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“A ink painting is not finished until I see harmony in it, of full and empty, of dense and sparse, of pressed and light, of light and shadow.”

Journey to Self-Discovery Through Art

EDO, a self-taught artist, embarked on a transformative journey that profoundly shaped her artistic expression. Born and raised amidst the serene landscapes of northern Italy, she spent her childhood and adolescence exploring nature’s intimate and solitary spaces. This early connection with the natural world significantly influenced her artistic sensibilities. Initially drawn to the arts, EDO found herself immersed in the realms of reading and painting, mediums that allowed her to translate the tranquility of her surroundings onto canvas and paper.

However, life’s course led EDO away from her artistic roots. After completing her studies, she moved to the city, dedicating herself entirely to her work. This phase marked a departure from her creative pursuits, leading her to a conventional, urban lifestyle. The bustling city life, however, soon became overwhelming, igniting in her a desire for change. Seeking solace and a deeper understanding of herself, EDO left the city. She embraced a more flexible job that afforded her the luxury of time, a crucial element in reigniting her passion for art.

Philosophy and Meditation in Brushstrokes

The artist’s return to painting was not just a revival of a past hobby but a profound exploration of self and philosophy. EDO’s quest led her to delve into the rich world of psychology, alchemy, and eastern philosophies. Texts such as the I Ching, the Zhuang-zi, and the Tao Te Ching resonated with her, influencing her artistic narrative. Simultaneously, she began practicing zazen and watsu, forms of meditation that helped her connect deeply with her inner self. This immersion in spiritual and philosophical studies profoundly impacted her art, infusing it with a meditative quality.

For EDO, painting became a form of deep meditation, a state that involved her entire being. She describes her process as one where an ink painting is not complete until it achieves a harmonious balance—of full and empty, dense and sparse, pressed and light, light and shadow. This balance is not just a visual aesthetic but a reflection of the artist’s inner equilibrium. EDO’s work thus becomes a canvas where personal introspection and philosophical musings converge, creating art that is both a visual delight and a medium for contemplative thought.

EDO: The Essence of Portraiture

EDO’s artistic evolution is particularly evident in her approach to portraiture. Often, her ink paintings are portraits of people, not just capturing their physical likeness but delving into their essence and energy. She has a unique ability to portray her subjects’ most intimate parts, revealing aspects that go beyond mere appearance. These portraits are more than just representations; they are narratives, telling stories about the individuals they depict and simultaneously about the artist herself.

In this context, EDO’s art transcends traditional portraiture. Her paintings evolve with her, reflecting her life journey and personal growth. Each stroke is not just a mark on paper but a testament to her evolving self-understanding and perception of the world around her. Her work, therefore, is not static but a dynamic, ongoing conversation between the artist and her medium, between the subject and their essence.

EDO: Art as an Echo of Life

In discussing her art, EDO refers to a quote by Zhuang-zi that deeply resonates with her: “Having no fixed point within himself, things reveal themselves to him as they take shape; in stillness, it is like the mirror; in the response, like the echo.” These words eloquently capture the essence of her approach to art. EDO paints in a personal and intimate space, embracing silence and stillness, without set times or rigid frameworks. Her creative process is a reflection of life itself, fluid and responsive.

This philosophy is further echoed in her admiration for Pablo Picasso’s words, “When I haven’t any blue, I use red.” This quote epitomizes EDO’s adaptive and intuitive approach, emblematic of her creativity and resilience. Faced with constraints or challenges, she finds alternative paths, mirroring life’s unpredictability. EDO’s art, thus, becomes more than a visual experience; it’s a journey through the diverse landscapes of human emotion and thought, a mirror reflecting the artist’s profound engagement with the world around her.

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