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“There is no separation between art and life.”

Exploring the Intersection of Traditional Painting and Modern Engineering

Bernd Kommnick is a visual artist based in the charming town of Neubrandenburg, Germany. He has dedicated himself to mastering the classical medium of painting, which serves as the cornerstone of his artistic expression. Despite his love for traditional art forms, his artistic journey has been far from ordinary.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge, he has explored various fields, including engineering. Bernd’s artistic training and technical expertise have resulted in a unique artistic style that fuses traditional techniques with modern engineering methodologies. This blend has enriched his creative process, opening up a new realm of artistic possibilities.

Bernd’s artistic pursuits extend beyond traditional painting. He embraces a variety of media, including drawing, collage, assemblage, relief, sculpture, and installation, pushing the boundaries of his creativity and experimenting with different artistic expressions.

His artistic journey has been one of self-discovery and creative evolution, and he is excited to share his vision with the world. He looks forward to exploring new artistic horizons and seeing where his passion and creativity take him next.

An Optimal Workspace for Artistic Creation

Bernd Kommnick prefers a working environment that offers an abundance of natural light and ample distance from his work. As an artist, he recognizes the importance of a well-lit workspace that allows him to discern the intricacies and subtleties of his materials with greater clarity and precision.

Furthermore, he values having sufficient space between himself and his art, as this enables him to approach his work with a sense of fluidity and freedom of movement. With this distance, he can avoid being impeded by distractions and clutter, allowing him to maintain a clear and focused perspective throughout the creative process.

Ultimately, Bernd Kommnick’s preferred working environment is one that provides a comfortable and conducive atmosphere, allowing him to fully express his creativity and bring his artistic vision to life. By having the optimal workspace, he can produce works that captivate the senses and stir the soul.

The Evolution of Bernd Kommnick’s Artistic Style and Philosophy

Bernd Kommnick has come to appreciate that inspiration can come from unexpected sources. He finds it in a diverse array of stimuli, from the melodies of music to the brushstrokes of a painting, and even in the rhythms of everyday life. He’s fascinated by the ways in which the world around him can ignite his imagination and breathe new life into his work.

Bernd particularly treasures the conversations he has with other artists, particularly his partner, who shares his passion for creativity. They engage in a mutually enriching exchange of ideas, exploring new themes and inquiries and driving each other towards new heights of artistic expression.

Over the years, Bernd’s artistic style has undergone a significant transformation. He has moved away from a more representational approach towards a more abstract one, characterized by minimalism and reduction. He relishes the challenge of working in a series-based approach, in which he meticulously examines and alters various themes.

For Bernd, art is more than just a means of self-expression. It’s a language, a way of communicating with the world around him. He views it as a constantly evolving process of growth and development, a journey of discovery and exploration that never truly ends.

Pushing the Boundaries of Traditional Art Forms

Bernd Kommnick’s body of work serves as a testament to his personal evolution, reflective of an ongoing journey that has yet to reach its ultimate destination. The dichotomy between art and life is nonexistent for him.

Currently, Bernd Kommnick is engaged in the development of a multimedia interactive artwork that could be aptly described as the realization of a long-held aspiration of his. This project represents a culmination of his artistic aspirations and is a true labor of love. It is a highly ambitious endeavor that aims to break the boundaries of traditional art forms and create a completely immersive experience for the audience.

Through this project, Bernd Kommnick hopes to not only push the boundaries of art but also challenge the very notion of what constitutes art. For him, art is not just about aesthetics or technical skill, but rather about capturing the essence of life itself. And in doing so, he aims to inspire others to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and creative expression.

Bernd Kommnick’s artistic practice is characterized by reduction and is often classified as belonging to Minimal Art or Concrete Art. However, he prefers to maintain an open concept that allows him to respond to social and technological changes. Kommnick sees art as a means of communication that thrives on change and expansion.

Kommnick employs various techniques in his work, including object and installation art, often combined with self-generated sounds to reinforce his artistic statement. He frequently explores themes such as surface, plane, line, and others, utilizing traditional techniques such as drawing, assemblage, relief, collage, painting, and sculpture.

In his works, Kommnick often limits himself to the colors black and white, which he expertly modulates to the perceptual limit in further series.

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