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“My passion for processes, synchronisms, automatisms and the magic of colour and composition… shaping my unique and distinctive approach to the art world.”

The Genesis of a Visionary Artist

Alan Lacke Cairo, a Cuban visual artist now based in Madrid, Spain, embarked on his independent artistic journey in 2015. His career took a pivotal turn in 2020, allowing him to share his art on an international stage, with exhibitions in notable cities like New York, Milan, Venice, and Miami. Lacke’s formative years in a Havana graphic workshop spanned a decade, where his immersion in the graphic arts not only honed his technical abilities but also ignited his curiosity and laid the foundational knowledge crucial for his artistic evolution. This period was instrumental in shaping his artistic concept, deeply influenced by his fascination with processes, synchronisms, and the magic of color and composition.

Transitioning from Havana to Madrid marked a new chapter in Lacke’s career, where he continued to elevate his art, blending tradition with innovation. His work is a testament to his technical prowess and a reflection of his unwavering commitment to exploration and artistic growth. Through his creative journey, Alan Lacke has developed a unique approach, deeply rooted in the fundamentals of color, dot, line, and the intricate dynamics of color mixing. This distinctive perspective has not only set him apart in the art world but also underscored his dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms.

Alan Lacke: Inspiration and Artistic Beginnings

The magic of the printing process, with its intricate dance of dots, screens, and pixels, served as the primary source of inspiration for Alan Lacke. His early exposure to the transformative journey of paper through the printing press, witnessing firsthand how each color tower and its plates imprint their essence onto the canvas of paper, sparked a deep fascination. This process, a harmonious ballet of color and form, laid the groundwork for Lacke’s artistic exploration. His work transcends mere visual appeal, delving into the narratives of time, evolution, and the enduring beauty found in the minutiae of print.

Lacke’s artistic inception was a natural progression from his captivation with the daily rituals of printing to a profound exploration of dot and color. Each canvas and design emerges as a meticulous study in the constant interplay of color, form, and coherence, capturing the essence of print’s inherent magic. His artistry is not just about creating visually arresting pieces; it’s a deeper narrative on time’s passage, evolution’s persistency, and beauty’s persistence in the most delicate details. Alan Lacke’s commitment to his craft is a passionate journey of expression and discovery, where each stroke and dot becomes a medium for exploring the intricate relationship between color, shape, and harmony.

Unveiling the Invisible Through Art

Alan Lacke Cairo delves into themes that lie at the heart of our daily existence, yet often remain unnoticed. His artistic journey is an exploration of the beauty hidden within the micro and macro realms that surround us, where each stroke is a revelation of the complex interconnections in these seemingly invisible worlds. Lacke’s work is anchored in a profound understanding of disciplines such as mathematics, algebra, science, and history, which not only inspire but also inform his artistic philosophy. This interdisciplinary approach allows him to weave geometric shapes, algebraic structures, and mathematical principles into his creations, crafting a visual symphony that aims to bridge the gap between the viewer’s mind and spirit.

The essence of Lacke’s art is to foster an appreciation for the intricate and beautiful aspects of our world that are not immediately apparent. Each piece serves as an invitation to embark on a journey of exploration, reflection, and discovery, offering a unique lens through which to view the universe. Alan Lacke’s ultimate ambition is to communicate a message that transcends mere visual aesthetics, enriching the viewer’s soul with a sense of peace and hope. Through his art, Lacke aspires to awaken a profound recognition of the complexity and allure inherent in the world’s overlooked details, encouraging a deeper engagement with the environment around us.

Alan Lacke: A Sanctuary of Creativity and Discipline

Alan Lacke Cairo’s creative process unfolds within a sanctuary where art, literature, and music coalesce, creating an atmosphere ripe for inspiration and innovation. His workspace is more than just a physical location; it’s a dynamic environment where every corner is imbued with stories, knowledge, and a musical backdrop that fuels his creativity. This harmonious blend of elements fosters a space where Lacke can delve deeply into his artistic endeavors, with each piece surrounding him serving as a silent muse and a constant source of motivation. The interplay between art, books, and music in his studio forms a fertile ground for ideas to flourish, encapsulating the essence of a life dedicated to artistic pursuit.

Beyond the confines of his studio, Alan Lacke engages with the world through sports and travel, activities that not only rejuvenate his body but also broaden his perspectives and energize his artistic projects. His explorations of new locales are undertaken with an eye for local artistic expressions, absorbing influences that enrich his work and deepen his connection to the global art scene. This seamless integration of art, literature, music, sports, and exploration constitutes the core of Lacke’s life, offering a holistic approach to creativity that is both fulfilling and inspiring. In this unique confluence of influences, Alan Lacke finds the drive and inspiration that propel his personal and creative journey forward, highlighting the interconnectivity between his environment, experiences, and artistic expression.

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