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“Armed with acrylics and a heart full of dreams, I embarked on my journey into the world of abstract art. The transition from finance to the world of colors and creativity was both daring and liberating.”

From Finance to Canvas: A Bold Transition

Nina Khatashvili‘s artistic narrative is a compelling tale of courage and transformation. Starting her career in the banking sector, she spent 17 years in a world dominated by figures and analyses. However, the true calling of Khatashvili was always rooted in art. From a young age, she found herself immersed in the world of creativity, with brushes and paints as her companions. This early inclination laid the foundation for her future in the arts. It wasn’t until the age of 44 that Khatashvili bravely shifted her life’s trajectory, choosing to pursue her passion for art full-time. Emigrating to America marked a pivotal moment for her, infusing her work with new perspectives and diverse inspirations. This transition from a structured finance career to the free-flowing world of abstract painting was both a daring and liberating choice for Khatashvili, exemplifying her deep commitment to her art.

In the realm of abstract art, Nina Khatashvili found her true expressive voice. Her style, characterized by its departure from realism, embraces the abstract language of shapes, lines, and colors. This approach allows Khatashvili to convey her emotions and concepts in a manner that encourages viewers to engage with her artwork on a more intuitive and personal level. Her adoption of abstract art represents not just a stylistic choice, but a profound journey into self-expression and exploration. The diversity of techniques she employs, from controlled geometric patterns to free-flowing strokes, highlights her versatility and commitment to her craft.

Nina Khatashvili: A Palette of Influences and Inspirations

The artist’s influences are as varied as her techniques. Nina Khatashvili draws inspiration from a rich tapestry of artistic giants. The likes of Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, and Kazimir Malevich have left an indelible mark on her work, contributing to her understanding and appreciation of abstract art. The influence of modern masters like Joan Miró, Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko is also evident in her expressive use of color and form. Furthermore, female artists Joan Mitchel and Yayoy Kusama, whom she discovered in New York, have had a significant impact on her art. Their works, rich in emotion and depth, resonated deeply with Khatashvili, inspiring her to explore new dimensions in her own creations.

Nina’s artistic process is deeply personal, often reflecting her own experiences and perceptions of the world around her. One of her most cherished pieces, an abstract representation of a bird in flight, exemplifies this. The piece, with its vibrant hues and dynamic composition, captures the essence of freedom and natural beauty. The use of colors like cobalt blue, emerald green, crimson red, and golden yellow, intricately interwoven, not only showcases her skill with the palette but also her ability to convey emotion and movement through abstraction. This artwork holds a special place in Khatashvili’s heart, symbolizing her artistic freedom and the joy of creation.

The Artist’s Medium: A Commitment to Acrylics

Khatashvili’s choice of acrylics as her preferred medium is a testament to her adaptability and creative vision. Acrylic paint, known for its versatility, allows the artist to experiment with a wide range of textures and effects. This adaptability suits Khatashvili’s expressive style, enabling her to transition seamlessly between thick, oil-like applications and more transparent, watercolor-like washes. The quick drying time of acrylics aligns well with her dynamic approach, allowing her to build layers and adjust her compositions swiftly. This efficiency is crucial for an artist whose creative process is as spontaneous as it is deliberate.

The durability and color range of acrylic paints further enhance Khatashvili’s artistic expression. Once dried, the paint forms a flexible and resilient surface, suitable for various painting surfaces. This quality ensures the longevity of her works, an essential factor for an artist dedicated to creating lasting impressions. Additionally, the extensive color palette available in acrylics enables Khatashvili to experiment boldly with hues, a core aspect of her art. Her ability to mix and match colors lends a unique vibrancy to each piece, capturing the viewer’s imagination.

Nina Khatashvili: Art Beyond the Canvas

Nina Khatashvili is not just an artist confined to the traditional boundaries of canvas and frame. She harbors ambitions that extend her artistic reach into the realm of interior design. One of her dream projects involves creating paintings as wallpaper for interior spaces. This concept blends the timeless allure of art with practical decor, offering a personalized aesthetic. By transforming walls into canvases, Khatashvili aims to elevate interior spaces into immersive art installations. This innovative idea reflects her desire to integrate art into everyday life, making it a tangible part of personal and communal spaces.

Khatashvili envisions these large-scale wall paintings as a means to infuse spaces with bespoke elegance. The unique nature of each design ensures that no two installations are the same, providing a customized backdrop that resonates with the individual style of the occupant. This approach to art as an integral part of interior decor not only challenges traditional perceptions of where and how art can be displayed but also expands the possibilities of how art interacts with and transforms its environment. In essence, Nina Khatashvili’s vision of merging painting with wallpaper design represents a harmonious marriage of art and utility, offering an innovative and engaging way to adorn living or working spaces.

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