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“I am a space tumbler… ultimately the dance of creation starts when the head is left behind and the heart free to take over… I paint a bridge between now and me. We are moots of dust with a core of light tumbling through space. Painting is my desperate prayer, my holy weaving uniting now and me”

From Publicist to Spiritual Explorer

Gam Klutier is a Dutch artist characterized by a unique blend of strength and elusiveness. In his paintings, he conjures up an imaginary world without boundaries, while his sculptures are compact yet light. Klutier’s hand has learned a freedom that allows a spontaneous world to appear almost continuously before his eyes, surprising even himself.

Klutier’s journey as an artist began in New York, where he worked as a promising publicist. However, the pressures of the profession took a toll on him, and he longed for a more spiritual existence. It was during this time that he met sculptor Lika Mutal in Amsterdam, and the two became inseparable companions. Four months later, Klutier made the decision to leave New York and traveled to Peru for the first time. This significant change in his life allowed him to live more within himself, more connected to himself as an artist and in a spiritual way.

Discovering Beauty in Fragments: The Evolution of Gam Klutier’s Sculptures

Upon his arrival in Lima, Klutier discovered a different type of city, unlike anything he had experienced before. He began to collect fragments of objects, detritus, pieces of wood, shells, and feathers washed up by the tide, creating small fragile sculptures that were imaginative, moving, and even joyful. Klutier’s work radiated a unique freshness and beauty, combining pieces of refuse that turned them into little beings, abstract yet endowed with spirit. Despite coming from a totally different social reality, Klutier was still able to dazzle with the modesty, fragility, and composition of his pieces.

Over time, Klutier’s sculptures grew in scale, turning from small organic compositions into more complex forms. The Riders series is a testament to the strength that nestled in the fragility of his former work, with powerful geometrical forms in welded metal suspended in the air by pulleys and cables. They play with weight and weightlessness, instruments and their uselessness, achieving balance in which it seems that things weigh nothing. Klutier’s work has been exhibited in galleries around the world, earning him recognition and awards. He continues to create paintings and sculptures that are both powerful and elusive, drawing on a deep well of learning and intuition.

Gam Klutier creates with the purpose of encapsulating the essence of life, giving it meaning and purpose, and imbuing it with significance. Through his artistic endeavors, he seeks to play with the raw materials of existence, rearrange them in novel and captivating ways, and discover new facets of the world that have yet to be fully appreciated.

Honoring Human Creativity: The Dynamic Artwork of Gam Klutier

Gam creates art to honor the inherent human ability to create, paying homage to the boundless creative potential that lies within us all. By participating in the act of creation, he is able to engage with the world in a more profound way, explore its mysteries and wonders, and grow as an individual.

Gam Klutier’s artwork represents the boundless potential of human creativity and celebrates the profound joy and fulfillment that comes with expressing oneself through art. His collection of acrylic paintings on canvas is a testament to the versatility and fluidity of the medium, enabling him to effortlessly translate his artistic vision into dynamic and vivid masterpieces that explore an expansive range of techniques and textures. Through his art, Klutier has created a diverse and captivating collection of artworks that showcase his unique style and express his emotions and perceptions in a way that is both visually striking and emotionally resonant.

The Impact of Gam Klutier’s Dome Paintings

However, Klutier’s artistic endeavors go beyond mere aesthetics. In 2007, he introduced his dome, a 360-degree canvas painting of beings, shapes, and images, which he designed and built near his studio in Playa Pulpos, 40km south of Lima, Peru. Every two years, he takes another 36-meter canvas and begins the arduous process of painting a new mural. His ambitious vision is to replicate this dome in different parts of the world, each featuring a unique mural. In 2014, he built a second dome in Urubamba Cusco, home of the Fundación Niños del Arco Iris, and he aims to build five more cupolas in the future.

Klutier’s dome paintings transcend the realm of art and serve a higher purpose. They have a transformative effect on viewers, creating a real-time link between them and a deeper aspect of themselves. Visitors to the dome are met with a series of questions that seem to come from the paintings themselves, and the answers arise from within the viewers. The infinite effects of Klutier’s murals on infinite people are akin to a variety of imminent mirrors to look into, each reflecting a unique aspect of the human experience. With two domes already in existence, one cannot help but wonder where the next ones will be and what profound effect they will have on those who experience them.

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