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“I like to make surreal photos with symbols recognizable. I like science, the movies, literature, history, art generative, technology, etc., the human sciences. Capturing my thoughts and dreams in photos.”

CAMI: A Journey into Artistic Genesis

Carmen Ramon, known artistically as CAMI, is a name that resonates within the spheres of artistic and conceptual photography. With her roots in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, Carmen’s journey as an artist photographer is both deep and multifaceted. A graduate in Art History from the University of Autonomy Barcelona, she has crafted an artistic persona that is a blend of surreal and conceptual, grounded in her extensive academic background. This unique blend is not just a stylistic choice but a reflection of her broad interests, encompassing everything from science and cinema to literature and human sciences.

The artist’s creative process is deeply influenced by her diverse interests. Whether it’s the intriguing complexities of science or the emotional depth of cinema, each element contributes to her unique photographic language. Her work, characterized by a fusion of futuristic and cyberpunk aesthetics, goes beyond mere visual appeal. It’s a canvas where she weaves her thoughts and dreams, transforming them into visual narratives that speak to the observer. Through her lens, universally recognized symbols are not just captured but are reimagined, creating a surreal experience that transcends the ordinary. Achieving International Awards, Honorable Mentions in 2021 PX3 Paris, 2021 IPA Awards New York, 2022 MIFA Awards Moscow, 2023 ColorAwards Los Angeles, and more, CAMI’s art continues to gain acclaim and recognition on the international stage.

The Inspirational Path to Artistry

For CAMI, art has been a lifelong companion. Growing up in a family of musicians, she was surrounded by creativity, with music playing a fundamental role in her life. Her artistic journey began with a simple act of curiosity – using her father’s camera as a teenager. This early exposure to photography ignited a passion that would later define her career. Transitioning from a semi-professional camera to more serious endeavors, she began to showcase her work in exhibitions and compete in international competitions, marking her ascendance in the world of artistic photography.

What makes CAMI’s work stand out is her refusal to be boxed into a single style. She embraces the fluidity of art, allowing herself to explore various aesthetics, formats, and themes. This versatility is not just a testament to her artistic freedom but also a strategic choice, enabling her to constantly reinvent her art. Her workspace is a reflection of her focused approach – a simple setup with a laptop and image editing programs, devoid of distractions like music. This minimalist environment is where her creative magic happens, a space where she can fully immerse herself in the art of photography.

CAMI: Influences and Inspirations

CAMI’s artistic influences are as varied as her photography itself. Drawing inspiration from multiple sources, she finds a unique synergy between different artistic styles and genres. The timeless elegance of black and white street photography, the vivid storytelling of color conceptual work, and the mind-bending surrealism of artists like Dalí all find a place in her creative palette. Historical figures in photography like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brassai, and Robert Capa have also left a significant imprint on her work, guiding her in framing the world through her lens. This eclectic mix of influences is not just about admiration; it’s a conscious assimilation that shapes her photographic expression.

Music, particularly the evolutionary work of The Beatles, holds a special place in CAMI’s heart. Their constant search and exploration of new concepts mirror her artistic ethos. The significance she places on creating new, never-before-seen concepts is akin to a musical composition, where each photograph is a note contributing to a larger symphony. This philosophy of constant innovation and exploration makes her work not just visually stunning but intellectually stimulating as well. Each piece she creates is a journey into uncharted artistic territories, driven by a relentless pursuit of originality and creativity.

The Artistic Medium: Choice and Exploration

The decision to embrace photography as her primary medium was not an arbitrary one for CAMI. Though she experimented with painting, it was photography that resonated with her desire for immediate expression. This preference for photography is a reflection of her inclination towards capturing the ephemeral moments of life and translating them into everlasting art. The medium allows her to encapsulate her thoughts and dreams instantaneously, creating a direct conduit between her artistic vision and its realization.

CAMI’s aspirations don’t just end with photography; she dreams of pushing the boundaries of the medium itself. Experimenting with fusions of photography and other media, she has already started exploring this terrain, as evidenced by the work displayed on her website. These experimental ventures are not just artistic pursuits but are emblematic of her constant quest to redefine the possibilities of her craft. In her hands, photography becomes a versatile tool, capable of bridging different artistic expressions and creating something truly groundbreaking. This forward-thinking approach is what sets CAMI apart, marking her as not just an artist of the present but a visionary shaping the future of photographic art.

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