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“I believe that there is no ideal work environment, and at the same time any environment is ideal for painting.”

Blanco’s Cultural Exposure and Inspiration

Carlos Blanco Artero, often referred to as Blanco, is an artist who primarily focuses on painting, but also dabbles in sculpture. With over two decades of experience in painting, Blanco has had the opportunity to reside in various cities worldwide, including New York, Madrid, Zaragoza, Perth, Chateaubriant, London, Berlin, and Paris. This diverse cultural exposure has enabled him to gather a wealth of inspiration that he incorporates into his art.

The Importance of Inspiration in Blanco’s Art

According to Blanco, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to finding the ideal work environment. He believes that any location, regardless of its lighting or size, can produce a masterpiece. For him, the most critical aspect of the creative process is finding inspiration from the people and places around him.

Blanco’s Artistic Evolution and Beliefs

Blanco views his body of work as a significant diary, where he shares his personal journey through various artistic expressions. He believes that art and life are interdependent elements, and one cannot exist without the other. His unique approach to painting and sculpture has earned him a reputation as a highly skilled and respected artist.

Blanco has undergone significant changes in his artistic style over time, yet he continues to create works that remain true to their core essence. His more figurative pieces are a testament to his unwavering belief that painting is a craft that is best learned through constant creation, allowing the artist to gain both confidence and technical proficiency over the years.

Blanco’s Favorite Artwork and Future Projects

When asked about his favorite artwork, Carlos drew a comparison to a parent being asked to choose their favorite child, indicating the difficulty of the question. Despite this, he expressed a special fondness for his most vulnerable pieces, as if wanting to protect them, in accordance with the sentiments expressed by the renowned Spanish author, Cela. However, if pressed to select a few works, he would opt for “Luxación Cómoda,” his first original oil painting from 2003, and “Afterhours,” a piece that brought him a great deal of enjoyment during its production.

Looking to the future, Carlos Blanco Artero has expressed his desire to embark on a challenging new project. He intends to create a life-sized reproduction of Picasso’s Guernica, measuring 8 meters wide and 4 meters tall. The sheer scale of the task appeals to him greatly, and he is determined to undertake it in the near future.

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