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“Trust forms the foundation of my unyielding strength, infusing my artistic expression with an unwavering spirit that resonates throughout the world.”

A Design Maven’s Embrace of Abstract Art

Petra Penz is an abstract artist and designer from Germany. Her professional trajectory is deeply intertwined with both individuals and corporate entities. She has expertly assisted them in establishing a unique presence in the market by adeptly formulating methodologies, visuals, and concepts. Having devoted a significant portion of her life to design and directing her creativity towards pragmatic and rewarding solutions, Penz eventually recognized a profound need to explore her creativity without bounds. This realization was accentuated during Germany’s inaugural lockdown in 2020, propelling her towards a profound journey into the realm of abstract art. Melding her artistic pursuits with her rich background, Penz crafts a stage from which she can delve into, wrestle with, and express her reflections on societal nuances, everyday challenges, and the very core of human existence.

From her formative years, Penz exhibited a deep-rooted inclination towards the arts. The practices of drawing, painting, and sculpting consistently graced her life. Opting for a stable trajectory, she furthered her education in Product Design at the esteemed Art Center College of Design. Concurrent to her design academics, her passion for painting remained undiminished, leading her to produce myriad independent pieces. However, the pressing demands of professional endeavors and familial obligations momentarily overshadowed her artistic endeavors. Nowadays, Penz is invariably magnetized towards the canvas, with a penchant for larger formats, seeking to juxtapose this medium against the constrictive nature of the digital domain.

The Mesmerizing Dance of Acrylics and Personal Introspection

Petra Penz’s artistic voyage has encompassed a diverse range of mediums, each offering distinct avenues for expression. Penz’s educational background furnished her with an extensive foundation in sketching, ranging from meticulous photorealistic portrayals to swift, detailed examinations. While she has experienced the allure of gouache and watercolor, it is the dance of acrylics on canvas that currently captivates her, bestowing a distinctive tactile sensation that deeply resonates within. Although the allure of oil colors is undeniable, Penz remains steadfast in her dedication to acrylics, reserving the integration of oils for a more contemplative phase in her artistic progression.

A standout piece that epitomizes her depth is Painting No. 17 from the Morija series. In the conception of this series, she plumbed the depths of the concept of trust—trust in life’s journey, self-belief, the hope for positive outcomes, and ultimately, faith in the universe’s inherent balance. The impetus behind this series traces back to a biblical tale, wherein Abraham’s unwavering faith compelled him to ascend Mount Moriah with intentions to sacrifice his beloved son, only for divine intervention to spare the young soul. This powerful tale spurred Penz to introspection, juxtaposing Abraham’s unshakeable trust against her personal battles with doubt, impatience, and the trials of existence.

“Painting No. 17”: An Odyssey of Trust and Transformation

In “Painting No. 17,” one discerns Petra Penz’s visual articulation of personal insecurities, manifesting through audacious brushstrokes that meld into a robust figure reminiscent of a mountain. In the creative process, informed by the insights garnered from her preceding 16 works, Penz unearthed a pathway to embrace trust, offering a glimpse into the deeper meaning of her artistic voyage. Analogous to the mountain portrayed, Penz establishes herself as both an anchoring point and a beacon of trust, adeptly transmuting her vulnerabilities into a steadfast foundation. She eloquently states:

“Imbued with resolute confidence, I navigate the very nucleus of existence, venturing into profound depths that anchor my core being. In this intimate nexus, I undergo a transformation, mirroring a mountain, rising with tenacious might and grace. Standing akin to a determined pinnacle, I emanate a majestic aura and clarity. At the bedrock of my unwavering power lies trust, imbuing my artistic emanations with a spirit that reverberates globally.”

Penz crafts abstract pieces, developing series that reflect her ongoing challenges and reflections. She subtly introduces a particular theme within a collection and gradually evolves into an intensely focused and intricate analysis, revealing a rich tapestry of expressions and discernments. This artistic process becomes a voyage of self-awareness, weaving through the delicate interconnections among Penz, her audience, and the cosmos—a quest for consummate insight.

Her intrigue is deeply rooted in the imperceptible — subtle nuances that emerge during the creative process, and in the perceptions of the beholders who find a chord struck within the composition. Engulfed by the abstraction, they channel their vast trove of understanding, evoking singular visuals and interpretations.

Resilient Artistry: From Garden Solace to Celebrating Unsung Heroines

Petra Penz had temporarily halted her artistic endeavors for a considerable period due to various responsibilities and spatial constraints. However, she soon recognized that awaiting ideal conditions would not advance her artistic journey. Intriguingly, Penz discovered that her requirements were minimalistic: a mere stretched canvas and a vibrant palette suffice. During the warmer months, she often finds solace in painting enveloped by the embrace of her garden, whereas the colder months see her adapting a space encased in plastic as a makeshift studio. Prioritizing her art, Penz ensures minimal interruptions by silencing external distractions, including her phone, allowing her to delve deeply into her creative process.

Penz harbors a profound respect for the expressionists, groundbreaking visionaries who ushered in the era of abstraction. She feels an especially strong affinity to the audacious female contributors in this domain, luminaries such as Hilma af Klint, Gabriele Münter, Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankenthaler, whose undeniable genius often went under-acknowledged. These women stand as towering inspirations in her artistic journey.

With an eye to the future, Penz envisions traversing Europe, soaking in its myriad landscapes and diverse cultures. She hopes to chronicle these encounters on vast canvases, weaving a tapestry that captures the essence of collective experiences and singular tales from this rich continent.

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