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“Since my father passed away and he was a very closed person, this painting gives me a sense of connection to him.”

Embracing Artistic Expression Beyond Graphic Design

Yvonne Robert, a versatile artist with roots in graphic design, hails from a lineage of creatives. Her nascent ambition to pursue a career in the arts was nurtured by her familial ties to the field. Yet, at the tender age of 15, a well-meaning art professor from Basel recommended she extend her academic pursuits to include a more solid vocation, suggesting graphic design owing to her youth. This advice, though initially disheartening, became an avenue for Robert to explore her artistic expression in a new light.

While the rigorous curriculum in Basel stressed the significance of handicrafts, this fostered Robert’s affinity for drawing and painting. A remarkable revelation during her academic tenure was her deep-rooted connection to color, a fascination that still resonates with her. Even today, her erstwhile classmates recollect the unique color combinations she experimented with, a testament to her distinctive style. This not only amuses Robert but also instills in her a sense of profound honor.

Robert’s professional life was primarily anchored in graphic design for several years, with her painterly passions relegated to her spare time. A significant turning point, however, materialized in 2018 when she transitioned to focus entirely on painting. This shift represented a monumental leap toward realizing her long-cherished dream.

Initially, Robert’s artistic style bore an unmistakable influence from her graphic design background, characterized by precise, clear forms. Nevertheless, over a span of approximately six months, she gradually liberated herself from this constraint. Her artistic expression metamorphosed, becoming freer, and her evolution from a disciplined graphic designer to an independent artist was complete.

Yvonne Robert: The Childhood Influence and Enchanting Colors

The artistic inspiration that fueled Yvonne Robert’s work found its roots in her childhood home, an environment abounding in artistic materials and creative passion. Her parents, both ardent practitioners of the visual arts, painted prolifically, leaving an indelible impression on the young Yvonne. Henri Matisse’s vibrant colors captured her attention above all, luring her into the world of art with their enchanting allure.

Yvonne’s father was particularly influential in shaping her artistic journey. His adventurous exploration of myriad techniques left a deep imprint on her, one that still resonates in her work today. Of his various endeavors, his fondness for replication stands out. An instance that particularly affected Yvonne was his meticulous replication of Gauguin’s “Arearea,” a masterpiece that adorned a significant wall in their residence. The life-size figures enthralled Yvonne as she would lose herself in the vivid painting, wandering through it in her imagination as though strolling on the sun-soaked beaches of Tahiti.

Despite her father’s reticent nature and his subsequent passing, Yvonne felt a profound sense of connection to him through this painting. This affinity continues to fuel her passion and influences her work.

In the contemporary era, Yvonne found her niche as a classic Instagram artist. A foray into sharing her work on the platform quickly led to widespread recognition. This rapid rise in her artistic career has brought her work to the attention of numerous galleries, resulting in a steady stream of requests from them, further validating her talent and unique artistic voice.

Abstract Expressionism Unveiled

Yvonne Robert’s artistry embodies the essence of abstract expressionism, with a special focus on the exploration of color. These vibrant hues, though not consciously employed, often spring from the mental imaginations she harbors. Her creative process revolves around an intriguing mind game of mentally blending various shades before they materialize onto the canvas.

She deliberates over significant aspects such as how to represent a bright color combination without the result appearing overly flamboyant, or how to incorporate dark shades without infusing excessive gravity into the painting. This reflective consideration serves as a testament to her nuanced understanding of the visual impact of her creations, and these themes become a tangible reflection of her inner sensations.

Robert’s journey through the realms of art is marked by her exploration of various elements that define the soul of a painting. As she navigates through the thematic areas of color consistency, brushstroke, rhythm, movement, pace, composition, intention, chance, and patience, each brushstroke adds to the narration of her artistic tale.

Robert’s choice of acrylic as her medium was initially guided by practical and financial considerations. However, over time, she has developed such an affinity for this medium that it has become challenging for her to deviate from it. This is not to undermine the depth and perceived value that oil paintings possess, which Robert acknowledges and appreciates. Recent experimentation with the canvas’s material has brought about significant evolution in her work, slowing down her process momentarily as she adapted, but ultimately leading to a fulfilling outcome.

In terms of her work environment, Robert insists on a tidy studio to encourage the free flow of creativity. The ambiance of her space is amplified by the presence of motivating music, helping her stay focused. Robert maintains a flexible approach towards distractions, allowing them when needed and rarely encountering them when she finds herself deeply immersed in her artistic flow. This harmonious combination of order, flexibility, and an inspiring setting serves as a catalyst to her creative process.

Yvonne Robert: Inspirations Shaping an Artistic Identity

Yvonne Robert’s artistic journey is considerably influenced by a tapestry of inspirations that gracefully coalesce into her distinctive style. She possesses a flair for assimilating these influences into her work while meticulously retaining the essence of her unique artistic signature. Indeed, there is an ambivalence: a comparison to Joan Mitchell is an undeniable honor, yet her ambition gravitates toward establishing her individual identity in the art realm as Yvonne Robert.

The notion of ‘influence’ is perhaps more aptly defined as ‘inspiration’ or ‘inducement’ in Robert’s artistic lexicon. The unbridled audacity of Baselitz informs her approach, while the brush stroke, rather than the colors, of De Kooning serves as her muse. From Matisse, it is undoubtedly the vibrant palette that she admires, while the power in reduction resonates deeply with her in the work of Soulages and Franz Kline. Her mother’s liberating painting style, alongside the innocent artistry of her daughters’ childhood pieces, imbue Robert with a refreshing sense of freedom and inhibition. These uninhibited expressions of creativity serve as invaluable learning platforms for the artist.

Dreams are the lifeblood of Robert’s artistic ethos, manifesting in an array of prospective projects. She aspires to once again collaborate with a fashion label, or perhaps, replicate the exhilaration of mural creation as she previously did in Copenhagen. Venturing into the sphere of sculpture creation remains a tantalizing prospect, albeit one that she acknowledges may require further training. Regardless, Robert’s future aspirations reflect an artist undaunted by the challenge of new endeavors, embodying an ever-evolving spirit continually driven to broaden her artistic horizons.

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