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“Energy follows our attention, so we should devote ourselves to what enriches us.”

The Genesis of a Creative Spirit

Susanne Herbold‘s life commenced amidst the verdant landscapes of Niedersachsen, Germany, in 1970, where her formative years were cradled in creativity and diverse influences. Her mother, a technical drawer and church musician, along with her father, a Lutheran priest passionate about bridging religious divides, provided a nurturing backdrop for her burgeoning artistic talents. Whether she was exploring nature’s wonders with her brother or ensconced in her room, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of pencils and colors, Susanne’s childhood was a canvas of imagination and expression. Her early endeavors in art, cherished and celebrated by her parents, laid the foundation for her artistic voyage, with a memorable moment being when her “Noa’s Ark” painting was proudly displayed by her father, marking her first informal exhibition.

Transitioning into school, a unique aspect of Susanne’s artistic process came to light – her ambidextrous talent, which remained unnoticed until then. This distinctive ability to use both hands for painting not only set her apart but also hinted at the multifaceted nature of her creativity. Her narrative takes an intriguing turn as she navigates through adolescence, with art momentarily taking a backseat. The pursuit of a Bachelor of Tourism and subsequent engagements in travel and the automotive sector marked a detour in her journey. However, art remained a silent companion, subtly shaping her perspectives and experiences.

Susanne Herbold (Photo by Guido Schröder)

Freak Out! 1.0 (2021)

Susanne Herbold: A Resurgence Through Canvas and Color

The narrative of Susanne Herbold takes a poignant twist as personal circumstances rekindled her connection with art. At 27, faced with her father’s illness, she turned to her brushes and canvas, finding solace and purpose in painting Marc Chagall’s “The Violinist,” a gesture that not only uplifted her father’s spirits but also reignited her passion for art. This period marked a significant pivot, as art transitioned from a latent presence to a central role in her life. The ensuing years saw her artworks finding resonance in the hospice sector, where her floral abstract creations offered comfort and solace to those in delicate phases of life, reinforcing her belief in the profound impact of art on the human spirit.

Her journey took a decisive turn as she embraced art full-time, dedicating herself entirely to the exploration and expression of her creative vision. This transition was not merely a career shift but a profound alignment with her inner calling, symbolizing a return to her true path. The integration of charity into her artistic endeavors, donating a portion of her earnings from each artwork, echoes her deep-rooted values and the desire to make a meaningful difference through her art. Herbold’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of art, not just as a medium of expression but as a vehicle for compassion, healing, and introspection.

Marc Chagall’s Angelic Fall, by Susanne Herbold (2000)
Marc Chagall’s Violinist, by Susanne Herbold (1997)

A Symphony of Colors and Life

Susanne Herbold’s artistic philosophy is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of positivity and life’s ever-changing dynamics. Her artworks are not mere visual delights; they are invitations to delve into the myriad beauties that life presents, be it through nature’s color palettes, the melodious cadences of music, or the profound simplicity of poetry. Herbold views life itself as a central motif in her art, encapsulating the essence of existence’s transient, fluid nature. This philosophical underpinning is not just a reflection of her personal ethos but also serves as a guiding principle in her creative process, where choices, paths, and influences converge to shape the art’s final form.

Herbold’s artistic style is a reflection of her belief that energy gravitates towards where attention flows, a principle she applies both in her art and life. This perspective encourages a focus on the enriching aspects of existence, channeling her creative energy to capture and reflect the beauty and positivity around us. Her approach to art is thus an exploration of life’s vibrancy, an endeavor to encapsulate its essence, and a celebration of the choices and paths we navigate daily. Through her canvases, Herbold invites viewers to engage with art as a medium of introspection, an experience that echoes the fluidity and perpetual motion of life itself.

Starseed 1.0 & 2.0 (2023)

Susanne Herbold: In Harmony with Nature and Creativity

The serene ambiance of Herbold’s studio in a quaint village near Cologne is a wellspring of inspiration, where the interplay of nature and creativity fosters her artistic endeavors. Surrounded by the tranquil beauty of forests and the lively chirps of birds, her studio is a sanctuary where the external world’s chaos finds no entry. This harmony with nature is integral to her creative process, offering a space where inspiration flows as freely as the light that filters through her window, casting dynamic patterns that dance across her canvases.

In this sanctum, every element is a testament to Herbold’s artistic journey and her connection with the world around her. From the laughter of children playing nearby to the squirrels’ playful antics, every aspect of her environment contributes to a wellspring of creativity that fuels her art. The studio, adorned with essential tools of her trade and personal comforts like fresh fruits, water, tea, and the occasional indulgence of chocolate, is a reflection of Herbold’s belief in the symbiotic relationship between artist and workspace. Here, distractions dissolve, allowing Herbold to delve deeply into her creative process, where her artistic vision transcends the tangible, inviting viewers to explore the realms of imagination and introspection through her art.

All About Love (2024)

Susanne Herbold’s Artistic Recognition and Global Exhibition

Susanne’s artworks have been exhibited in numerous prestigious galleries and art fairs across the world, including Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United States, particularly in New York and Miami. Herbold’s distinctive style and emotive expression have captivated audiences, leading to her art being showcased in both public and private collections, signaling a profound connection with a diverse range of art enthusiasts and collectors.

In a recent accolade that underscores her talent and dedication, Susanne Herbold was honored with the “Global Art Virtuoso Award” by Contemporary Art Collectors. This award is a testament to her exceptional skill, innovation, and unwavering commitment to her art, highlighting her as a beacon of creativity in the contemporary art scene. Additionally, her significant contribution to art was further acknowledged in 2023 when she was featured in the “International Contemporary Masters XV,” an annual publication by World Wide Art Books that celebrates emerging artists who are making a substantial impact in the art world.

Slowing Down (diptych) (2023)

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