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“Drones have literally revolutionised photography. I consider them the biggest discovery in this field since the advent of digital cameras.”

The Evolution of a Visionary Photographer

Tomáš Neuwirth, a celebrated photographer from the Czech Republic, has carved a niche for himself in the realm of landscape photography. With a deep-seated passion for capturing the natural world, Neuwirth’s journey into photography began traditionally but has since embraced modern technological advancements. Initially using a classic camera, he gradually transitioned to utilizing drones, a tool that has revolutionized his artistic expression. By exploring unusual locations and employing meticulous post-production techniques, Neuwirth transforms his photographs into fine art, offering viewers a fresh perspective on the world around them.

Drones have dramatically reshaped Neuwirth’s approach to photography, allowing him to achieve shots previously unattainable. He praises drones as the most significant innovation since digital cameras, providing unprecedented freedom and flexibility. Unlike aerial shots from airplanes or helicopters, drones can navigate inaccessible places at lower altitudes, capturing intricate details like cracks in the ice. This technological advancement has enabled Neuwirth to present landscapes in a unique and compelling manner, showcasing nature’s beauty from angles never seen before.

Neuwirth’s artistic style has remained consistent over the years, focusing on drone photography to highlight landscapes from a bird’s eye view. This method offers fewer opportunities for artistic expression due to its inherent focus on wide shots with large depths of field. However, by carefully selecting intriguing locations, Neuwirth elevates seemingly mundane scenes into breathtaking works of art. His dedication to finding such places underscores his commitment to sharing his unique vision of the world.

Tomáš Neuwirth: Inspired Beginnings and Artistic Philosophy

Tomáš Neuwirth’s journey into the world of photography was significantly influenced by his early experiences with paragliding. In 1995, he began capturing aerial views using a 35mm film camera, which sparked his fascination with bird’s eye perspectives. The introduction of unmanned technologies further expanded his creative horizons. Neuwirth built his first drone in 2011, but it was the commercially produced drones in subsequent years that truly allowed him to realize his artistic ambitions.

Art, for Neuwirth, is a profound form of self-expression, enabling him to share his personal perception of the world. Photography serves as his chosen medium, offering a way to capture and convey his unique viewpoint. He believes that if ten photographers were to shoot the same location, each would produce a distinct image, reflecting their individual perspectives. This drive to present his own vision fuels Neuwirth’s work, pushing him to capture places and objects in a way that resonates with his personal aesthetic.

Neuwirth’s commitment to landscape photography is evident in his meticulous selection of locations and his innovative use of drones. By focusing on aerial shots, he brings a new dimension to the art form, transforming ordinary landscapes into extraordinary visual experiences. His work is a testament to his belief in the power of photography to offer new perspectives and his dedication to sharing his unique vision with the world.

The Impact of Role Models and Nature

Neuwirth draws inspiration from several sources, with notable influences including German mountain climber and paragliding pilot Uli Wiesmeier and Czech sports photographer Markéta Navrátilová. Wiesmeier’s authenticity and immersive style, developed through his active participation in the sports he photographs, deeply resonate with Neuwirth. Wiesmeier’s book “WING OVER” was a crucial source of inspiration during Neuwirth’s paragliding days, highlighting the importance of capturing genuine moments.

Markéta Navrátilová’s dedication and her motto “Trek required to capture the moment” have also significantly impacted Neuwirth. Navrátilová’s unique approach to documenting the Tour de France distinguishes her work, demonstrating the power of perseverance and a deep understanding of the subject matter. Neuwirth admires her ability to create distinctive images that stand out in a highly competitive field, inspiring him to strive for similar excellence in his work.

Nature itself is another profound source of inspiration for Neuwirth. He acknowledges the unparalleled beauty and perfection found in natural landscapes, striving to capture these moments in his photographs. However, he notes the increasing difficulty in finding untouched locations, as human activity continues to alter the environment. Despite these challenges, Neuwirth remains dedicated to his craft, seeking out those rare, pristine places that still retain their original character.

Tomáš Neuwirth: A Significant Work and Future Aspirations

One of Neuwirth’s most meaningful projects is his series of photographs of a small cemetery in the mountain settlement of Rejvíz, Czech Republic, taken at the end of 2018. These images, captured from both vertical and side views, reveal a minimalist poetry unexpected in a burial ground. The vertical shot, titled “Cemetery,” garnered significant acclaim, winning the MIFA/Moscow International Photo Awards and earning Neuwirth the title of Nature Photographer of the Year in 2019. This success marked a turning point in his career, opening doors and leading to further recognition in prestigious competitions.

The side view of the cemetery, known as “Eternity,” also achieved notable success, securing second place in the Xposure Photography Awards in Dubai. This experience allowed Neuwirth to connect with other esteemed photographers, enriching his professional network and inspiring his future endeavors. The accolades for these images not only elevated Neuwirth’s profile in the photography world but also reinforced his belief in the power of capturing unique perspectives.

Beyond photography, Neuwirth has explored other mediums, including video. Initially considering video as the primary medium for storytelling, he gradually shifted his focus to photography. He appreciates the ability of a single image to capture a unique, fleeting moment, allowing for personal interpretation and imagination. This preference for still photography aligns with his artistic philosophy, emphasizing the importance of individual perspective and the power of a moment frozen in time.

Neuwirth’s future aspirations include expanding his body of work and sharing his unique vision with a broader audience. In the autumn of last year, he published a photo book featuring fifty photographs of his native Jeseníky Mountains, a project he had long envisioned. This endeavor reflects his ongoing commitment to capturing and celebrating the natural beauty of his homeland, continuing to push the boundaries of landscape photography through his innovative use of drone technology.

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