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“Art to me, in any form, is magic, a medicine, some miraculous antidote to the poisoning that comes from experiencing trauma, betrayal and annihilation; art is what helps me sowing back together fragments of my soul.”

Roots and Inspirations: A Glimpse into Rossi’s Early Life

From the scenic landscapes of Northern Italy, Elisa Rossi‘s journey as an artist began. Rossi’s connection to music was evident early on, commencing her lessons in classical piano at a tender age of four. This immersion in classical and instrumental rhythms profoundly impacted her artistic ventures. Concurrently, her dedication to image creation was unmistakable; she often sketched, maintaining a consistent drawing practice throughout her years. The influence of the local artist, Edi Brancolini, cannot be understated. Rossi’s frequent visits to Brancolini’s atelier with her father exposed her to visionary and symbolic art forms, planting the seed of aspiration to embrace the life of a painter.

Yet, despite this innate pull towards the arts, Rossi treaded a different path academically. Opting for a degree in International Relations, she prioritized financial stability. While this choice might have seemed tangential, it inadvertently enriched the artist’s oeuvre. Elisa’s academic pursuits led her across European borders, saturating her palate with diverse European artistic expressions and augmenting her aesthetic sensibilities.

Elisa Rossi: From Digital Beginnings to Galleries

Amidst the bustling life of Los Angeles, Elisa Rossi faced an epiphany. Recognizing that a life bereft of art was untenable, she began broadcasting her creations on the digital platform, Instagram, in 2018. The wave of appreciation from a discerning audience on this platform heralded a significant milestone in Rossi’s career. An invitation from ATO gallery soon followed, catapulting her to participate in the SuperFine Art Fair in Los Angeles the subsequent year. Rossi’s talent found further recognition with multiple showcases at Wonzimer Gallery. It was here that the artist felt a profound connection, a sense of finding a ‘home’ within herself, rejuvenating her passion for life.

Elisa’s creations are a mesmerizing blend of the poetic, the dreamlike, and an abstract representation of the figurative. Among the myriad themes she explores, two stand out prominently. The first is the “Alchemical Transmutation of Emotions Through Art.” For Rossi, her artwork is a therapeutic channel, mending the remnants of childhood and adolescent trauma. It functions as a potent conduit for her, facilitating emotional renewal and metamorphosis. The second theme, “Psychological Portraiture,” resonates with her deep-seated interest in capturing the myriad nuances of a face. Rossi endeavors to depict more than just facial features; she delves into portraying the emotional and historical depth of her subjects, revealing aspects often obscured from the casual observer.

Elisa Rossi: Her Creative Universe, Influences and Environment

Rossi’s artwork often transcends the conventional, venturing into spaces where gravity holds no sway. Her figures, in their ethereal grace, echo the belief that every entity is boundless, spanning multiple dimensions concurrently. This intersection of movement, space, and time captures the essence of Rossi’s vision. The artist’s spiritual leanings further seep into her work, as evidenced by her exploration of ‘watchers.’ These hybrid entities, embodying human traits yet rooted in ancient lore, traverse expansive territories beyond our planet, making their presence felt on Earth as and when required.

Within Elisa’s creative sanctum, certain essentials punctuate her workspace. Quality headphones and a reliable wifi connection top the list, accompanied by hydrating sips of water and sweet indulgences. The artist’s relationship with distractions is intricate; while they can pose challenges, serendipitous events, like stumbling upon a musician on Instagram, can beautifully dovetail with her ongoing creations. Music, a significant pillar of her life, finds its rhythm in compositions by maestros like Ezio Bosso, The Cinematic Orchestra, and Ludovico Einaudi, among others. In the realm of visual art, Rossi’s admiration extends to luminaries such as Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and the multifaceted Athon Veggi. Platforms like Instagram have further enriched her perspective, introducing her to talented artists like Itaru Shimamura and the photographer Eliot Lee Hazel.

Materials, Music, and Future Endeavors: The Essence of Rossi’s Craft

For Elisa, certain masterpieces resonate deeply, aiding in her journey of self-discovery and artistic evolution. One such creation is Ezio Bosso’s ‘Rain, in your black eyes’ and its visual counterpart, ‘Ama’, a film by Julie Gautier. This musical and visual synergy has been instrumental in helping Rossi rediscover and embrace facets of her identity. In terms of mediums, she showcases versatility. From soft pastels and pencils to the vivid strokes of acrylic on paper or cardboard, her choices reflect an appreciation for raw textures. Oil paints on canvas also find a cherished spot in her repertoire.

Elisa Rossi’s aspirations don’t stop at her current accomplishments. She dreams of curating an exhibition that transcends traditional boundaries, an immersive space that intertwines sound, film, and art. This envisioned space aims to transport viewers, offering them a transformative journey through the intertwining threads of Rossi’s creativity.

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