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 “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”

A Blend of Medicine, Heritage, and Fashion

Mariana Drucker Zertuche is an artist from Mexico City, who has been residing in Hamburg, Germany for the last 20 years. Despite holding a medical degree and working in the field, Drucker Zertuche’s true calling is in the realm of artistic expression. She has honed her skills largely through self-teaching, and her creative inclinations lean towards abstraction. This allows her to explore unconventional styles and techniques with unrestricted freedom, leading to an intriguing and fulfilling artistic path.

The medical background of Drucker Zertuche has unmistakably contributed to shaping her artistic vision. Her professional experience has fostered a structured mindset and honed her observational skills, which manifest in her artwork through a meticulous attention to detail. However, her artistic influences extend beyond her professional experiences; Drucker Zertuche’s Mexican heritage and her avid interest in the realm of fashion have also left a significant imprint on her creative endeavors.

The Fascinating Story of an Acrylic Painting Enthusiast

Mariana Drucker Zertuche embarked on her artistic journey fueled by a deep-rooted affinity for abstract art and fashion, a passion that persisted even as she pursued a career in medicine. While navigating her professional trajectory, she continued to express her creative spirit through hobbies such as collage-making and photography. However, it was the discovery of acrylic painting that truly ignited her artistic calling, presenting a compelling challenge she eagerly embraced.

A potent fusion of fashion and art, enhanced by her predilection for minimalism and vibrant hues, propelled Drucker Zertuche’s experimentation with acrylics. As her oeuvre expanded, her ardor for the painting process and the resulting masterpieces intensified, ultimately transforming her passion for painting into her chosen vocation.

The artist’s singular aesthetic is characterized by an amalgamation of minimalism, circles, and texture. Circles, specifically, resonate with her visual sensibilities while concurrently offering a vast canvas for imaginative exploration. Furthermore, Drucker Zertuche takes great pleasure in the creation of large-scale artworks, as they enable her to amplify her distinctive artistic voice.

Exploring the Themes and Stylistic Elements of Mariana Drucker Zertuche’s Artwork

Mariana Drucker Zertuche’s artwork is imbued with themes centered on the preservation of individual freedom, the affirmation of personal identity, and the exaltation of life’s joys. Through her compelling amalgamation of these themes and stylistic elements, Drucker Zertuche has established herself as a remarkable artist with an alluring and distinct vision.

Drucker Zertuche has expressed a preference for acrylic paint, due to its versatility and rapid drying time, which allows her to experiment with various textures. Although she has experimented with oil paint, it has not resonated with her as strongly.

The artist harbors profound admiration for several prominent figures in the art world, whose innovative styles have left indelible marks on the artistic landscape. Among these are Wassily Kandinsky, Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter, and Banksy. Kandinsky’s artwork, characterized by recurring circles and vibrant colors, creates abstract forms that have inspired countless artists over the years. In contrast, Rothko is celebrated for his minimalistic approach, with simplistic yet evocative paintings that convey depth and emotion. His color field paintings, featuring large blocks of color, elicit both tranquility and contemplation.

Richter’s art stands out due to his unconventional methods, eschewing the use of brushes in favor of techniques such as scraping, squeegeeing, and dragging paint across the canvas. The resulting works are undeniably captivating and visually stunning. Lastly, Banksy’s satirical art and humor have garnered worldwide attention. His oeuvre often showcases provocative imagery and messages that challenge societal norms. Drucker Zertuche is particularly drawn to his renowned quote, “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” Collectively, the enduring impact of these artists continues to inspire and influence the creative minds of today.

Environment, Inspiration, and Pursuit of Excellence

Mariana Drucker Zertuche meticulously curates her environment to optimize creativity and productivity. She emphasizes the importance of a spacious studio with an abundance of natural light, as well as the use of a painting knife and music to facilitate her artistic process. By carefully managing her time and family commitments, Drucker Zertuche ensures that she remains focused and undisturbed during her creative sessions.

In regard to her extensive body of work, the artist does not identify a single piece as having exceptional significance. Instead, her appreciation for her creations fluctuates, with some moments of admiration and others of dissatisfaction. Among her oeuvre, however, one particular piece stands out as emblematic of her artistic journey—aptly named “Imperfections.”

Driven by an unrelenting pursuit of excellence, Drucker Zertuche continually conceives of new ideas and aspirations. She approaches her projects methodically, concentrating on one endeavor at a time in order to devote her full attention to its realization. This sequential approach, coupled with her innate perfectionism, enables the artist to maintain a high level of quality and refinement in each of her creations.

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