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“If you asked me what inspired me to become an artist, I really don’t know how to answer it cause I know it’s always there from the beginning.”

Ronnie Jiang’s Artistic Journey and Inspirations

Ronnie Jiang, an artist based in Paris, originally hails from Indonesia and possesses a rich cultural heritage, as her grandparents were immigrants from China. After completing her secondary education in Jakarta, she decided to further her studies in Taiwan, where she pursued a degree in Fashion Design. Following seven years of employment as a designer, Jiang relocated to France in 2008 and began her illustrious career as an artist in 2013.

The diverse cultural influences in her background, as well as her academic pursuits, have significantly impacted Jiang’s creative process. The themes and characters she selects for her art often reflect her childhood experiences and the various environments in which she has lived.

Jiang’s passion for drawing can be traced back to her earliest years. As a child, she often drew at home and during class, even prompting an English teacher to confiscate her drawing book on one occasion. While her parents recognized her love for drawing, they never envisioned it as a potential career path, viewing it more as a natural, enjoyable pastime for their daughter.

The Figurative Destructuralism Movement: Ronnie Jiang’s Perspective

Ronnie Jiang embarked on her artistic career in France in 2013. After marrying her husband and struggling to secure a position as a designer, he encouraged her to pursue a passion-driven endeavor. This marked the beginning of her artistic journey, as she shared her drawings on social media platforms such as Facebook, which ultimately led to offers for exhibitions. In a twist of fate, Jiang’s inaugural exhibition took place in London, rather than France.

When asked about her inspiration to become an artist, Jiang finds it difficult to pinpoint a specific source, as her creative aspirations have been an intrinsic part of her identity since childhood.

Over time, Jiang’s artistic style has undergone significant transformations. Presently, her work focuses on exploring the evolution of form. She displays a keen interest in deconstructing traditional art, seeking to break away from conventional forms and narratives in order to uncover novel expressions and stories. Jiang employs acrylics in her paintings and also delves into the realm of digital art.

A pivotal piece in her oeuvre is a distorted portrait of Pablo Picasso, which holds particular significance for Jiang. This artwork serves as the genesis of her ongoing project and exemplifies the direction her creative output has taken in recent times.

Déstructuralisme Figuratif Art Project: Redefining Reality through Art

Ronnie Jiang is the driving force behind the ongoing Déstructuralisme Figuratif Art Project, also known as the DF Art Project. This innovative international art collective endeavors to promote the groundbreaking concept of Figurative Destructuralism. United by a shared artistic vision, the participating visual artists explore the fragmentation of reality, its perspective, distortion, and dynamic transformation. The collective’s conceptualization encompasses various artistic disciplines, including painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, collage, digital art, performance, and installation.

Since its inception in 2019, the DF Art Project has successfully organized eight exhibitions, showcasing the work of its talented members. The collective has grown exponentially, now boasting a roster of more than 200 artists. Jiang’s aspirations for the project include the establishment of a dedicated marketplace for its artists and the publication of a book devoted to the concept of Déstructuralisme Figuratif, highlighting the work of those who contribute to its development.

The DF Art Project’s presence extends to Artsper, a prominent online art gallery based in France. For more information about the collective and its innovative contributions to the world of art, visit the DF Art Project’s official website at www.df-artproject.com.

The Creative Process: Insights from Ronnie Jiang

Ronnie Jiang’s creative process, which transforms an idea into a complete artwork, often begins with an image, phrase, memory, conversation, film, or situation that sparks her imagination. Her ideas frequently evolve during the creative process, sometimes even resulting from accidental discoveries. Despite wishing for a larger workspace to accommodate her equipment and materials, Jiang currently operates in a smaller room, adapting her creative process to her limited space.

For emerging artists, Jiang emphasizes the importance of not only exhibiting their works, but also actively publishing them on social media platforms, participating in art communities on Facebook and Instagram, and joining art associations. By engaging with their audience through various mediums, such as videos, these artists can enhance their visibility within the artistic landscape.

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