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“Art is mankind’s most powerful tool for telling his story and making himself understood. From prehistory to the present day, we have never ceased to tell our story through art.”

The Making of an Artist: Sébastien CHERAMY’s Early Inspirations and Transformations

Sébastien CHERAMY is a French artist born in 1979 who boasts an impressive academic background, holding a PhD in Art History and a degree in the intricate craft of stained-glass trades. Residing in France, CHERAMY has been an accomplished painter and revered art instructor since 2003. Over the years, his uniquely abstract style has garnered immense appreciation, earning the trust of esteemed collectors globally. Consequently, his masterpieces grace galleries and private collections across Europe, China, and the American continent.

From the tender moments of his early life, Sébastien felt an unyielding attraction to the world of art, always seen with a pencil or brush in hand. His affinity for painting transitioned fluidly from whimsical childhood sketches to profound adult expressions, serving as his preferred channel for articulating impressions and sentiments. In pursuit of broadening his artistic horizons, he delved deep into the realm of art history. This rigorous academic journey enriched his comprehension of diverse cultures and their storytelling prowess through artistic mediums. A pivotal moment in Sébastien’s artistic evolution was his encounter with the works of Antoni Tapies. The profound resonance he felt with Tapies’ art illuminated new dimensions of reality through abstract interpretations.

Journey Through Themes: Walls, Life, and Artistic Exploration

In the initial phase of Sébastien CHERAMY’s illustrious career, walls held an enthralling allure for him. These structures epitomized the delicate equilibrium between life’s transient nature and the inevitable decay, only to herald resurgence. Rather than mere barriers, he began to perceive them as gateways, a medium ripe for contemplation and introspection. However, as Cheramy’s artistic journey evolved, he transitioned from this singular fascination with walls to an encompassing exploration of the theme of LIFE. Series such as “POMPEI”, “Inside the Void”, “Kairos”, “From Within”, “Ubuntu”, and “DHYANA” serve as introspective instruments for the audience. Each artwork, distinct and profound, fits seamlessly into these series, delving into concepts of time, the vastness of emptiness, the layers of consciousness, and the essence of life itself.

Within the confines of Cheramy’s workspace, there’s an undying emphasis on simplicity. Utilizing everyday materials, occasionally complemented by his crafted paints, Sébastien’s needs remain unpretentious. All he yearns for is a tranquil room, an ambient backdrop of music, and a tool with which to gracefully spread paint across his canvas, facilitating a silent, yet profound, dialogue with his chosen medium.

Blending Eras: CHERAMY’s Diverse Artistic Influences

Sébastien CHERAMY draws inspiration from a diverse array of fields, encompassing painting, music, literature, and personal experiences. His artistic sensibilities resonate with the grandeur of Italian Renaissance maestros, the nuanced modernism of artists such as Zao Wou-Ki, Fabienne Verdier, and Antoni Tàpies, and the vibrant dynamism of contemporary street artists. These influences meld together, augmenting Cheramy’s expansive creative palette.

One particularly significant piece that resonates with Cheramy is Michelangelo’s ‘Non Finito’ series, exhibited in the historic city of Florence—a locale he holds in high regard. The raw, unfinished essence of these sculptures underscores the profound impact of unpredictability in the realm of artistic creation, suggesting that, on occasion, artworks possess the intrinsic power to direct their own evolution.

The Tools and Dreams of Sébastien CHERAMY

Sébastien CHERAMY often harnesses the raw potential of basic paints procured from DIY stores, while occasionally concocting his own hues. The use of spray paint, in particular, provides him an unparalleled liberation, demanding a visceral interaction with the canvas. Moreover, Cheramy’s expertise in stained-glass artistry has granted him the privilege to contribute to cathedral restorations. Although this medium presents its set of complexities, it simultaneously unveils distinctive avenues for artistic expression. Yet, it is undeniable that Cheramy’s heart lies primarily in painting.

In terms of dream projects, several beckon CHERAMY’s attention. An impending endeavor includes the release of a book, intertwining his visual masterpieces with verses penned by a close literary collaborator. Furthermore, he nurtures aspirations to curate exhibitions in two metropolises that have profoundly shaped his artistic persona: Florence and New York.

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