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“For many years, especially during my teenage hood, I’ve felt uncomfortable with my body and everything stereotypically related to the feminine. In the past years I’ve been working on being more at peace with it.”

Violeta Maya: Journey to Self-Discovery

Violeta Maya‘s recent artistic series marks a profound exploration into the nuances of feminine identity, a journey deeply intertwined with her personal evolution. During her adolescent years, Maya grappled with discomfort regarding her body and the stereotypical facets of femininity. This internal conflict, coupled with the societal pressure of motherhood as she matured, spurred a transformative phase in both her life and art. In this pivotal series, Maya bravely ventured beyond her comfort zone, transitioning her art toward figuration. This shift not only challenged her as an artist but also served as a canvas for her introspection and reconciliation with her femininity.

The evolution of Maya’s perspective on femininity is vividly mirrored in her artworks. She moved from a state of unrest to a more harmonious acceptance of her identity, a transition that is palpable in her paintings. The incorporation of a new color palette and the shift towards figuration reflect her growing comfort with her body and womanhood. This series, thus, stands not just as an artistic endeavor but as a testament to Maya’s journey towards self-acceptance and peace, challenging traditional notions of femininity and pushing the boundaries of her creative expression.

Violeta Maya: Embracing Figuration

Violeta Maya’s stylistic evolution from abstract to figurative art marks a significant chapter in her career. While her work always contained elements of figuration, the depth and relevance of this style fluctuated with the thematic focus of each series. The transition to a more figurative approach was not just a change in technique, but also a strategic move to make her art more suggestive and thought-provoking. This balancing act between clarity and ambiguity in her paintings invites viewers into a space of interpretation and personal connection, making her work intriguing and relatable.

The artist’s motivation to embrace figuration stemmed from her desire to add a new dimension to her storytelling. By moving away from purely abstract forms, Maya found a medium through which she could more explicitly explore and communicate her themes. This shift in style is a reflection of her growing confidence as an artist and her willingness to experiment and evolve. The integration of figuration into her art has allowed Maya to create pieces that are both visually striking and emotionally resonant, offering a more explicit narrative while maintaining her signature abstract charm.

Violeta Maya: The Dance of Chance and Control

Violeta Maya’s creative process is a delicate dance between meticulous planning and embracing the unpredictable. This balance is especially crucial given the impact of external elements like humidity and temperature on her work. Maya approaches her art with a philosophy akin to navigating life: a practice in trust and acceptance of the uncontrollable. This mindset not only defines her artistic process but also enriches it, allowing each painting to evolve in its own unique way. The watery nature of her paint further accentuates this interplay, often leading to spontaneous and surprising outcomes that keep her artistic journey fresh and exciting.

The surprises that arise from this interplay between control and chance have led to some of the most striking and memorable aspects of Maya’s work. Every painting session brings with it the potential for unforeseen compositions, marks, and shapes, making each piece a unique testament to the moment of its creation. This process is not just about the physical act of painting but is also a metaphor for Maya’s broader artistic vision: embracing the unknown and finding beauty in the unplanned. The resulting artworks are more than just visual experiences; they are reflections of a deeper philosophical engagement with the world.

Violeta Maya: Sculpting Femininity in Three Dimensions

In her latest exhibition, Violeta Maya has expanded her exploration of femininity and identity beyond the canvas, venturing into the realms of ceramic sculptures and a central installation. This diversification of mediums showcases Maya’s desire to translate her unique visual language into three-dimensional forms, adding depth and texture to her narrative. The ceramic sculptures and the installation, featuring hand-painted silk fabrics and a ceramic water fountain, offer a multisensory experience that complements and enhances the themes present in her paintings.

The central installation, in particular, is a poignant expression of Maya’s artistic and personal journey. It serves as an immersive space that envelops the viewer, reminiscent of a comforting womb-like environment, complete with the soothing sound of water and the familiar scent of her late grandmother’s perfume. This installation does not merely complement her paintings; it extends the narrative of femininity and identity, creating a holistic experience that is both intimate and universal. Through these additional mediums, Maya not only broadens her artistic repertoire but also deepens the emotional resonance of her exploration of femininity.

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