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“I create art first and foremost from a place of personal authenticity. While I deeply value and appreciate my fans, it’s important for me to stay true to my instincts. If others resonate with my work, it’s a bonus.”

Roots of Urban Inspiration

Allan Gorman, a city-born artist, grew up amidst the bustling streets of Brooklyn, NY during the 1950s. This vibrant urban setting, brimming with intriguing patterns, architectural marvels, and the omnipresent drama of city life, has profoundly shaped Gorman’s artistic journey. As the city’s sights and sounds enveloped him, the artist cultivated an astute knack for discerning the abstract concepts embedded within everyday urban patterns, honing this talent throughout his artistic career.

Gorman’s foray into the world of art commenced during his years in public school. When his 3rd-grade teacher recognized and labeled him as an artist, he wholeheartedly embraced the title. His teenage years saw him captivated by the allure of the advertising industry, viewing it as a captivating fusion of artistry and livelihood. For over four decades, Allan dedicated himself to advertising before he finally pivoted, immersing himself entirely in the world of fine art.

Allan Gorman: An Evolutionary Gaze and Workspace Alchemy

During his formative years, Allan would often find himself engrossed in the intricate patterns of ceiling plaster, seeking captivating shapes amidst its layers. This practice has evolved with time; now, armed with a camera, Gorman captures abstract nuances in urban landscapes. Though some categorize him as a photo-realist due to his penchant for painting from photographs, he perceives his craft with a different lens. In Gorman’s view, he constructs abstract compositions masquerading as realism, with abstract components becoming more prominent as he progresses in his artistic endeavor.

The artist’s studio, nestled in a rejuvenated warehouse tailored for creative souls, plays a pivotal role in his artistic expressions. The space, characterized by soaring ceilings, generous wall areas, optimal lighting, and a conducive working ambiance, fosters Gorman’s creativity. His studio resonates with melodies, typically cool jazz or contemporary pop tunes, establishing an atmosphere conducive for creation. Committed to his art, Gorman dedicates five days a week to his craft, working diligently from 10:30 am until the evening.

Historical Influences and Transformative Artistry

Throughout his artistic journey, Allan Gorman’s inspirations have spanned an array of distinguished artists. In his younger years, the vibrancy of NYC exposed him to the iconic ashcan artists such as Sloane, Hopper, Bellows, and Sheeler. Their distinctive styles and narratives resonated deeply with the budding artist. However, as Gorman matured and expanded his understanding of contemporary art during the 60s and 70s, his admiration veered towards the unparalleled prowess of American abstract expressionists like Clifford Still, Deibenkorn, and Rothko. The ability of these luminaries to sculpt distinct painting languages became an aspiration for Gorman.

A pivotal moment in Gorman’s artistic evolution was the conception of “SteamPunk”, a majestic painting in his collection. The genesis of this piece was a photograph of a towering 60-foot steam engine dating back to 1915. Enchanted by this relic, the artist embarked on a journey to gather reference images, followed by an intensive artist residency. “SteamPunk” marked a turning point for Gorman. Before its inception, his art largely catered to commercial sensibilities. Post its creation, Gorman’s focus shifted inward, prioritizing personal contentment over external acclaim.

Allan Gorman: Mediums, Methods, and the Allure of Glass

At his core, Allan Gorman identifies as an oil painter. Yet, the spirit of experimentation courses through his veins, fuelling his ambition to venture into diverse mediums in the future. Central to Gorman’s artistic process is meticulous planning, ensuring the final rendition faithfully mirrors his envisioned concept.

Gorman’s current muse is the intriguing interplay of translucency, transparency, and reflections within glass panels. This newfound passion traces its roots to photographs he captured of a mesmerizing glass maze sculpture. The intricate layering, morphed silhouettes, and nuanced color gradients have ensnared his creative psyche. Gorman envisions this fascination steering him towards uncharted territories, possibly emphasizing delicate color transitions and innovative shape patterns. Veering potentially from his photographic references, he anticipates a deeper immersion into his innate design language, awaiting with bated breath the artistic revelations this exploration might unveil.

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