monumental bronze sculpture, weighing over 20 tons, destined for a public space. These aspirations underscore Petzl’s unwavering commitment to evolving and expanding his artistic boundaries.

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