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“I think of my work as a window to another, more esoteric, plane of existence.”

An Abstract Exploration: Maria Tsormpatzoglou’s Artistic Journey

Born and raised in Greece, Maria Tsormpatzoglou has since found herself oscillating between her homeland and Germany, interweaving the cultures and experiences of both countries into her work. Photography serves as her chosen avenue of expression, adopted not in its traditional form but in a captivatingly abstract and experimental style. Maria’s innovative technique involves the amalgamation of images and texts, presenting a holistic canvas that beckons viewers to align with, or reflect upon, their individual memories and emotions. While many artists find inspiration in tangible entities, Tsormpatzoglou’s muse is notably intangible. It’s the power of words and melodies that fuels her creativity—whether it’s the evocative imagery birthed from lyrics or the feelings roused by literary masterpieces and harmonic compositions.

The true essence of her work, however, lies in the emotions they encapsulate. The artist ventures bravely into the nuanced interstice where consciousness converges with the subconscious. Her aim? To visually represent the delicate tapestry formed by these overlapping states of mind, while also diving as deeply as she can into their multifaceted dimensions.

Evocative Beginnings: A Reflection of Inner Turmoil and Nostalgia

Maria Tsormpatzoglou’s journey into the world of artistic expression was driven by a deeply ingrained passion. Ever since her formative years, there existed an innate desire within her to channel her emotions into art. It was during a notably intense transformative phase, however, that she felt an overpowering urge to express herself more vividly. The profound pain and subsequent growth of this phase pushed her towards writing and photography, in a desperate quest to make sense of the shifting sands of her emotions and environment.

The abstract and experimental nature of her works invites audiences into a space imbued with nostalgia—a territory familiar yet intriguingly distant. While her method of conceptualizing each project exhibits variability, a discernible pattern underpins her approach. Maria’s creations are dotted with recurring archetypes—the allure of the seductress, the guile of the trickster, and the enigma of the mystic. These figures come alive through a symphony of shapes, colors, and contrasts, ingeniously crafted to offer both the viewer and the artist herself an immersive and pleasurable experience.

The Sanctity of Solitude: Maria Tsormpatzoglou’s Inspirations and Workspace

In the realm of creativity, Maria cherishes simplicity. Solitude reigns supreme in her list of workspace prerequisites. This solitude often finds an ally in music, enveloping her in a cocoon of focus and introspection as she immerses herself in her art. The mere presence of another, or the faintest distraction, can disrupt the delicate balance of her concentration. When faced with such disturbances, Tsormpatzoglou often chooses to pause her artistic pursuits.

The influences behind the artist’s work are multifaceted and profound. Among them, two luminaries stand out—Max Ernst, with his captivating surrealistic canvases, and Marina Abramović, whose groundbreaking explorations into the human psyche and relationships have left an indelible mark. Additionally, the philosophical depth of Carl Jung’s writings has been instrumental in sculpting her artistic viewpoint. Beyond these eminent figures, an array of poems, melodies, and the emotions Maria Tsormpatzoglou has embraced throughout her life have significantly shaped her artistic odyssey.

Capturing Moments: The Essence and Evolution of Tsormpatzoglou’s Craft

When asked to single out a beloved piece from her repertoire, the task proves daunting for Maria Tsormpatzoglou. Countless photographs echo sentiments from different junctures in her life, each holding value due to the emotions encapsulated at the moment of capture or the mental state of that period. The intrinsic value of her art, therefore, is deeply intertwined with the memories they evoke.

Photography, for her, was never an arbitrary choice. A camera has been Maria’s constant companion since her formative years, making its transition to an artistic tool seamless. Though her artistic arsenal is exclusive to this medium, her dedication to it is unwavering. Currently, she is engrossed in crafting her inaugural photobook—a triadic exploration into intimacy, spanning relationships with lovers, introspection into the self, and contemplation on mortality. The conceptualization of this project was a thoughtful endeavor, with Maria Tsormpatzoglou seeking depth and distinctiveness. While the project’s demands are considerable, the gratification derived from the journey outweighs the challenges.

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