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“Many paintings are my ‘children’ but ‘womb’ has a special meaning to me, since it’s the origin of my whole work.”

Bridging Worlds Through Art

Orna Adoram‘s journey as an artist is as multifaceted as the layers in her paintings. Born and raised in Israel, Adoram’s path took an international turn when she moved to New York City as a young adult to study interior design at Parsons School of Design and to take practical art courses at the Student’s Art League. This blend of disciplines, from interior design to hands-on artistry, laid the foundation for her unique artistic voice. Her transition from running a successful interior design business to dedicating herself entirely to painting marks a significant pivot in her life. It wasn’t just a career shift but a profound personal transformation. Adoram describes this decision as stepping out of the daily race, a move that allowed her to reconnect with her inner source of creativity and to embark on a journey that was more aligned with her true self.

Adoram’s connection to her homeland and her living situation, dividing her time between Tel Aviv and New York, enriches her work with a diverse cultural perspective. The contrast and complement between these cities reflect in her art, blending the hustle and architectural marvels of New York with the vibrant, life-affirming energy of Tel Aviv. This bicultural existence informs her work, adding layers of meaning and emotion that resonate with a global audience. Her dedication to her craft is evident in her disciplined daily routine, which begins with a morning walk on the beach—a ritual that grounds her and fuels her creativity—followed by hours of uninterrupted work in her studio.

Orna Adoram: An Evolution of Style

Orna Adoram’s artistic style is a testament to her background in interior design and her deep commitment to sustainability. Her innovative use of recycled building materials—paint, plaster, industrial color, glue, glass, and more—draws from her previous career and showcases a seamless integration of industrial elements with spiritual and abstract themes. This unique approach not only reflects her concern for the environment but also her ability to see potential and beauty in discarded materials. Her multi-layered acrylic paintings on canvas are more than just visually striking; they are a dialogue between the tangible and the ethereal, the physical and the spiritual.

The themes Adoram explores in her work are deeply influenced by her surroundings, her life experiences, and her inner journey. Abstract works dominate her portfolio, characterized by a minimalist yet powerful aesthetic that balances harmony of colors and shapes. Adoram delves into contrasts—between time and place, past and present, material and spirit. Her work invites viewers to engage in a profound observation, revealing layers of color, life, places, situations, emotions, and experiences that intertwine and complement each other. This interplay between different elements mirrors Adoram’s own life, a testament to her belief in the interconnectedness of all things and the transformative power of art.

The Sanctuary of Creativity: Orna Adoram’s Studio

Orna Adoram’s studio is more than just a physical space; it’s a sanctuary where creativity knows no bounds. Strategically filled with an array of recycled materials—paints, glues, plasters, and brushes—her workspace is a testament to her commitment to sustainability and her background in interior design. These materials, often leftovers shared by contractors she previously collaborated with, are not just tools but sources of inspiration. Adoram’s studio, equipped with a large easel and a high table, is designed to cater to the physical demands of her art-making process, allowing her to experiment and create with freedom and precision. The absence of distractions, thanks to her grown children and a life organized around her passion, grants Adoram the luxury of uninterrupted creativity. This environment, coupled with her position of freedom, independence, and love, is integral to her ability to dedicate herself fully to her art.

The elements that Adoram requires in her workspace are reflective of her approach to art: unconventional, resourceful, and deeply personal. The tranquility of her studio, combined with the rigorous discipline she applies to her daily routine, facilitates a deep connection with her work. This connection is further enhanced by her practice of meditation, which she describes as a crucial part of her inner process. The inspiration drawn from her surroundings, including her morning walks on the beach and her travels around the world, feeds into her work, allowing her to create art that resonates with a wide range of emotions and experiences. Her studio, thus, is not just a place of work but a crucial partner in her journey of exploration and expression.

Orna Adoram: A Visionary’s Path

Orna Adoram’s current project, an exhibition themed “HOME,” showcases her ability to adapt and evolve her art in response to changing circumstances and deeper personal reflections. The concept of “HOME” took on a new meaning for Adoram following recent events in Israel, prompting a reevaluation of her beliefs and a renewed inquiry into the essence of home. This theme is especially poignant for Adoram, who considers Tel Aviv her home base despite her global presence. The ambition to exhibit in Tel Aviv, New York, and various places around the world reflects her desire to explore the universal yet deeply personal notions of home, belonging, and identity.

Adoram’s approach to her medium—favoring recycled building materials for their texture and the sensations they evoke—is a direct extension of her background in interior design and her commitment to sustainability. This choice underscores her belief in the transformative power of art and its ability to repurpose and reimagine the mundane into something profound and beautiful. Her work, characterized by its abstract minimalism and powerful emotional range, invites viewers to see reflections of their own lives, loves, fears, and joys. Adoram’s art is a dialogue, a shared journey with her audience, where each piece resonates with a unique, personal significance.

Orna Adoram’s art transcends the visual; it is an immersive experience that bridges the gap between the material world and the spiritual, between individual experience and universal themes. Through her innovative use of materials, her deeply personal thematic explorations, and her commitment to an art-making process that is both disciplined and inspired, Adoram continues to carve a unique path in the art world. Her work not only challenges conventional notions of beauty and art but also invites us to find connections to our own inner worlds and the environments that shape us.

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