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“Being an artist is a work that is practiced 24 hours a day and not only when you work physically on an artwork.”

Unveiling the Artistic Weave of Massimiliano Pelletti’s Legacy and Aspirations

Emerging from a lineage deeply immersed in the venerable art of sculpture, Massimiliano Pelletti cultivated his artistic proclivities amidst the marble-dusted atmosphere of his grandfather’s studio. The tendrils of his early experiences wove through the idyllic surroundings of Pietrasanta, Tuscany, a city not only esteemed for its rich marble extraction but also recognized as the chosen source of the sublime materials that brought Michelangelo’s masterpieces to life. Consequently, Pelletti’s destiny in sculptural artistry seemingly unfurled with an intrinsic inevitability.

The pursuit of knowledge beckoned him forth into the august corridors of academia, where he immersed himself in Art and Philosophy, subsequently intertwining his artistic zeal with multifaceted passions encompassing geology, archaeology, African art, and the cultural ethos of classicism. In the chisel and mallet of Pelletti, these myriad influences converge, undergoing a transmutation through a contemporary lens, therein embodying a synergy of tradition and modernity in his sculptures. Thus, the artist perpetually entwines the antiquity of classical wisdom with an innovative, modernistic spirit in a confluence of tangible expression within his sculptural manifestations.

Blue wave, 2022
Ph. Nicola Gnesi

Sunset sky, 2023
Ph. Nicola Gnesi

From Revered Biennials to the Heart of Contemporary Sculpture: The Unfurling of Massimiliano Pelletti’s Career

In the burgeoning journey of Massimiliano Pelletti, an astute professor of History of Aesthetics discerned unparalleled potential, compelling him to showcase his creativity at a pivotal European Biennial. This event not only marked the commencement of an ascendant career for the artist but also fortified his trajectory towards earning a distinguished reputation as a contemporary artist and sculptor. Pelletti’s artistic style subtly intertwines the contemporization of traditional sculpture from Pietrasanta with a palpable deviation towards the use of “imperfect” materials, as opposed to the conventionally utilized marble. The artist manifests a remarkable ability to elevate the inherent imperfections of these chosen materials, astutely transforming them into an intrinsic value that becomes seamlessly woven into the tapestry of his oeuvre. Through this, Pelletti crafts each piece, embedding within it a symbiotic relationship between the material and his artistic vision, thereby creating a nuanced and dynamic sculptural dialogue.

Towards you, 2023
Courtesy Barbara Paci, Pietrasanta

Wavy Venus, 2023
Ph. Nicola Gnesi

Massimiliano Pelletti’s Studio: The Crucible of Creative Devotion and Exploration

In the secluded enclave of Massimiliano Pelletti’s meticulously crafted studio, a myriad of elements and objects, amassed over the years, populate the space, each one serving as a pivotal source of inspiration. This intimate sanctum, devoid of even a doorbell, emerges as a tranquil sanctuary, enabling Pelletti to submerge himself wholly into the boundless oceans of creative exploration. The artist’s unwavering focus effectively negates potential distractions, stemming from a deeply-rooted belief that the essence of being an artist transcends mere moments of physical creation, evolving instead into a perpetual, 24-hour commitment. The various aspects of this commitment are evident in every detailed artwork and project that Pelletti undertakes, embodying a persistent pursuit of artistic depth and exploration that ceaselessly meanders beyond mere physicality or temporality. Consequently, the studio not only reflects the artist’s visage but also symbolizes a resolute devotion to an unbounded creative journey.

Quartz Venus, 2023
Courtesy Bowman Sculpture, London

The red side, 2023
Ph. Nicola Gnesi

Massimiliano Pelletti: Orchestrating a Future where Tradition and Innovation Converge in Sculpture

Every creation emanating from the studio of Massimiliano Pelletti pulsates with a distinct energy and symbolic significance. The mediums and materials, selected with attention to their geological properties, are not mere vehicles for realization but are perceived as co-authors in his artistic journey. Pelletti, bestowed with a familial legacy of sculpting, embraced the discipline not just as a modus operandi but as a conduit through which his artistic propensities were discovered and nurtured.

Currently, Pelletti’s aspirations find themselves enveloped in the expansion of his atelier and the pursuit of a venerable space wherein the reimagination of a traditional sculpture laboratory is possible — a laboratory reminiscent of those that once witnessed the genius of Canova, Bernini, and Michelangelo. In this envisioned milieu, the aesthetic virtues of tradition and the innovative spirit of contemporary art would gracefully entwine, allowing a harmonious symbiosis of the past and present to artfully mould the creations destined for the future.

African Hermes,
Courtesy Galerie Bayart, Paris

Connection, 2023
Ph. Nicola Gnesi

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