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“For approximately twenty years I have been an abstract painting and I want to send the message to make people aware of the need to preserve the future of the planet.”

From Colombia’s Bounty: Forging an Artistic Path

Hailing from the biodiverse haven of Colombia, María Isabel de Lince has forged her artistic path amid a vibrant backdrop of twin oceans, lush forests, mountainous terrains, and fertile valleys teeming with a broad array of fauna and flora. The heart-stirring beauty of her homeland has profoundly shaped de Lince’s artistic vision, weaving a thread of natural influence through her portfolio.

In the nascent stages of her life, a dual fascination with nature and painting took root, serving as a catalyst for her eventual artistic journey. Driven by this passion, de Lince pursued further studies in Art and Architecture Design at the prestigious Javeriana University following her formative educational years.

Over time, her artistic prowess blossomed, in no small part due to the mentorship she received from a host of revered masters. Notably, this roster includes the illustrious Colombian painter, David Manzur. Under their tutelage, de Lince cultivated her style, skillset, and perspective, thus fortifying her position within the rich tapestry of contemporary art.

Painting the Ocean’s Symphony: A Message of Environmental Urgency

Maria Isabel de Lince has long held a fascination for the colorful and complex tapestry that composes the underwater world. Early in her artistic journey, she specialized in painting evocative, figurative seascapes, captivated by the dazzling array of hues that could be found beneath the ocean’s surface.

Regrettably, the artist now finds herself confronted by an increasingly muted palette, a poignant symbol of the degrading condition of our natural environment. Over the past two decades, the canvas of De Lince’s work has seen a marked transformation, morphing from the concrete to the abstract.

Today, her artistic endeavor serves a dual purpose: not only does it act as an eye-catching statement on the urgent need for environmental conservation, but it also serves as a commentary on the role of spirituality and human values in an era fraught with challenges.

Through her work, De Lince aims to inspire viewers to not only appreciate the inherent beauty of our natural world, but also to contemplate the crucial role each individual plays in its preservation, and the spiritual significance that intertwines with these efforts.

Illuminating Artistic Alchemy: The Influences and Process

María Isabel de Lince consistently seeks out a workspace abounding with light and endowed with a captivating vista. She values the necessity of high-caliber materials, paired with a diverse palette, for the manifestation of her artistic vision. Ensconced in such an environment, she skillfully wards off any distractions, allowing her creativity to flourish undisturbed.

The oeuvre of the illustrious Turner, along with the masterworks of the Impressionists, has significantly shaped the artistic voice of de Lince. This powerful influence serves as a cornerstone in her creative process, imbuing her work with a depth and richness echoed in these venerated artists’ distinctive styles. Through her art, de Lince perpetuates their legacy, integrating their aesthetics into her own unique compositions.

María Isabel de Lince: “There is always a way”

Among the myriad of artworks created by María Isabel de Lince, one piece particularly resonates: “There is always a way.” A practicing psychologist, Lince purposefully positions this work in her office, envisioning its role as an emblem of optimism and a beacon of faith in the future for her patients.

Throughout her illustrious career, Lince has traversed a wide spectrum of pictorial techniques, constantly evolving her approach to the canvas. Yet, it is oil painting that has consistently captured her fascination and served as her medium of choice. At the heart of her artistic voyage, Lince’s aspirations go beyond the aesthetic; she carries with her a profound desire to weave messages of peace into her brushstrokes, a project she ardently seeks to realize.

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