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“My artistic style is based around typography, layout, form and feeling.”

The Journey of Design: Brad Mead’s Path to Creativity

Brad Mead, a talented designer hailing from Norwich, UK, is fortunate to be immersed daily in a dynamic milieu of creativity and inspiration. His unique perspective allows him to seize ephemeral ideas and observations, often overlooked, transforming these transient notions into intricate designs. These are then shared with those who harbor a similar appreciation for the beauty in the fleeting.

Mead’s initial encounter with design transpired during his formative years in college. Much of this fascination was instigated by a significant mentor, Jonny Leigh, a former design teacher who has since transitioned into the realm of illustration. His academic journey later led him to the Norwich University of the Arts, where he pursued a degree in graphic design.

Through his studies, Mead came to a profound realization – the field of design is not merely confined to logos and magazines. It expands into a rich tapestry of forms, including emotive prints and thoughtfully arranged layouts. His design philosophy thus reflects a dedication to expressing emotion, intention, and the artistry found in the overlooked aspects of life.

The ‘Daily Poster Challenge’: Fueling Brad Mead’s Artistic Development

Following his graduation, Brad Mead encountered a prolonged period of career uncertainty. This coincided with the onset of global lockdowns, an era which, despite its challenges, offered an unexpected abundance of time. Motivated by this unusual circumstance, Mead embarked upon an ambitious creative endeavor — the ‘Daily Poster Challenge.’ This pursuit, originally inspired by Roy Cranston, required the commitment to create a novel poster each day for an entire year. Although he halted his participation on the 220th day due to an increase in professional engagements, the challenge served as an integral catalyst in his artistic development.

Brad sought to refine his skills, broaden his knowledge, and cultivate his talents as a designer through the challenge. This quest for self-improvement and mastery unexpectedly led to an influx of freelancing opportunities. In time, Mead transitioned into a more stable role within a reputable design studio, Ark, working alongside noteworthy clientele. Concurrently, his influence within the artistic community amplified, leading to a substantially larger following than he ever imagined accompanying him on this professional journey.

Mead’s unique artistic style, underscored by typography, layout, form, and emotion, encourages introspection. It prompts viewers to question and consider overlooked aspects of life, ordinary occurrences that go unnoticed, or fleeting emotions that leave behind a minimal imprint. Yet, Mead also indulges in design for the sheer joy of the process. He creates pieces that are visually pleasing, fun to craft, or enable him to delve into a new stylistic approach or technique. This flexibility and experimental edge further solidify his place as a dynamic figure in contemporary design.

A Fusion of Digital and Tangible: Brad Mead’s Artistic Preference

Brad Mead’s artistic preference, entrenched in his formative years, gravitates towards easily adaptable and experimental mediums. Digital art, devoid of restrictions, has been his primary playground, with occasional forays into the realm of 3D and animation. Despite his predilection for the digital, Mead harbors an aspiration to incorporate more tangible elements into his creations – paints, pens, photocopiers, and a myriad of unconventional art tools beckon his interest.

Mead’s essential toolkit revolves around modern technology: a computer and Adobe Suite, which includes Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. While he acknowledges the appeal of physical designs, he also concedes that this is an entirely different domain. The artist believes he is yet to uncover the depths of his current artistic techniques before branching out into more tactile methods.

One of the keystones in his collection is a piece entitled ‘FEARLESS’ – Poster 358. This work acts as a personal reminder to Mead, inspiring him to create without the subconscious constraints of an audience’s scrutiny. Recalling his early days in design, he seeks to replicate the unbounded creativity of that era: just the artist, a canvas pregnant with potential, and a mind brimming with disparate ideas.

Inspiring Creativity Amidst Commotion: Brad Mead’s Artistic Journey

Brad Mead’s capacity for maintaining focus in the midst of surrounding commotion is commendable, though occasionally to the chagrin of his significant other, who is a fellow designer and illustrator by the name of Cially Antonio.

Mead’s principal inspirations stem from the creative minds who initially ignited his passion for design. He credits Saul Bass, Olly Moss, Chris Ashworth, and Roy Cranston among other noteworthy designers of ingenious, typographic, or Swiss-influenced style, as pivotal influencers on his artistic journey. In recent times, however, the artist is finding his daily encounters to be of immense inspirational value, constantly keeping a record of any object, event, or idea that sparks his creativity.

In the near and distant future, Mead envisions a multitude of ambitious plans. Chief among these is his aspiration to transition into selling his creations as personally signed prints, a significant venture that he hopes is imminent. While the realization of this dream may not be immediate, Mead promises to keep his audience updated on any developments.

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