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“Creating art that communicates emotions has transformed my life, allowing me to see the world in a new, deeper way, and become more present, aware, and fulfilled.”

Embracing the Digital Revolution while Honoring Traditional Techniques

Erick Arango is a 3D artist whose area of expertise is in the field of architectural visualization. Originally from Havana, Cuba, Arango received his fine arts education at the San Alejandro Academy. After completing his studies, he worked as an art teacher, while simultaneously pursuing his artistic vision.

In 2003, Arango relocated to Sweden, where he developed his passion for digital media. He attended Nackademin in Stockholm, where he studied digital graphics, and gained valuable experience working in the film and TV industry. Eventually, Arango discovered his calling in architectural visualization and has been pursuing this particular avenue ever since.

Arango distinguishes between his professional visualization work and his independent artistic pursuits, thereby granting him the freedom to explore his creativity without compromising the purity of his art. This separation enables him to immerse himself fully in his personal artistic endeavors without the constraints of commercial concerns.

Overall, Arango’s work exemplifies his skill, creativity, and dedication to the field of 3D art, specifically within the realm of architectural visualization. His Cuban roots and Swedish influence have undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping his unique artistic vision and approach.

Capturing Life’s Intricacies through 3D Art

Throughout his career, Erick Arango has primarily engaged with conventional artistic techniques, including the masterful manipulation of oil paints, installations that provoke emotional responses, and the intricacies of drawing. However, in recent years, he has shifted his focus towards digital media while remaining true to his love of traditional methods. Currently, Arango utilizes software applications that impeccably emulate the results of classical media, such as oil painting and drawing, to create his art.

The richness and intricacy of everyday occurrences serve as Arango’s muse, providing boundless inspiration. As an artist, he is captivated by the potency of capturing a solitary moment in time and the significance of the events that encompass us, even when we remain oblivious to them. Often, people’s focus is on their plans, and they strive to maintain the illusion of control, as the notion of not having control can be unsettling. Through his art, Arango explores these themes, delving into the complexities of life as they unravel.

Contrast as a Tool for Expressing Emotions

Erick has experienced a profound transformation through his visual art, which aims to communicate emotions. The creative process has allowed him to develop a new perspective on the world, fostering a state of consciousness that promotes presence, awareness, and contentment. This heightened state of being has expanded the meaning in his life and strengthened his connection with his environment and loved ones.

Throughout his artistic career, Arango has been fascinated by the power of contrasts. He is particularly drawn to the interplay between opposing forces, such as the old and new, light and dark, and realism and abstraction. Over time, his focus has evolved to emphasize these contrasts in his work. He experiments with visual hierarchies to harness the potency of contrast as a tool for expressing emotions. As a result, his creations exhibit a dynamic fusion of photorealistic elements and abstract or freeform techniques.

Bringing Personal Moments to Life through Art and Virtual Reality

The artist is particularly proud of his latest series of work, which portrays his children (and even his dog). He draws inspiration from his phone’s gallery of photos and videos, uncovering moments and details that may have gone unnoticed at the time. By using these images as references, he is able to revisit and reconnect with those cherished moments.

Erick’s dream project is to create a virtual reality experience that provides viewers with a glimpse into the mind of an artist. This immersive experience would allow viewers to explore and experience the creative process and inspiration that drives artists to produce incredible works of art. His ultimate goal is to provide a unique and transformative experience that encourages viewers to tap into their own creativity and feel inspired and empowered to create.

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