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“I realized that I needed to do something beautiful out of that pain.”

Pachi Benavente: A Journey Through Blue and Beyond

The artistic journey of Pachi Benavente is as vibrant and intricate as the geometric forms that dominate his canvases. Originating from a casual hobby during his academic years, Benavente’s passion for art evolved dramatically after a suggestion from a friend transformed his scattered sketches into focused, stand-alone pieces. This transition marked the beginning of a profound exploration into the realms of modern and abstract art, drawing significant inspiration from the Suprematist and Neoplasticist movements. The simplicity of form and boldness of color seen in his works owe much to these early influences, establishing a foundation that would soon welcome a broader palette and more complex compositions.

From an initial palette dominated by blue and white, representing a personal “original language,” Benavente’s style has grown to embrace a spectrum of colors, yet it retains a deep connection to his beginnings. This evolution is a testament to his journey from a hobbyist to a dedicated artist, as since 2019, Benavente has shared his vision internationally, gracing art fairs and exhibitions across Spain, Mexico, the USA, and Panama. This period not only marked his full commitment to his artistic pursuits but also solidified his place within the contemporary art scene, where his works continue to captivate and provoke thought among a diverse audience.

Pachi Benavente: Drawing Inspiration from Andalusia

The roots of Pachi Benavente’s artistic inspiration are deeply embedded in the rich cultural soil of Andalusia, a region known for its vibrant history and artistic heritage, particularly in the realm of tile design. This traditional craft, with its origins stretching back to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, has been profoundly influential in shaping his artistic vision. The ornate designs and functional beauty of Andalusian tiles reflect a legacy of Muslim art, which has seamlessly blended into the historical narrative of the region’s artistic expression. For Benavente, these patterns are not just designs but a source of inspiration that translates into the abstract, geometric forms seen in his artworks.

This integration of historical art forms with his personal and professional experiences creates a unique artistic language that is distinctly Benavente’s. His work life, which revolves around the use of graphics and vectors, merges with the aesthetic traditions of his homeland to produce artwork that is both modern and steeped in heritage. Through the repetition of lines and curves, Benavente crafts images that defy traditional figuration, opting instead for abstract compositions that challenge the viewer’s perception of symmetry and conventional beauty. This blend of the old and the new, the personal and the universal, exemplifies his creative ethos and underscores his role as a bridge between different artistic eras and styles.

Tools of Expression: Pen and Cardboard

Pachi Benavente’s creative process is defined by simplicity and immediacy, elements that are crucial in translating his intricate visions onto paper. His choice of materials—primarily a bic pen and cardboard—underscores a direct and unpretentious approach to art. This simplicity does not stem from a lack of sophistication but rather from Benavente’s desire to maintain a tactile connection with his work. The flow of ink from pen to paper allows for a dynamic interaction that is both physical and contemplative, offering an immediate reflection of his thoughts and emotions. This method, while seemingly minimalistic, enables a fluid and spontaneous creation process, allowing the artist to explore and express his themes with both precision and passion.

Distractions are a non-issue for Benavente once he immerses himself in his work. His focused approach is a testament to his deep connection with his art—a connection that not only facilitates a distraction-free environment but also enhances his creative output. The simplicity of his workspace, equipped with just the essentials, reflects his methodological approach to art: clear, focused, and uncluttered. This environment is perfectly suited to fostering the kind of deep, introspective work that characterizes his artistic output, allowing him to explore the depths of his creativity without interruption.

Pachi Benavente: Celestial Vault and Future Aspirations

Among the significant works in Pachi Benavente’s portfolio, “Bóveda Celeste” (Celestial Vault) stands out not only for its scale but also for its profound personal and artistic expression. Created entirely in black, this piece captures an oneiric vision of the night sky as seen from the San Blas islands in Panama. The artwork is a constellation of solar winds, stars, suns, and moons, inviting the viewer into a mesmerizing celestial dance. The choice of black ink adds a dramatic intensity to the piece, emphasizing the vastness and mystery of the cosmos. This artwork is particularly special to Benavente, encapsulating his ability to transform a personal experience into a universal exploration of beauty and wonder.

Looking ahead, Benavente dreams of merging his artistic skills with design, aspiring to decorate public and private spaces with his distinctive art. His ambition is to see his creations not just confined to galleries but integrated into everyday environments, enhancing public and private spaces with his unique aesthetic. This vision of expanding his artistic influence reflects his desire to engage with a broader audience, making art a more integral part of everyday life. Through such projects, Benavente aims to leave a lasting impact on the world, spreading his artistic vision and enriching the visual landscape of communities around the globe.

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