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“I have decided to portray contrary feelings.”

Ángel Hernández: Shaping His Creative Ideas

Ángel Hernández, a contemporary artist and illustrator hailing from Venezuela, was born in 1994. Exhibiting an early passion for the arts, Hernández was drawn to express his creativity through various mediums from a tender age. He reveled in sketching and painting on diverse surfaces, including human faces, and took delight in designing costumes. By the age of 15, his artistic fervor led him to delve into painting on canvas, marking the commencement of his journey towards honing his creative ideas.

Throughout his formative years, Hernández concentrated on creating pencil portraits and illustrations, composing oil landscapes, and penning poetry, simultaneously immersing himself in the principles of Academic and Classical Art. This eclectic artistic exploration was instrumental in defining his multifaceted approach to art.

His subsequent university studies in Architecture furnished Hernández with a more comprehensive and critical outlook on art. The architectural training facilitated the generation, analysis, and evolution of his ideas, influencing his interdisciplinary approach to visual art. Consequently, he developed an innovative blend of techniques that delve into contemporary themes, with a particular focus on spatial elements and the female figure.

In the course of his academic journey, Hernández unearthed the intriguing symbiosis between art and architecture. This revelation inspired him to infuse his creations with abstract elements, thereby exploring the dialogues and tensions between the figurative-traditional and abstract-contemporary domains of art. The amalgamation of these experiences profoundly influenced Hernández’s artistic identity and set the trajectory for his ongoing artistic journey.

Embracing Abstract Concepts and the Female Figure

Ángel Hernández’s artistic approach embraces a tapestry of intertwined processes, informed by his multifaceted education and experiences, which span across the domains of Architecture and Visual Art. In his capacity as a contemporary art innovator, Hernández derives his artistic impetus from abstract concepts such as space, time, and the human condition, paying considerable attention to the portrayal of the female figure. His adolescence was marked by an intense exploration of the lives of renowned painters, coupled with the refinement of his skills in pencil, oil, acrylic, and watercolor mediums.

Initially intrigued by the realm of fashion design, Hernández ultimately charted a course towards architecture at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. This educational trajectory catalyzed his discovery of novel life perspectives and instigated contemplation on themes of solitude and resilience, which are palpable throughout his artistic portfolio.

Hernández’s creative methodology frequently begins with conceptual sketches in a sketchbook, followed by deliberation over potential color palettes and overall composition. The journey from initial sketch to final artwork is inherently variable, ranging from days to months, contingent on the foundational concept and the evolution of inspiration. Throughout this process, Hernández places paramount importance on the identification of elements that effectively convey the narrative of the piece. Interestingly, perceived ‘errors’ in the artwork’s preliminary layers may be ‘corrected’ with elements that were not initially envisioned, lending an air of unpredictability to the materials employed and facilitating the realization of the artwork’s ultimate character.

An exemplar of Hernández’s work is his recent illustration, ‘The Factory.’ This piece serves as a personal synthesis of fashion illustration, architecture, and a visual narrative that positions the woman not merely as a muse, but as a creator. The female figure presented is not only in command of her creative universe, but her identity is intrinsically woven into it, representing herself not simply through attire, but as an internal factory of ideas. The illustration hosts a plethora of figurative elements, imparting an immediate understanding of the image, yet it also houses abstract forms that provoke contemplation on the structure and permanence of thoughts and ideas. The diminutive figures represent tangible intentions ascending a staircase, ultimately reaching the mind to catalyze action.

Ángel Hernández: Tracing the Organic Emergence of Artistic Expression

Ángel Hernández’s journey into the realm of art appears not to have been triggered by a single, definitive moment, but rather it seemed to emerge organically from his intrinsic need to express himself through visual mediums. Tracing back to his childhood, he recalls an irresistible urge to sketch and doodle, often adorning the photographs in Sunday magazines with imagined outfits. This creative energy yearned for an outlet, leading him on an exploration of various artistic disciplines.

In the early stages of his career, Hernández drew significant inspiration from the representation of the female figure in art, particularly as depicted by Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. This influence prompted him to center his own work on the female form beginning in 2010. His initial experiments with classical drawing and impressionistic painting techniques gradually evolved into a strict approach to fashion illustration, where he began to challenge traditional forms and discover new artistic possibilities, assisted by the fluidity of watercolors and inks.

During this period, Hernández primarily produced portraits, gradually immersing himself in the fashion industry. His fashion illustrations garnered attention, opening doors to collaborations with several brands. However, after years of this work, Hernández felt a pull towards a more personal artistic expression, one that was not constrained by the vision of another designer.

Driven by a desire to delve deeper into the communicative potential of his art, Hernández began to use his work as a medium to critique prevalent societal notions of beauty, grace, and happiness. His focus shifted towards deconstructing stereotypes of the female figure that persist in our collective imagination. In a hyper-digitally connected world, he sought to expose the less mainstream emotions that form an integral part of human nature.

In a society where femininity is often narrowly associated with sexual appeal and happiness, Ángel Hernández has taken a bold step in a different direction. He now portrays emotions that may be perceived as contrary, challenging the conventional narratives and offering a refreshingly nuanced perspective on the female form.

Crafting Imperfect Beauty through Traditional Techniques

Ángel Hernández is an artist who meticulously crafts handmade fashion illustrations, portraits, and narrative illustrations. He employs a variety of traditional materials and techniques, including paper, watercolor, pencil, ink, acrylic, gouache, crayon, threads, and collage. Utilizing these materials either independently or layered together allows Hernández to achieve an imperfect aesthetic, the irregularity of which fosters a dialogue between beauty and nostalgia. He cherishes his solitary creative process, often accompanied by natural light and soft melodies.

In guiding burgeoning artists, Hernández emphasizes the importance of individualism and courage over conforming to societal expectations. He advocates for authenticity, urging creators to produce art for themselves, rather than solely to appease others. For Hernández, art represents a powerful vehicle for self-expression, and should not be stifled by the anticipation of public reception.

Hernández’s journey into the art world was not without its challenges. As a child, societal stereotypes forced him to conceal his interest in fashion illustration, a discipline predominantly associated with women, and hide his artworks under his bed. He often encountered the misguided notion that crafts and art were unsuitable pursuits for boys. However, these experiences only strengthened his resolve and shaped his overarching dream – the freedom to openly display his art and express himself.

While this aspiration may not appear as a conventional project, for Hernández, it bears striking similarities. It has evolved through various phases to become a significant personal accomplishment. Along the way, a series of commissions, publications, and unexpected achievements have materialized, testifying to his years of artistic experimentation and, more importantly, his courage to present himself authentically. This artist’s journey serves as a testament to the power of resilience and unapologetic self-expression.

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