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“For me creating an artwork is making something concrete out of something almost intangible, floating.”

An Artistic Journey: From Inception to Mastery

Petra Knezic, born in 1986 in Maribor, Slovenia, continues to reside in her picturesque hometown. Although largely self-taught in the realm of artistry, Knezic pursued her formal education at the esteemed University of Ljubljana in a field divergent from artistic endeavors. Knezic demonstrates a commendable commitment to both her profession and her artistic passions, ensuring a delineated focus on each, thus giving room for consistent innovation and fresh perspectives.

From her earliest memories, Knezic has felt an undeniable pull towards the arts. The genesis of this passion wasn’t marked by a singular moment; rather, it was an intrinsic drive to sketch, color, and actualize her boundless creativity. While art does not monopolize her pursuits, it has undeniably become a vital medium for Knezic’s self-expression. Through this channel, she navigates a range of emotions, capturing everything from the vast expanse of her experiences to specific, intimate moments. Her art becomes a transformative process, morphing intangible sentiments, myriad impressions, and deep-seated thoughts into tangible masterpieces. Each piece she crafts subtly reveals nuances of her being, occasionally unearthing facets even she had not previously recognized.

From Pencil Sketches to “Soulies”: The Evolution of Petra’s Craft

In her formative years, Petra Knezic garnered acclaim for her innate artistic skills, even though she often viewed some of her contemporaries as more proficient. A defining moment in Knezic’s artistic odyssey occurred when one of her drawings earned a spot at a local museum, shortly before her transition to high school. The style she employed then, largely pencil-centric, mirrors the essence of her contemporary creations.

With the passage of time, Knezic broadened her horizons, exploring an array of drawing techniques. A monumental acknowledgment of her talent came to light in 2012 when her creation was handpicked for Direct Art magazine by the esteemed artist and director, Tim Slowinski. Such recognition catalyzed a shift in Knezic’s outlook, emboldening her to present her art to a broader audience.

At present, Petra gravitates towards traditional art forms, with a pronounced affinity for ink drawings. Utilizing Rotring isographs, she weaves intricate geometric narratives. Each masterpiece narrates a story—often interconnected—and is steered or overseen by figures Knezic fondly dubs “Soulies”. These minute, grid-patterned characters allow onlookers to discern tales from multifaceted viewpoints. Despite their intricacy, every piece crafted by Knezic strives for an underlying simplicity, inviting observers to engage deeply and reflect.

Petra Knezic: The Space That Breathes Life Into Art

Petra Knezic’s artistry is reflected through her series of drawings, meticulously curated and presented in diverse collections. The maiden series of these illustrations has been thoughtfully assembled into a forthcoming book, a testament to her dedication and passion. Bridging the gap between the first and third collections is a remarkably expansive piece, a testament to Knezic’s perseverance, which she devoted an entire year to craft.

The third collection, regrettably, awaits completion due to unforeseen circumstances that have momentarily impeded her creative journey. Nevertheless, specific artworks within Knezic’s portfolio resonate with pronounced significance. “Take A Dive” stands as a milestone piece, symbolizing the inception of her artistic voyage, while “Density, the Angler Fish” has profoundly touched the hearts and souls of numerous admirers.

Petra’s ideal creative sanctum is characterized by a spacious room with pristine white walls. The presence of vast windows allows natural light to accentuate the contours of her work. Essential to her creative process is a generously-sized table paired with a height-adjustable chair, ensuring comfort during her long hours of creation. Additionally, the ambiance is further enhanced with warm, ambient lighting and good music equipment. Currently, Knezic harnesses her innate ability to adapt, using available resources to sustain her artistic spirit. However, she ardently yearns for an environment where her creativity can soar without any constraints.

Petra Knezic: Embracing the Greats and Looking Ahead

In the realm of artistic influences, Petra Knezic’s educational journey provided her with an introduction to art, though it often lacked vibrancy and dynamism. Yet, certain moments stand out in her formative years, reshaping her artistic perspective. The iconic masterpiece, Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch,” displayed majestically at the Louvre, imprinted upon Knezic’s consciousness, leaving a profound and lasting impression. Similarly, the ethereal beauty of Monet’s “Water Lilies” and the evocative pieces by Anselm Kiefer deeply resonated with her.

Knezic, with her meticulous focus on technical drawings, seeks to emulate the emotional depth and raw intensity that such maestros have mastered. She endeavors to conjure feelings as powerful and moving in her audience as those she has experienced firsthand when confronted with these iconic works.

Peering into the horizon of her artistic journey, Knezic nurtures ambitious aspirations: the conception and realization of a monumental third collection. The fruition of this dream is contingent upon securing an expansive canvas of space. She remains undeterred by the potential span of time such an endeavor might require. With unwavering determination, she aims to channel her emotions, crafting an artwork that beckons both herself and onlookers to halt, introspect, and immerse in contemplation. For Knezic, an ambiance of peace and tranquility remains quintessential to embark on and traverse this journey.

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